Tutorial - Using Hirst Arts gypsum parts

by Roman aka jar

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Good evening,
you really must think i am doing nothing else - do you? At the moment i am really motivated - i guess the reason is Ikea and the new workbench. At the workshop in Göppingen/Germany we all have been lucky because one person gave some of his Hirst Art gypsum parts to us. I didn't produce any yet, so i can't tell you a lot about that. I know the Company's name, Hirst Arts and that you can buy there forms to get different stones, pillums and a lot more. Great stuff.

Mostly after finishing a model off from painting i have the urge to build something, which doesn't mean, that this will be painted soon - it is just the fun of building, which - in my opinion - is also a strong aspect of our hobby.
Sometimes i really have confusing bases. I am true here, i don't plan mine, don't even think at all while doing bases - so i got a lot which are build but will never be used, haha. Today i did build another one instead of writing the full article of the Eldar - sorry, sorry, sorry... but this is also intresting i think.
Searching the stuff to build - in this case out of the gypsum part box:

After the search the way of the "Base-Corn-Flake-Samurai" begins. Bringing everything together... somehow. Let the idea form a base while doing - just like making Corn Flakes in the morning after 5 minutes after getting up... Brainzombiestyle - works best for me, haha.

I did use Wood glue to bring the gypsum parts together:

Stone by Stone:

I did cut some parts off in various spots to make it look more than ruined in the end, very easy while working with gypsum. You may also take broken off parts to put them on the place where the might have fallen:

Ok... i have to say sorry again. After this last photo here - creativity stroke me away and i just woke up after finishing, really sorry - i will say something about that later on... here is the result - i guess you get everything i have used (if not please don't mind asking) - sorry for the poor, fast taken pictures - the first result of the base, now standing at a safe place to fully dry and maybe i got another run on it to bring in some more detail, model is from Helldorado, 28 mm - click on the images makes bigger one (just testing around):

I am planning some more tutorials here, which in the perfect case go from A~Z of my thoughts, but that will take a while - during this i will sometimes do such strange weirdo articles, haha.
So far - keep on happy Cornflakecrunching...

You can see the finished model here!



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