SBS: Marie Fleur - quick base step by step

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

the jungle of MV is heading towards announcing the MV challenge for 2018.
There will be two categories. One more interesting than the other, believe me.


Speaking about the MV challenge:

If you are someone still missing a challenge prize from last years challenge please write an email with your adress to: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com
Life kicked me in the nuts earlier this year and I put this task far aside as I was just not able to ship the last couple remaining parcels as I had significant other priorities. I am very sorry for this, but it is time to get things sorted out and if you drop me your adress again I get things rolling. Thank you for your patience on this! The jungle never forgets.


MV Challenge 2018 insight:
One will subject this great 28 mm sculpt by MV Member Benedikt Sedlmair that will be released next week via Mr. Lee's Minis when we announce the challenge. Stay tuned for it, it will challenge all these brave painters outthere to create magnificant pieces. Roman and Josua did made up their minds to bring you two great categories and even do something good with it. It just was a big organisation whirlwind behind the curtains.


Back to the step by step:

A little girl, named Marie Fleur,
holding a flower and all her hopes. 

She is really tiny!

Quick base step by step on this project:

I created this base with all different types of materials from my basing drawers. Following is an insight in the materials I used for the rough build up:

  • Balsa wood
  • cork
  • pieces of plaster of paris
  • plastic profiles
  • stones
  • plastic card
  • and quite a lot of superglue as usual

Then I checked back where to place Marie herself, but planned to paint her off the base as she is such a delicate sculpt. I used some fine stone sand and hid the cork areas and used some to place in corners for natural looking dirt.

As you can spot on the photos above I wanted to create old roughed wallpaper to the balsa wood areas and I did this with thin paper you can buy for rolling cigarettes and matte varnish. Matte varnish is great to fix such elements in place. Superglue or other glues might destroy the fragile elements.

Dunk your stripes of paper in matte varnish and place them to the walls. Just like the real thing, somehow. Use a toothpick to push them around as you want them, damage them as you see fit. This brings great areas for painting afterwards, where you can play with light and shadow.

I started the paintjob rather roughly and used the airbrush to bring in my main color. A little touch of green to sketch in where I wanted to go in the end. I also used this method to create old fabrics in the wind. Can you imagine to make miniature newspaper with this technique too? No? Check this article!

Continued working out different materials and elements on the base, like stones, rusted elements, wood parts and such and then - as it is my favourite color - everything turned green :D

I added some moss to make it look more natural.
Just like I did in this cool step by step of "Memories".

When "Marie" was painted aside I placed her again to the base.

I really enjoyed the green turning more warm, yellowish around where she stands. That is why I love green so much. It can give you a warm and welcoming feeling of hope or it can be a cold color too that feels sad. It is just about the amount of blues and yellows in the mix.

Using these two options by painting green I was able to tell a sad story of hope. Maybe with a happy end or not. Nobody knows. At least there is hope. If hope dies, everything is lost. 

I hope you enjoyed the small walkthrough. 

Keep on happy painting!

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Workshop Updates & Overview

by Massive Voodoo

Updates & Quick overview 
- here are the dates and topics for 2018. Red are upcoming seminars,
are the ones in the past. Check for the reviews on the green ones.

You now can find so far enrolled student numbers behind the seminars.
All seminars in Augsburg will take place as soon as we got up to three students.

  • 13 January (1 day): Object Source Light Masterclass (in German) Review
  • 2 - 4 February (3 days): Beginner class (German) (Download PDF) Review
  • 23 - 25 February (3 days): Basing class (English) (Download PDF) Review
  • 9 - 11 March (3 days): Beginner class (English) (Download PDF) Review
  • 16 - 18 March: Basing class (German) (Download PDF) Review
  • 7 April (1 day): Zombie Speed Painting Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) Review in preparation
  • 28 April (1 day): OSL Masterclass (English) (Download PDF) Review in preparation
  • 12 May (1 day): Painting a Space Marine Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) Review in preparation
  • 29th June - 1st July (3 days): Beginner class (German) (Download PDF) 17/25
  • 13th -15th July (3 days): Advanced class (German) (Download PDF) 8/12
  • 20th - 22th July (3 days): Beginner class (English) (Download PDF) 6/16
  • 3rd - 4th August (2 days): Material Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) 8/12
  • 5th -7th October (3 days): Advanced class (English) (PDF coming soon!) 6/12

  • 27th-28th October (2 days): Color Theory Class by Alfonso Giraldes (English)
    16/16 waiting list: 5

    organised by Roman & Alfonso. Important PDFs for students:

    Introduction Alfonso Giraldes

    Tools & Material & Student guide

    to sign up wirte an email to jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com
  • 23rd - 25th November (3 days): Beginner Class (German) (Download PDF) 13/25
  • 1st December (1 day): Zombie Speed Painting Masterclass (German) (Download PDF) 8/16
  • 14th - 16th December (3 days): Basing Class (English) (Download PDF) 3/12

If you have any questions or want to sign up please send a mail to Roman:
See further seminar describtions below or via PDFs.
Thank you!

And very important: NOVA OPEN 2018
Roman is teaching seminars in the US again this year. Only at NOVA OPEN 2018.
Including his first ever 2.5 days of Beginner Class overseas - do not miss this chance:

- 26th - 28th August (3 days): NOVA OPEN - Beginner Class
- 30th August (1 hour): NOVA OPEN - Introduction into Display Painting
- 31st August (4 hours): NOVA OPEN -Creating a story and compositon with miniatures
- 31st August (3 hours): NOVA OPEN - Dramatic Lightning
- 1st September (1 hour): NOVA OPEN - Introduction into Display Painting
- 1st September (3 hours): NOVA OPEN - Dramatic Lightning

Also check back with the other great seminars NOVA OPEN brings you in 2018:
So many good teachers ready to level up your skill!

In the next weeks we will follow up on this with individual announcements of the seminars and detailed informations via PDFs. We will link them all up in this roadmap and have detailed seminar explanations below soon. More dates will follow for the second half of 2018. Stay tuned in and find this roadmap linked up to your left screen area- look for this banner:

Will Massive Voodoo die?

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

well, well, well ...

The answer is simple: no!

Will it change?


The jungle seems a little empty these days and still a little noise is made here and there. Not by many monkeys these days as life keeps everyone in a thight grip.

I am still here :)

... but I also see Massive Voodoo losing some energies since the early days of 2018. Not in a bad way. Do not get me wrong. There are still so many tasks to do, so many plans made together as the MV Team and so many good vibes to spread, but time is missing for everyone. Somehow the blog has to grow older beside the men or man running it :D

I for my part decided that I can not held up the pace I did for several years with posting kind of daily.
Life, priorities and other things kept my heart and mind distracted and I decided to break my time I can put into the MV jungle down to one or maximum three blog posts a week. Depending on my mood. This is a routine I would like to run when posting alone in here. Once in a while there will be another monkey writing something I am pretty sure and also some guest monkeys will drop their articles. I am pretty sure.

The Massive Voodoo pace will change.

Therefore I have to put my mind on ease. With Massive Voodoo I always feel a little bit of anxiety and expectations on my shoulder as our readers might want more and more and more. In 2018 these expectations were not matched, even I tried to get up on my feet again and again or rise from the ashes as a phoenix.. I know that these expectations are not there. They are putting pressure on me from my inside. So I am going back to the thing I can do best: Open my heart to it to let it go.

I decided for my work and time I can put in Massive Voodoo that I will focus on the quality of blogposts again. This means quantity gets less, but quality rises up. This year we got two contests ready for you, already planned behind the curtains and soon to be announced. A lot of link ups and photo repairs have to be done in the tutorial section and workshop area. This will happen. In its own pace. Not with pressure from myself.

Still there are points to catch up with.
I want to excuse myself for the long waiting time on workshop reviews and mainly for still missing parcels from MV's 2017 challenge. I will sent these out this week. Priorites first, but I also have to skip some things I was trying to force myself to catch up with from the past, for example 75 tutorials and step by steps I could write right now of models I have painted in the last two years. I just do not find the time for putting all these out. I am pretty sure I will do one or two here and there when the muse for writing strikes me, but without it it just would be hollow and that is not what I write up.

My personal focus via MV
will be mainly on teaching, private coachings and workshops. This is what I can do best and what my 2do lists yell at me these days. So much to plan, organise and finish behind the curtains.

If you want to join one of these seminars,
feel invited to check back with

Once in a while I will definatly drop a finished model or a tutorial I am sure.

So, until then.
Stay tuned.
Do not expect too much :D

... but happy painting will be back!


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by Roman aka jar