NOVA OPEN 2017 is on!

by Roman aka jar

Hiho jungle,

Starting today in Washington D.C.,
the largest East Coast event when it comes to wargaming and tabletop, plus a ever growing miniature painters community gathering around capital palette and seminars:

I am there right now, but bet pretty busy with fun and seminars and will just move with the groove. Hopefully I am able to show some impressions via MV's facebook. Can not promise, but try.

You can also check back with NOVA's twitter:
... or NOVA's Instagram:

Do not forget to check back with NOVA OPEN Charitably foundation - really cool auctions and lotterioes for a good cause!

Expect a full show report by me in the weeks after NOVA!

Keep on happy painting everyone!

Mantis Mech

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

you can call this a brain fart I had back in ... oh wait, when? A long time ago, definatly some years back. A small conversion of a Games Workshop Tau Stealth Suit to a Mech. Playing with scales once again. It was standing around as unfinished brain fart #374, but I finished it up recently. Enjoyed that.

Mantis Mech
Conversion, GW, 32 mm

If you want to see more photos of this project, follow this link!While showing such tiny scale figures many people do ask me where I get them. There is a local artstore in my hometown also selling architecture and railroad figures. Company calls itself "Hermoli - Model Figures". Scale is 1:200. Enjoy!

This unique figure is for sale, if you are interested in making this a piece in your collection and in the same time supporting me in what I do for a living, feel invited to check my PDF cataloge.
Keep on happy painting!

SBS: Zorkh-Seth - what is your vision?

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle people,

another step by step drops in from a model that I have painted back in 2016.
Again this article is free of any charge or hidden behind a paywall. If you enjoy what MV provides you with feel invited to drop a jungle donation and help us buy coffee for the studio and garbage bags and ship out stuff for our running contest.

A barbarian model by Ares Mythology, called Zorkh-Seth (somehow a confusing name for this guy) and a model that called out for me to paint it.

I heard the voice really strong and just started.
Usually I take many photos during my painting process, with this one I was not able to do so because the vision was stronger than everything else.

What a grim guy! Grrr!

Well, I can not give you  step by step insight in this project as I just did not take enough photos, but I want to write about something that makes this article stand out:

The vision.

This is what Wikipedia says about the word "vision" and what fits best to describe this articles content:

A strong vision or goal or idea is what you need to successfully push through ups and downs during a project. To keep your motivation at a high level over a longer or shorter period. I often have these visions for a project. I learned to start only the ones I hear calling for my brush. Even with comissions. There is no sense in painting something where you know already in the beginning that you will not like to paint it. Fact.

The vision is my path while painting, not techniques or something else. I see a full picture in my head of the project that I paint. An idea that I thought on since I heard the call of the sculpt. This can take long or not so long. This vision or idea of its final look, guides me through color choices, basework, atmosphere and different materials and painting techniques. I paint to reach the goal that is my vision and it is easy to work like this - there are only two questions to yourself important:

- How do I reach my goal?

... and this question is answered by the second question:

- What do I see that I do not like and how can I tackle it?

Back to Mr. Nice Guy.
I had a strong vision for him, so strong that my first painting session of some hours lead me to an overall sketch of my vision. Fast slapping my sketch on the project. Freely, full of confidence. Why not?

I knew from my studies of painting white that white is never white so my basework on the fur was everything else but not white and I somehow wanted that dark orange from the base all over my vision.

Bases are really important for me when it comes to find my vision. They are an extra guideline for my color choices. I work from rough to clean until I see my vision fullfilled.

After my first initial sketch I worked out large areas in terms of the colors I wanted to see there. Just following my final vision. Even the fur turns more whitish and highlights started to appear everywhere. Not thinking in technical terms while doing so, just following my vision. If I miss something here or there I place it. If I do not like something I change it. If I like something I push it a little further. Still the guy looks angry.

Non white turning to white.

Man he looks angry ...

Nipples are important too.

While I play project ping pong - always painting on several projects at once and let the muse and motivation guide and jump me from one to the other - it was time to see Zorkhi on the table beside others:

I realized many things while checking the above status of my work. I see my vision, but I miss more intense colors here and there, stronger shadows, stronger highlights, even tattoos ... so I placed this all:

Painting freely and following your vision not a pure technical approach made me a happier painter. A strong vision pushs me to an end of a model.

Recently I heard a friend tell me something like this:
"I really like my models, but often I think the last 3% are missing!" ... Well, my answer was that I do not know about such things or stopped thinking and painting like this. I am not painting in percent. I just paint until I see my vision fullfilled. This is a very personal thing and I am sure everyone can do it. If you paint the same way this article is not aimed at you, but if you find yourself struggle during your projects as your only approach is a technical one, painting area by area by recipes you might have to start working before you actually paint and learn to read your visions.

My final vision for this project - more photos via Putty&Paint:

If you make your visions clear for yourself, you can read its content. It is something you can learn by yourself or by visiting me for a private coaching as I teach this in my topic atmosphere with much more insight and tools that help you find your vision. Blunt advertisment :D

If you have a strong vision of your project it will follow you during your days, even if you are not painting. You will think about it, even while not thinking about it. You will feel it and want to go back to your project as soon as the next click moment in your brain happened. 

were the hell did you find your name? Sounds like long time digging for a bogey.

Keep on happy painting!
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Tip of today

by Roman aka jar

Spent time with your loved ones and play as often as you can!

Playing something actively and being aware of it is helpful for the soul. If you do not play enough or lose the key on how to play, find it by playing more. Playing is a creative thing that happens just in a moment. There are many similarities to painting. While painting you should play, not wearing a corset of rules that takes your breath for a fun game. If you play while painting this message is not aimed at you, if you don't this is for you.

Keep on happy playing!


by Roman aka jar

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on youtube.

MV Zombie Community Project - Update #06

by Roman aka jar

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

once again some time has passed quietly (way too fast in our opinion) and it is urgently time for the next update about Roman´s and Bene´s Zombie Community Project. We did not forget this in early 2017, the months just passed so fast ... and yeah, well.

If you don´t know what we are talking about you are welcome to check the link below, where the idea behind the project is explained. You will also find there a link to all the updates and names on people who are supporting us in this:

Update #01

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Let's dive right in to the great numbers of our supporters 

- this high number of Zombies was given to Roman and Bene at Roman's Speedpainting Masterclass - a mixture of different Zombies painted by different participants:

Wow, we were speechless. Thank you all so much! This is a great push forward. Thank you so much for a really cool Speedpainting Masterclass.

This great idea by David caught our eyes - you might recognize someone:

We had to start our third board of Zombies sponsored by the community:

As Roman was able to paint some more Zombies too and had to start his second board. The numbers are rising. Everything together looks like this right now:

Thank you, Ole for a) being a supercool private coaching student and b) for the donation of two painted Zombies plus a box full of CMON Zombicie Zombies:

Here is a little insight in some stages of work while Roman was painting Zombies as prep for the upcoming Speedpainting class - all painted in 15 Minutes as this is the goal for mastering speedpainting:

Even faster when you do four in a row ...

My first full board of Zombies:

And the second started board ...

Many thanks for your continous support. We also continue to push this forward and we are happy that we planned so much time for this project. It will be epic, huge and a neverending story, but when it is done it will be amazing, thanks to all your help!

What are the next steps?
Bene and Roman do not get tired of painting Zombies, just a little slower in this early 2017. As there is already a good number of Zombies both decided to meet soon for a little progress on the basework for this never seen before diorama, some progress on the base incoming to see everything of the full picture grow together. Of course we will keep you updated on this.

That is at least what we thought, but frankly it is still just Zombies going on right now.

We are slowly entering stage #02 of our project plan.
You can read the initial plans on the project and our work schedule here.

STAGE#01 - ending
Painting as much Zombies as possible. Many, in a good quality, but not too high as we need masses.

STAGE#02 - incoming
As soon as we got a good amount of painted Zombies we will start working on the lower area of the base and the bridge. Build, paint and then we can already add the first painted Zombies to see how many more we need. This is good for motivation.

Frankly, more Zombies.

As soon as the ground is packed and painted we will start working on the upper area of the highway. Prepare the road, looted cars and the dramatic moment that is happening on top.

We guess more Zombies again and finalizing the epic scene on top which will still be a surprise for you. Final paintwork, final sculpting and conversion work and finalizing everything.

Of course there will be a stage 6, but we do not know it yet.


How can you still help us?

Well, we need more Zombies still :D

You can check back with the initial post about this project here and get all information what we are up to and how to help us: Click!

We all love to paint Zombies, are you with us?

Thanks for the support to:

Luis, Spain
Pigment Pirates Gang, Germany
The whole group of students of Roman's Speedpainting Masterclass
Erik, Germany
Jannick, Germany
Matthias, Austria
Sergio, Spain
Chris, Germany
David, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Martin, Germany
Andy, Germany
Kevin, USA
David, Germany
Nicolas, France
Yannick, France
Désiré, France
Nassim, France
Dimitri, France
Sebastian, Germany
Christoph, (where are you from?)
Fabian, Germany
Bryan, USA
Josua, Switzerland
Lucky, Germany
Mads, Denmark
Matty, UK
Martin, Germany
Klaus, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Anthony, USA
David, Germany
David, Australia

*place your name here*

Keep on happy gnaarrggllll!
Best Wishes
Roman & Bene


by Roman aka jar

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Monte San Savino Show 2017

by Massive Voodoo

Monte San Savino Show 2017.
A name that stands for celebrating life the italian way and enjoying amazing figures and icecream!

This year without the MV monkeys, at least without Roman, that is confirmed! Sad Roman.
Let's see which monkeys can make it over the alps!

Capital Palette News: Bring Your Best Minis

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

as I am part of the NOVA Open Capital Palette Miniature Art Competition team this year again I do want to drop important information about it here that I just recieved via the NOVA Newsletter. If you do not know what the NOVA OPEN is, check this review of 2016's edition by your monkeys.

Capital Palette, NOVA Open's Miniature Art Competition, is entering it's 5th year - and, like everything, NOVA Open, is growing bigger and better. Register now and your ticket will be waiting in your badge when you check-in, saving you time and helping NOVA Open keep lines to a minimum. Enter one of your best minis for just $5 - or as many as you like for $20.

The 2017 Capital Palette 3-judge panel is made up of artists well known by most in the hobby for their incredible work: Dave Taylor, Roman Lappat, and James Wappel.

They will award gold, silver, and bronze accomplishment awards for six (6) divisional categories based on the criteria listed in the primer.
In this open forum competition, there can be multiple gold, silver, or bronze winners in a category (or no winners), and each exhibitor's work is individually evaluated. The panel will select one model in each category as Best in Category winner, and one of those finalists as the overall Best in Show winner. The Medaling Ceremony will be held at 2:30 on Sunday afternoon.

Single Model, All Scales:
Any single figure model, in any scale, in any theme. Single figures on a display base may include ancillary models (i.e. familiars, animals, etc.) necessary to the setting of a scene, including a mount.

Bust, All Scales:
Any bust, in any scale, in any theme. This can include 1:1 scale busts, and "partial figure" busts that include a torso.

Vehicle, All Scales:
Any vehicle, in any scale, in any theme. This can include walkers (i.e. Dreadnoughts, Warjacks, etc.), cars, planes, tanks, ships, trains, etc.

Diorama: Any diorama, in any scale, in any theme.
Diorama entries are designed to communicate a story to the viewer. Dioramas can involve multiple models, as with a duel, or no models, as with an old shed out in a field.

Unit / Squad:
Any number of models, in any scale, in any theme, displayed as a cohesive unit. Entries in this category must be submitted on a single base to reduce model handling, and to better indicate that they are part of a single submission.

An original sculpture, in any scale, in any theme.

(require entry into Capital Palette)
Fan Favorite:
Attendees with a Day Pass, Convention Access Pass (CAP) or SuperNOVA Pass (SAP) are encouraged to cast their ballot for
their favorite model. Vote at the Capital Palette booth on Sunday between 10am and 2:00pm.

Every person who attends the NOVA Open will receive a Capital Palette ballot in their badges at registration. These ballots may be cast throughout the event and will determine the Fan Favorite award.

Best in Show:

One overall winner is selected by the judges from among the Best of Category winners.

Best Weathering Award:
Selected from among all models, in all categories, submitted in Capital Palette; sponsored by Secret Weapon Miniatures
founder Justin McCoy. One model, from any category, will be selected based exclusively on the quality of the weathering, at the sole discretion of the award sponsor.

Massive Voodoo Award:
This award is selected from among all models, in all categories, submitted in Capital Palette; sponsored by Roman Lappat of Massive Voodoo. One model, from any category, will be selected based on creative expression, at the sole discretion of the award sponsor.

Best Lighting Awards:
These awards are sponsored by Powered Play, and will be presented to (1) Individual Capital Palette entry that demonstrates the best and most well executed use of lights on an entry submitted by Saturday night; and (2) Whole Army (including display board) entered Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Capital Palette winner prizes include a GREX Airbrush and Capital Palette's beautiful crystal obelisk.

The Best in Show winner qualifies for entry in CoolMiniOrNot Crystal Brush. They may choose between $100 in CoolMiniOrNot (CMON) store merchandise credit (credit does not include shipping costs and must be used within one year from date of Capital Palette win) or reimbursement by CMON for round-trip coach airfare from entrant's location to Chicago, Illinois, for the dates of the 2018 Adepticon.
REGISTER NOW - cut down on lines at the NOVA Open.

You bring the models, we will prepare the cabinets for you!

Tip of today

by Roman aka jar

Roman's Last Light WIP - Full Step by Step.

Your highlights are mainly based on adding more and more white?

They are loosing their color power and turn to look greyish in the end?

Well, if you only add white to brighten up a color you will desaturate it, try to mix in a tiny portion of another color during your highlight process to avoid this. Yellow works wonders and is very powerful, but also every other color works. Highlight with color!

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