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Hoi Jungle,

another day, another miniature from my table.
This time it is a bust started long time ago by Nuts Planet, a very strong historical character out of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven": Salahadin himself.

I painted him differently to most of the great versions I saw on this bust so far, but I so much liked my vision for this bust that I had to answer the call. I painted him looking at the siege of Jerusalem, at night, fires burning, warriors screaming, arrows flying and a breaktrough close at hand. Maybe.

This is a sketch of my vision, a sketched background to make it easier to understand what I mean, but yeah, not much time invested in the background :D

Nuts Planet, 1:9

If you want to see more angles and photos, feel invited to check Salahadin on Putty&Paint.Supercool and nice Benny from Nuts Planet informed me that I glued the nose protection upside down. Mmh. I did not realize it and did it by accident. I thought his big nose needs the big protection. I decided to not change it. Blaim me! And I also did not use the sword hilt included with the model. All my fault, but also decisions in the end :D

I found two WIP photos and you might definatly see this bust in future tutorials for some explanations. It is funny how he once looked through the process:

An attack by night? Really? With everything we got? Orange? Nighttime? Throwing everything we got at their walls? ... really?

Yes! :D

This bust is not for sale. It is already in private collection.
Thank you for your support in my work, art and passion!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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