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Aloa to all jungle visitors,
jungle friends,
jungle family and jungle ... uhm, inhabitants :)

It is about time for me. Some Kong Fu.
Time to let loose of the verbal artillery to celebrate 2011 gone soon and to welcome a new year on the horizon - before I start with some melancholic words and thoughts the Jungle wants to wish you all the best for the upcoming new year 2012 - a gentle slide into it or party hard, whatever you prefer.

May health be holding your hand on the road you walk, let a honest heart guide your way and let a peaceful mind without too much trouble guard your soul.

A Happy New Year to all of you 
and the best to you all! (not only in Painting Joy)

For sure the jungle wants to wish you a lot of Happy Painting in the new and virgin year.

I did ask around to all the monkeys if they want to add some personal Ape New Year Review to this posting - just recieved one so far.Here goes a little personal review from Phil of the monkeygang:

"2011 – A  Kinergarten year
This year was for me all about learning the basics. A total painting and sculpting class year. From february to december at least one class or visit at Mati's place a month. Those weekends were like litte vacations. Traveling, meeting new people and lerning new skills. Good stuff. Especialy because I had a lot of work and not much time for the hobby besides those little vacations. Later this year it turned into meeting friends, learning deeper techniques and my personal hobby highlight for this year: Beeing asked to join this jungle :)

And what about 2012?

From january/february I will have a big change of pace. Less work, less money, but more time and more fun. Hence a more joyful life. My goal is to finish
at least one figure every two weeks. Even if it's just a quick speedpaint. Also I want to draw more. A love I neglected for a way to long time. Makes me feel sad. The traveling will go on aswell. I am going to visit The Duke of Bavaria for sure and will hopefully meet all of the monkeys. Also I want to visit the Monte San Savino Show. The impressions Roman and Raffa brought were just to amazing and it's a good opportunity to combine a hobby travel with a vacation with my girlfiend and maybe visiting some relatives in Italy.

I wish you all the best for 2012


Happy Painting? 

Honestly, before I can write further about Painting I got to clean up my workspace from a pretty mess to a shiny start for the new year. Here is the pretty mess in its actual state and I really got to wipe out that chaotic mess ...


Ok, 2 hours passed and mostly nothing happened :D - I did not expected this - I just planned to clean a little bit here and there and be finished soon, but no way. I only have  made a big ceremony of cleaning my brushes. I won't make it today that is for sure now - that wasn't what I have expected but in the end I am looking forward to the next days when the cleaning process reveals some shiny blinky blinky spots on my table again :)

This Fail above, for example means Happy Painting to me.
I have planned to clean up my place today to be,
extremely ready for the painting in the new year.
I have failed. I will do it tomorrow and remove the smear.
I won't be angry or disapointed, improving steady,
painting with joy when the time is ready.
I enjoy cleaning the brushes, make them soft like a dove
and cherish the little things and moments I love. 

I hope there will be a lot of Happy Painting for you in the upcoming year, too.

2 hours of work brought me this far ... harhar!

I had planned to write a big review about the last year, about what big things happened in the jungle, about events, projects and all that stuff that keeps MV alive BUUUUTTTT in the end I also failed in that. Now what can I say? I think there is no need to describe the vibe of MV and reviewing it. Cherish the past and look in the future. Every jungle visitor feels the vibe I think, at least that is what most of the people I write emails with or I've met tell me.

So why write a thousand words about it, sometimes words are not able to describe a mood.

Important for me and I think I speak out for every member of MV's Ape Family when I say that 2011 was a very nice year. A year of very much happening here in the jungle, around the places, a year of meeting and getting to know new friends, no duck and cover, just straight Happy Painting. The biggest thanks go out to you - our readers, those who help and support, those who comment, those who fill this little living room of friends up with life. 
Thank YOU very much!

There are two things I want to share with you now - two things I really cherish - first one is are my favourite sayings and quotes by Mahatma Ghandi - I really have this close to my heart, I can just recommand it to try for yourself:
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony!"
"Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. 
Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well."
 "You must be the change you want to see in the world."
The other thing is something I have learned during ... oh dear, a long, long time ago when I was playing active and professional basketball. Learn to fail by Michael Jordan (english, french subtitles).

In the end I like to show you a little video that aims on the things really important in life and the place where you carry them - Mr. Jordan again (damn, I really learned a lot from him when I review the past) ...

The Massive Voodoo Crew wishes you a blessed new year!
And be sure that the year 2012 is getting M.A.S.S.I.V.E. 


I now will pick this post with some randomly chosen photos of MV, last year - so don't be confused - just enjoy.

Could be continued but I stop here - hope you enjoy!
Happy New Year!