Moving News

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Big Kong has moved next to Chapuchin's lair... detail work still in progress :)

Minibusts now available at Masq Mini !

by Mati

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Hello dear jungle friends !

I'd like to proudly announce, that the mini busts that were made for Massive Voodoo last year are now available at the Masquerade Miniatures shop. You will find the busts in the Badsmile Minis section. Make sure to check all the other great news o Masq Mini too !

Thanks for taking a look !

Hello and love to all :)

by Palak

you cannot TEACH art; creativity simply exists
you cannot STUDY it; you have to stop disallowing it's flow by getting intellect and the mind in between
you cannot BE an ARTIST; you are a being, every person is a creator
Your current education system and the study of aesthetics is one of dis-empowerment and deals with lower energies. It makes your heart stop feeling and your mind start thinking. when you judge creation you miss the whole point of it. Listen to your inner guidance.

quote of today...

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"About morals, I know only that what is moral is what you feel good after and what is immoral is what you feel bad after. "
 Ernest Hemingway               

Updated Article section ready!!

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Hello dear jungle readers,

we are proud to finally announce our Article/Tutorial Area 2.0.

What is different now?

Still there are tons of articles to inspire you, exactly 112 tutorials at the moment.

- We removed all banners that made the section slow due browsing, replaced them with text links and a little describtion.

- Also a brand new superb function awaits you that allows a more chilled scrolling through all the articles by using buttons at the start and the end of the tutorial. These buttons will navigate you to the previous or next article. Also you can switch back at the complete overview. By mouseover the buttons you can see the next articles in row. For example, click.

You won't see those buttons when an article appears on the main page but when you click the article main title to see only this article you will have the buttons appear like magic and you can hit them.

- You can still see country flags in the overview to those articles which are already available in other languages than english. We are still working on more to provide full global jungle inspiration covering.


Many thanks to those who did feed our brains with their input and their comments on the latest Jungle News on how to improve the handling of this article section, the pumping heart of Massive Voodoo.

Many thanks to everyone who helps us with the translation and already did offer their future help. At the moment I am really busy with moving but as soon as i am back to normal i will get back to you.

Many thanks to all the apes of the jungle who pump their brains into the tutorial section to provide a bigger load of massive ideas by increasing the amount of articles planted.

Many thanks to my friend Robert aka muhani for holding my hand while this massive change was made and his help.

Many thanks to Raffa for making the buttons.


We hope that this change makes the site much faster to provide some relaxed browsing through the depths of the jungle canopy. Let us know what you think and if we done the right thing. We always depend on your oppinion.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

PS: There are still some minor changes going on, but you won't be affected by those.

Painting Crusade VIII

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Another great event rolling in...

The Painting Crusade, this year it is the 8th time the event starts and it gets bigger and better everytime. I wasn't able to travel to Brussels myself so far, but Raffa will be there this year as a special guest and juryman.

At least 3 members of Massive Voodoo (Raffa, Oli, Ben) will be for sure at face, me not included, i am still not sure if i can make it because of the flat change i am into at the moment and all the work around it.

Check out the Homepage of this wonderful Event!

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Life is so full of surprises, bad and good ones.
Life is beautiful if you look on everything with a honest soul.
Music is always with me in those moments, good or bad.

Tutorial - How to create a jungle ambience

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Getting over several bad things flying at me i've decided to roll up the casual jungle canopy to cure such evil. I wanted to write this article since some weeks and somehow the last days really pushed me to get into it again, even we are in the middle of moving preparations.

  Jungle Ambience

I did read maybe too many books about the Vietnam War. I say maybe too much, because the things i did read really made my heart heavy in the last months. Heavy heart from these cruel images in my mind - those i did recieve during reading these books . Always when i read a book i think in and see images in my imagination. So there was a lot of jungle warfare going on in my head and i wanted to give a chance to some approach on Jungle Warfare. I have to say i don't have much experience on this topic. I did choose the products of Fredericus Rex called "Green Line" to start from. They got several different jungle plants in stock. I did order some laser cut paper plants to check them out and look if i like to work with them. As far as i can remember i've also used MiniNatur grass  and some moss, but this will be a single topic article sooner or later.

Now let's have a closer look on those laser cut jungle plants. When you buy them this is how they will come to your house. They are actually in Scale 1:35 but also work in 28 mm as jungle plants can grow big - at least this was what i am thinking. There are different sheets available, they cost about 10,00 € each, sounds expensive, but when you have a look on the amount just one sheet holds you know that they will stay with you on several models, if you don't build the complete rain forest on your base...

You can easily remove the plants out of their frame, but i would not recommand this. Here we come to the next point. I did remove them for painting. Stupid. Would have be much easier by just keeping them in the paper frames and work on them with the airbrush. I did not go the easy way, but that is often my problem. I was like a little child thinking yeah this one and that one and this and that... jungle yeah. Stupid. So keep them in your frame and you will go the easy way.

As stupid as i was i had to fix them somewhere else so i did build up another MacGyver construction that will hold them on tape and toothpicks. I did use the airbrush to bring on some green on the plants. You can also do this with a brush but remember not to use too much water (thinned colour) as the plants are done from thicker paper. Too much water can make them too flexible and maybe destroy them before you did not even start on your base. I did a basic colour overall using Gnarloc Green by GW's Foundation range and randomly mixed in some other greens/blues while refilling the airbrush. Then a moment of patience was needed to let them dry.

As told you should to this in the paper frame as i did destroy some of my plants while removing them from my MacGyver thing. The damage can happen to you too when removing them out of the frame but with patience, a good eye and a sharp scalpell you can remove them without. I was not really angry about the damage i had done as in my oppinion all the things on this planet happen for a reason. The reason i found in having this "happy accident" was that it made some of the plants unique and different to others.

I then carefully glued them with PVC Glue on my base, where the miniature was already in progress and tried to do a little composition using hours on it. After the glue is dry you can carefully bend the plants and bring them in the direction you want them to be as the jungle is not complete straight in my oppinion (I did use a toothpick because my fingers would have been way too fat). Just do whatever you like! I even added some small dried flowers from some kind of berry bush to bring in some more colour. I have also added some moss but will dedicate this topic a single article and link it up here.

After the base was dried and everything was ready to go a step further i did paint some final highlights on the plants and did strengthen a shadow here and there using a weird mix of green colours. I have also completly finished off the model itself at this point. Additional to this i felt something for the ambience i am searching for is still missing, so i've checked my green box and found some natural dried grass stuff that Yvonne once gave me. I have no idea what it is exactly but it really made it for me, i thought about high elephant grass while glueing this with PVC glue again. I would not recommand this on gaming miniatures at all. I am sorry that i don't know what it is, but i promise you that you'll find tons of stuff you can use when you check your sorrounding area with open tiger sharp eyes.

Here is another example on where i have used also the Green Line products. This was my first go at them and i also did them the stupid way. After building up those 2 bases i have to say that i still got some left to do some more and i have the feeling of using much of them. In this example i worked with some brown glazes on the area where the plants grow from the ground to make them look a bit dirty and more realistic:


I have to say i really like working with these products and will use them for sure not only on upcoming jungle bases. I don't say this because i am sponsored by Green Line, please keep this in mind. There is also a nice fern by Green Line and fern can grow on a lot of places. I hope you like this article, even it is more an insight of my thoughts again.

 I once tried to create a jungle feeling at a gaming base by using MiniNatur grass and it worked well together with the idea of camouflage. Some ages ago!

While you explore your own jungle you might also be intrested in the lower part of the article about Basic Camouflage.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

Kong Fu Chi Fu

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I have no clue why comments like this appear in the jungle, today via comment, here and here on some older postings:

"stop the hype.
you dont surpass the professional painters in the professional fields whom are established..
its sickening and sad.
stop it, stop the monkey shit."

"keep wanking you fanboys"

For sure these 2 comments have been done anonymous without courage. Now why i post this in here? I feel not offended in any form and should not make this big and in the end it doesn't bother me at all, but I've learned to show some balls in the past and say what i think, not anonymous :)

So if we would give some weight to the content of these comments there would be the questions what is behind it? There seems to be someone having a hard time and a heavy heart by saying and meaning this. I can't tell. Doing my miniature painting as every day life since 4 years, trying to earn a living from it made me somehow professional. I have no clue if I, Roman or Massive Voodoo established something professional to the Hobby World the last couple of years. That always depends on the viewers oppinion. Some years ago such comments made me somehow sad, but i've learned from it and love to talk about my emotions. It is not sadness, it is pity that i feel for the person's mind. I am sometimes sorry that there are fanboys and fangirls of Massive Voodoo or the stuff that we do, because some think all our actual output depends on these fan-family. I am glad that we can help and make some of you happy, but i am tired and sick of such imputations that also offend those who like what we do in here.

So how to handle such comments in the future? For sure I will not delete them, i don't like censorship - there is no reason. I would wish this person or the group of persons to speak up loudly with a name and tell me where their problem is, hidden via email or with balls in hand via comment and not anonym. As long as this stays anonym i won't give much weight to it - i will answer and keep my corteous charm, my answers sound like this:
Hiho, sorry monkey shit will never stop... If you got a heavy heart please feel free to contact me via email.

You should do some painting instead of spamming nonsense here :)
I know it might be way to much text about this topic and i should not even care, but i care as such comments also offend those who like the jungle. If comments appear and will increase by their content or maybe get insulting i got to delete them or even think about legal steps and to make a report (if they get insulting).

So, my mind is free again - thanks to those who did read this.
What is your oppinion about it?

Best Regards

PS: There soon will be a massive Update to the Article Section!! Many thanks for those who did some input on how to make the place better for your use. We are on it!

The Newbold Challenge rolls in again...

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A quote of Mr. Ian Newbold:

"The Newbold Challenge has raised just over £25,000 for charity (mainly Children in Need) since its inception 5 years ago. The 2011 Challenge will be attempting to add to this by raising around £5,000 for Children with Leukaemia.

1st Creative Event of the 2011 Challenge is now open for entries but doesn't close until 31 March 2011. As usual there are cash prizes for the winners and we'll make matching donations to Children with Leukaemia.

You can read up on the 2011 Challenge at :-

And you can read up on the few
Event rules we have at :-

And finally you can view the
early entries for the 1st Event of 2011 at :-"

Let's fill this up and help!

Smart Max Painting Competition is over...

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Smart Max did a really cool Painting Contest about their SMOG Range of 54 mm Steampunk models and all those entries made my day yesterday. Have a look into the gallery and see a ton of cool models!
You have to be at facebook to see the entries as the contest was completly run over on the book of faces.

I was lucky to win me gold in this contest - with Sir Victor Jazz and Butcher Pete. Many thanks to the Jury and all the other participants to make this contest stand out the line. It is said that i have won one year of Smart Max Miniatures, what that means i will soon find out :)

On the search...

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... of inspiration i stumble over different things daily. The internet in all its greatness has so much to offer, but still no direction of inspiration found to myself. Combined the thought that i am used to take this jungle for real and share my thoughts here with the idea of sharing all my thoughts, even during my daily routine - here you go with some more inspirational links:

That's pretty damn cool i think, thanks to Big Benny for showing me this - now i ask myself what i have missed all my life while looking at my "bodyskills":

Check out more of this guy as he got a showreel of the last couple of years.

This will get a big inspirational posting when i look at my 2do list. So here we go with something else which might be intresting for those taking part in the "MV's Mad Max Car Competition":

Old Car City

Thomas David's blog is also worth looking. I love his sculpts.
Nimajneb Sculpture also wets my eyes.

Some music again - i even bought the complete Score. It does fit right into my mood and i am thankful to Chris (Bestienmeister) for showing me this over on his blog:

Completly in a weird order we are looking at a great chapel shot next. Indeed it isn't a happy photo as it shows the destruction which is still a part of Haiti after the tragedy one year ago, but that chapel is inspirational.

To free my mind i am playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 sometimes and i got to show you this video of my hero: Sgt. Enigma. Those who also play the game know why i think he is great. I am training hard but know that i will never reach this brilliance. Sorry to those who don't like shooter games at all.

Another inspirational photo of a car which could perfectly into our Mad Max Contest. From a series of shots done during the Rally of Dakar 2011. A true beast.

Idiots of the year 2010
Street illusions

Hope you like these inspirational stuff and i hope everyone is having fun building up his Mad Max dream car. Wrrrrrooooooooooommmmmm!!!

Best Regards

Monkey with Flamer on ebay!

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Monkey with Flamer now flaming on ebay - to a well known fair starting price... CLICK!

Happy Bidding!

Revolution of Paradise

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This will be a bit Kong Fu and some talk about finished miniatures.
Revolution of Paradise? Happy Painting time means for me a stay in paradise moments. Paradise seems lost sometimes, so there is revolution needed. The movement in another appartment next to Raffa is for sure something that will build paradise up again. Really looking forward to that and i have no fear only discipline. I guess i found out what is wrong with me the last weeks - i am bored of painting these days somehow. Not that the flame in my heart is gone, i can still feel it burn, but at the moment i am thinking that i don't make any progress in what i am doing day in day out. I've lost the fun of doing it i guess. The feeling of being the mighty me while painting is gone for the moment. Different important things to do and plan. How can i save my spirit? How can i ever paint again?

Really, my answer to myself is: Fck it! Fck this feeling of having a painting hangover all the time.
I know a way on how i can change that. Doing all the things i got to do, those who are important and enjoy other things beside painting again. The spirit will rise like always. I know that. I am just corious about this long time period of my own brain slavery - so i will start painting again today, simply paint. Not thinking about someones oppinion in a forum, a rating on CMON, just me and my old friend the brush who has taken one step after another with me during the last years. This creative depression can not be gone over with just sitting around and telling myself how bad these days feel. That's not me. I am born a lion zodiac and there ain't much i am afraid of - i am not backing down on this one - paint and fck the rest of bad things that happen in my brain. I guess reasonable for this breakdown of mine was a move by a so called friend in the end of 2010. Reading bad things behind my back of what a so called friend of mine thinks of me made my heart really heavy, paralized me and it ain't gone yet. But guess what, that happens not very often, i hope once in a lifetime but hey, yeah, you know - fck it!

Just to bring something completly different to this posting i ask you if you want to see a god on the microphone? If yes click here! 

The Chick Challenge 2010 is also over and i have to give big probs for all these cool entries. Congratulations to Raffa who took a best of show by the jury and another gold. I did take a bronze in the public voting and am also really happy with i. Many thanks to the public. 

I did finish some minor projects lately. 
The first are 3 Forgeworld Greenskins as a comission for the gaming table. I really like those fellas because of their humor included and the sculpts by Forgeworld are a pleasure to work with most of the time. I hope you like these 3 models - thanks to Raffa for taking the photos with 3 daylamps and a professional camera.

Forgeworld, 28 mm

Another small fella is this Ape with Flamer by the CoolMiniornot Miniature Range. I so much loved his grin while painting and i have tried to use bright, strong and shiny colours instead of my usual desatured ones. I hope you like him!

Monkey with Flamer
CMON Miniatures, 28 mm

Also 2 comission pieces on a nice gaming standard are done for the german tabletop game called "Götterdämmerung". Both are sculpted by Mati aka Badsmile in 28 mm and have been a nice alternation to Space Marines and Elves:

The strongest man on Earth
Götterdämmerung, 28 mm

Mad Clown
Götterdämmerung, 28 mm

These are for sure not high end ultra class killer projects, but in the end i am happy with thre results compared to their claim. I am still painting on other projects, as i told you i got several in process and i try to make up my mind from the lack of spirit to finish some, but i will not put too much pressure on it. With pressure comes failure or simply a bad taste that i don't love while doing happy painting. Here is a little overview on the latest models i did spent some hours on. Some will be soon finished.

Yeah, just wanted to say this. Many thanks to those who put some time in showing me their thoughts about my "misery" via comments and email. Big gratitude! Identify yourselfs! Good bye and still on the same old track - keep on happy painting! Just smile :)

Best Regards

PS: Also my own gallery is up now in the horizontal navigation bar! Check it out! I did some minor updates, but wanted to keep it so chaotic as it fits to my person and shows the big variousity in between all the models i am showcasing there. This gallery shows some of my works from 2006~2010, not all of course this would have been way too much. There are about 80 models in that gallery. I could have added a couple of hundreds more but those are the ones i am most proud of, maybe... or i was just lazy, haha.

I will start a new gallery for 2011~2023 soon and bringing in everything i do...

Kong Fu?

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A quitter never wins, a winner never quits!

by Palak

posted by Palak

lead by example
explanations can be draining
when you trust more, you care about them less :)

Massive Voodoo Information

by Roman aka jar

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It might be a little bit silent around me the next upcoming weeks as my girlfriend and I are moving. We are becoming neighbours with Raffa - today we had the official meeting to prepare everything - and now i am going to party because i am looking forward to it so much and fear the massive work ahead which such a short timed appartment moving will hold. On the double!! Partytime!!

Find the Waterfilter!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!

i finished another mini after a pretty long time... it's a pretty quick paintjob but it was a loooot of fun, the mini is Mei-Lin Mayfair from Statuesque Miniatures... a real cool sculpt!

I painted it as a birthday gift and a thanks for the best haircut i got in my life :D

At the moment in practicing painting blue so her suit had to be that color ;)
at the end (after painting the white lines) i noticed the similarity to the Fallout Vault Suits and i wanted to add a little fallout touch... with the 13 on her chest.

If i have had more time i would have added the yellow lines of the original Vault Suit.... maybe on the next project :)
I hope she will like it and it should give her some motivation to continue painting miniatures because she has some talent! i bet we will hear more from her in the future!


some finished stuff

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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After I had a great stay at Raffas' house. With a big painting session, I have finished some miniatures and bases. Hope you like them.

I just watched the rating on CMON and saw that two have them have a rating from 6.4. This really make me a bit angry.. sitting around 1 hour for photos and get that voting ah.. I know I shouldn't give that much on the rating.. Sure the female warrior isn't a 8-9 but a 6.. ?

Overall.. I am happy with the results and especially happy with the bases, they didn't need that much time, but I like them. Also if I am the only one who thinks this ..^^

reworked Han Solo, I painted the base black for getting a better focus on the mini and base. And removed the wire, which looked like the end of a fixing pin.

I know it must be crazy to kill a butterfly.. but who knows what a goblin thinks :P

good night and feel free to comment and critic is also welcome

Mu12 - US Marine Rifleman, Pegaso Models, 90 mm

by Roman aka jar

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As some of you already know i am intrested in war. Sounds stupid. I am no warrior. Reading a lot of books to know around the happenings during different wars really caught my intrest but i guess it also drowns my mood somehow. I am completly into the Vietnam War the last months, with books, movies and even reports from my half-uncle who has been there as a pioneer (his mum is american, my grandpa has been a stallion with several marriages). Everytime i read or listen i pump these infos inside myself and close the door, but the room is too filled right now, there has to be something removed, breaking out, being unleashed...

Therefore i have chosen the Pegaso US Marine Rifleman Model in 90 mm as a personal project until the Duke of Bavaria. There is still much time left and will do some other projects before but making a Miniature Unpacked is always a good start, even when the workflow will come later on...

      Information around the model

PEGASO Models, Modern Era
U.S. Marine 1968
Scale: 90 mm
Sculpture: Andrea Jula
Official Painting: Diego Ruina
Material: White Metal

      Unpacking the model

The model arrives in a very pleasing hard cover box by Pegaso, quality starts with the packing and here you really get what you are paying for:

Opening the box brings you to a soft foam which has the treasure inside:

Taking a closer look on the insight brings you 20 parts. Here is a list of pieces, picture follows afterwards:

1x Main Body (1 Piece!!!)
2x different heads (black and white)
1x left arm
1x right arm
1x base
2x canteens
4x pieces of belt
1x helmet
4x bags
1x knife
1x  smoke grenade
1x M16 Rifle

2x sheets of paper (Information about historical background to the model in various languages)

     Closer Look at the model

Sharpen your eyes - there isn't much to complain about. Sure you got the casual cleaning process of white metal casts, but nothing serious. I would not recommand the model to early beginners as the detail bag stuff might be challenging while cleaning. The pieces of the model are easily to fit in place but i would recommand pinning them for maximum security.

As the sculpt is 90 mm it is really heavy. I fear a bit the weight of the complete build kit, but my arm is strong. Maybe the future will bring such great sculpts in grey resin. It would make them much easier to handle, just a thought.

You got the option of making the Rifleman white or black. This is provided by 2 different heads. It's up to you to choose. I might like the white at the moment, as i had serious problems in being satisfied with my results in painting black skin.

The base which is included in the kit fits him perfectly and also fits my personal wish to show him. After reading so many books i feel like this is the right choice, sure i was thinking about jungle or a vietnamese hootch but that doesn't feel right. For me it is best to keep him on these sandbags. I thought about it but can't provide a realistic jungle terrain in this Scale without building a football field seized base. Like i said the details on the sculpting work are enormous, check out his boots:

So far - i hope you like this Mu - i am on the road for cleaning maybe or reaching some other goals ;)

Best Regards

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1008 Posts of Jungle Fu

by Roman aka jar

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Jungle Fu?
Yeah i mean everything posted in here is somebodys personal Fu. The blog now reached 1008 postings of Miniature related Fu and other weirdo stuff to provide your daily dose of inspiration. I have no idea why we slept during the 1000 mark, but that is the way of the sleepy ape gang down there in the foggy mountains :) - i can't believe that there are 1000 postings of sometimes truely brain farts and still the subscribers go higher - you are kidding me, don't you? I don't think this is important News and will quit it now, no 2000 announcement someday, let's get serious:

Kong Fu?
It's my discipline or the non existing of it that i hate somedays. Many big changes await me in this new year and i want to get back to some discipline on myself on many subjects.

I can easily imagine the following picture with me included. I would be the doggy that already has eaten the cat. Sometimes my discipline is very low. I am more and more realizing that i won't paint miniatures for the rest of my life as daily work. It somehow makes me stuck, there is no personal character experience upgrade included. I am just sitting here, day by day, trying to get some discipline for painting. I have tons of it during the first hours of a project but then they vanish and vapourize. To me it seems that i've lost most of my discipline to finish a project. Why i don't know? Maybe i am bored after painting so much? Lazy? Tired? Old? I am searching for something that keeps my brain together, something besides miniatures all my life. What would that be? I am on it.

I got a new miniature to my personal collection. It is a Pegaso Maya Warrior in 75 mm painted by
Pavel Tomášek. I am really happy about having this treasure in my collection and i start to love the idea of a bigger personal collection. Many thanks again to Pavel for his great service. I made some photos of it while it stands in my cabinet between the rest of the collection i am very proud of. My heart loves this place in my cabinet big time for sure:

Mmh. My Kong Fu was better in the past. Ok, i am drinking coffee and listening to old cramophone music like "Waiting for a bus", without even being the owner of a gramophone. The internet makes it happen, i am so glad i got mine :) - If i ask myself what is the most important thing to me, it is not Miniature Painting for me anymore - it is about love i guess, love that i might have lost, love that i can still feel, love that i am out for search and keep. Discipline, doesn't fit here well, but i always have to think about this word and how i used to treat its meanings. Weird Kong Fu, i know and don't care, i can start a million projects like the following these days but i need to find some satisfaction in bringing something to an end - can you tell me which Space Marine Chapter this will be? A Space Marine bust made from the Inquisitor Artemis model in 54 mm... somehow i know that i am tired of Space Marines, but i had to build this no matter what - don't know when it will be painted as i don't know the order yet - maybe you can help here and tell me what order he shall be. I know he is a Deathwatch Marine, but i paint him like i want to, no matter the Inquisition Mark on his shoulder pack - ha! I could do a grey knight - that is what i will do... yeah, demon hunter and destroyer of the chaos itself, a clean proud angel that keeps the balance in the universe... no matter what, here is the bust of an upcoming grey knight...

"Kong Fu? Kong Fu?" bouncing up and down my brain. Did i forget anything because of my lack of discipline? Who knows? I am going to ask the old gramophone and it tells me that the "RENEGADE" will soon be renegading through the jungle...

Keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

Game Forces Issue No. 21 out now!

by Roman aka jar

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Over at the you can see that there is now another issue of this fabolous magazine. In Spain it is issue number 21 and for the english version this is issue number 10. Go have a look, here follows the preview. As far as i know you can order the magazin directly on their homepage, Coolminiornot-Store and if you are lucky somewhere in a hobby store...

Great Link Collection

by Roman aka jar

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If you got some spare time check out these cool articles i found around in the hobby world:

Painting Mum - Tau Crisis Step by Step article (polish and english)
Cornelius in Yellow, Step by Step article - by PrawnPower(english)
Applying washes by Angel Giraldez (english)
Varathar Dark Guardian, Step by Step by Feanor (german)

Some other Inspiration:

Models that are cool from around the world - OZ Painters

Win a Miniature - Celebrating the 500! WINNER!

by Raffa

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Hey everyone!!!

Today is the day the lucky winner will be announced...... hmm who will it be, i got an answer for you!
The winner of the free miniature iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis:
Tyler Brown
He is a follower on Blogger and a facebook fan :) 

with 600 fans we maybe think about adding some spice to the lottery, we will see!
I hope you will like the miniature and she will get a nice place in your cabinet.



Gallery Update rolling in...

by Roman aka jar

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There will be some gallery updates soon, for example like this!
Let us know what you think?

Work in Progress

by Raffa

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I just made some work in progress shots to show you guys the process of my actual, yet unnamed project :)

Hope you like it this far!

500! Win a miniature Reminder!!

by Roman aka jar

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