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Name: David

Job: Researcher

Painting: since 2012

Media: acrylics only. Mostly Vallejo, but I do have a soft spot for Army Painter Strong Tone wash

Brushes: almost exclusively N&W Series 7, sizes 0 and 1 for most "regular" paint-jobs, and a large selection of "others" for special ops such as sloppy wet-in-wet sketching, dry-brushing, structuring milliput, base-work, painting the plinth black, etc.

Airbrush: I got one, and in theory know how to use it, but do so rarely.

Miniatures: I started out with painting fantasy minis exclusively, but have turned to painting more historicals, recently. I am very fond of small scales and delicate minis; to this date no mini I have ever finished has been larger than 32mm scale! Currently I am particularly in love with 1/72 scale figures and have a lot of projects, WIPs and ideas for scenes/vignettes in that scale. I also would like to get into scale modeling a bit more (mostly planes in 1/144 and the odd 1/100 and 1/72 AFV), but have not much experience in that regard. But I plan to change that, which would also give me the chance to use that airbrush more often...

Sculpting: I would love to sculpt my own 1/72 scale figures to have a bit more variety in this scale, which is dominated by historical and war/military themes. But I yet have to get into serious sculpting beyond minor conversions. Ahh, well... another long-term project!

Miniature artists who inspire(d) me most: Roman Lappat, Udo Spreng, Josua Lai, Jeremie Bonamant, Alfonso Giraldes, Bill Horan, Shep Paine, Mike Blank, Dmitry Vesechko, Laszlo Adoba, Alex Varela, Kristian Simonsen; concerning traditional artists, I find myself particularly inspired by Vermeer and Caravaggio for their mastery of light, and Hieronymus Bosch for his incredible creativity in picturing the macabre.

Miniature sculptors whose creations I particularly enjoy painting: Kev White, Tom Meier, Tre Manor, Werner Klocke (especially his 15/18mm Demonworld sculpts), Erik Trauner, as well as the fantastic and often unnamed sculptors that work(ed) for smaller and larger companies such as Rackham, Nocturna, Germania Miniatures, Valdemar Miniatures, Zvezda, ESCI, ...

Gallery: Putty&Paint

Moran - the Dwarven Massai. Based on Hasslefree's Hayden, painted during Jar's first Advanced Workshop.
Still one of my most favorite pieces!

Hi there! I am David, and I live in Hamburg, Germany.

When I was a child/young teen, I collected and built model kits; later I dabbled in putting Revell enamel color on a few pewter minis to be used for our role-playing campaign, but I stopped after graduating from high school. I started painting miniatures in 2012 when I was looking for a relaxing hobby during the final stages of writing my PhD dissertation. My painting journey started for real after finishing that big project in 2013, when I treated myself to Roman's Beginner's class, and especially after a private coaching with Roman and Raffa in 2014. In 2015, I went to my first painting competition (as a visitor), and in 2016, I participated in the Duke of Bavaria for the first time.

The Feeder of Crows. My first competition piece.

In this hobby I particularly enjoy the freedom to create ideas and stories with a great variety of topics, moods and atmospheres and turning them into reality with my little projects. Most importantly, however, I value the great community of awesome people to which I have been introduced through the hobby - and from which a number of deep and meaningful friendships have developed! I am excited that as part of the Massive Voodoo family I will have the opportunity to widen that horizon even further, to meet new friends, and to engage even more seriously with this great world of creativity and joy! See you around!

Through the Paddy - my first 1/72 mini. That's where it began...

Night Raider - my first serious OSL attempt.


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