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Advanced Class in Schöppenstedt, 26.05 - 28.05.2017

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle painters,

we are happy to announce the next MV painting class in Germany.

This time, Roman will hold one of MV's Jar´s Advanced Classes in Schöppenstedt.

Class will be on the weekend of: 26.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

The class will be held in German.

We offer three days full of colors and happy painting. Be sure to save your seat quickly. If you are interested in joining the class, please write an E-Mail to Peter: baphomet---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com

You will find all necessary information here:
Advanced Class

If you need an English translation, please feel free to contact Peter via the E-Mail-address above.
If you are interested in having one of Roman´s classes in your city, please check this link: CLICK

Best wishes,
Your MV-Team

Mu 92 - Franchise Draft, Football Players, 32 mm

by Massive Voodoo


Hello Jungle Painters, Football Fans and Blood Bowl Geeks,

time for another review on MV. This is review #91 - if you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Today we will look closer on a project called
"Franchise Draft". 

There is a Indigogo campaign 
running at the moment and as the idea was born in Augsburg, Germany (MV HQ base) we were asked by Stefan - head of the project - if we would like to review the models, sculpted in 3d by Rafael from RN Estudio, on MV.

Roman quickly was fascinated by the cool poses these 32 mm models have in their concept stage. Natural looking moves and a realistic - still comic looking - style that works really beautiful. He also offered his help in the campaign and offered an available perk of two fully painted teams by him.

As the project is still in funding process Roman recieved two master models, instead of a full team. Not the final models, but prototypes and wow! - That quality speaks volumes. The actual material right now is some special ceramic, final products will be cast in resin by RN Estudio, but now let's see for yourself:

Prototypes ready for unpacking.

32 mm ... I'll catch him. The white bubble below his feet is Pattafix/Bluetac to fix him to the table for this photo.

He looks fast, focused and dynamic and damn, protected by all that football equipment. 
Really nice pose.

Another pose, that other guy. Aiming to tackle the focused catcher over there.

This will hurt.

Really hurt.

The crowd wents silent, will he catch him?


Well, these two already scream for a diorama :D

KABOOM! He did not catch.

Allright, Roman somehow lost the goal on this MU,
while having fun with these two, just focused on the tackle.


+ great Football player poses in 32 mm
+ nice alternative to too strong styled Fantasy Football models
+ a more realistic look allows to paint your own favourite NFL Team
+ male and female team
+ If the quality of the final product will be close to the one of the prototype this is truely beautiful
+ Roman for the first time heard about LFL, which was confusing and fascinating at the same time.

- not all poses might match with all tastes out there, but that is something about taste. New ones will unlock with reached stretchgoals.

This could be something big for all Football Fans out there.
Check into the campaign and create your own impression on this. Roman now will paint these two up, but sadly not as a diorama or maybe he will? KABOOM!

Find Franchise Draft on facebook and help to develop:

Keep on happy painting!

NOVA OPEN 2017 News!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters,

the NOVA OPEN 2017 is ready and event registration opens at 7:00 pm on 1 Feb 2017.
Check MV's review on the NOVA Open 2016.

MV's Roman will be there again to teach some high quality and fun seminars and help to judge the capital palette. This will be a great time for sure again in Washington D.C.

Get yourselve ready for registration and see you in D.C.


NOVA Open Schedule:

NOVA Open Store (registration):

NOVA Open Webpage, seminars:

Mike Brandt's Annual DakkaDakka Post:

Facebook: Nova Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention:

See you there for happy painting!


Ghosts of Winter

by Massive Voodoo

Winter is here.
At least in Augsburg, Germany.
It's cold, dark, freezing, snow and somehow beautiful.

In the end of 2016 Roman finished a little vignette of a tank he once started while explaining cool rust paint by modelmates, who sadly quit his production. This is how the tank by Heer 46 was left after the rust test.

About two years later Roman found the right moment to finish it up.
Winter inspired. 

Roman used his visualisation skills, especially the winter observations he did and with basing techniques like snow and icicles he created this little long forgotten frozen tank. Cold and warm colors playing around.

As you can see in the photo of the rusty tank the groundwork was just some random milliput, really flat. During the process on this base Roman decided to go all winter and sprayed it blueish tourquoise, placed some icicles, snow and did spray it again. Then painted snow white again with white paint. More snow, more icicles, spraying cold vibes into it again, repainting snow and repeating it all the way until it looked like - even while a flat base - like a base with several layers. There are some holes and puddles on the ground, but still it was a flat base, now detailed with snow structure.

Somehow Roman decided to have this all ice covered. He used an artist acrylic gel that dries clear and glossy - brand is a homebrand by german art store called "Boesner" - it is some kind of still water, you can say. This gel was placed in three layers - let everyone dry fully - to make the base flat again, but ice covered.

Looks like a painting on canvas and actually it is nothing else :)

It seems to be a very melancholic scene. 
A warmachine, once a proud weapon of destruction now abandoned in a frozen field, in total grasp of winter and nature. It seems it got shot by another tank and maybe taken out of action by it. Maybe there are frozen bodies inside. Beautiful, but cruel.

"Ghosts of Winter"
Heer 46

If you want to see more photos of this vignette, be sure to find them on Putty&Paint.
Thanks for having a look. 

This vignette is for sale.
If you are interested in making it yours, please check Roman's PDF cataloge.
Thanks for having a look!

Keep on happy painting!

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Tutorial: Deathwatch Space Marine

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

today we slowly increase the speed of incoming blogposts in your jungle again.
A lot of stuff is in preparation and frankly after last years MV's year of the painter 2 we never thought we will be able to bring you tutorials again. It was truely exhausting, but we hope for our readers a great experience. This year there will be no year of the painter, so no weekly garantueed tutorial, but of course we can not be silent in giving you insight in our work process.

Today it is Roman with a short article about his thoughts on painting a Deathwatch Space Marine from Games Workshop in 28 mm. We hope you enjoy!

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This is a fast tutorial.
An insight into my thoughts while I painted this one up.
No step by step with color recipes, more a recipe on the approach to paint this fella up.

He was primed black with GW black primer.
After the the primer, I took white paint and a big drybrush.
I thinned the paint with water a little bit to not apply too thick paint.
Thinned paint dries different. We all know that. For example in this case white. On a black surface, if thinned with water it dries grey in the first application. If I do it again on top of it, it dries more with the looks of white.

I did drybrush this guy in three layers with thinned white paint. Really rough, but focusing on the areas that are hit by my light source from above, at the same time pushing brightness in the upper body area.

You can check back with my thumb to see the white and the grade of dillution I used here. To the left you can see the white dilluted. To the white I am getting stronger with more layers on top.

Why I did that so rough?
Well, recently I love to play and paint with textures. This rough color slapping keeps me away from thinking I have to do everything perfect in the first stages. I like this freedom and I enjoy the textures that are already appearing, even in the black and white. I will work with these.

Maybe you have heard about a painting technique from oil painting on canvas, called "grisaille" (after the french word gray, gris.). Wikipedia:

This technique can also be used as an underpainting to get an overview of your different values or - additional in this case - recieve some random textures to work with in future steps. In fact it is the same thought behind priming your miniature black and white. Many figure painters use this technique to understand the values and different hues of their project first. Very often I have seen it in a not so rough and wild way.

I came across this technique in my studies to become a teacher for art and art history, but when I started to paint miniatures I never cared. I got sucked in the "rules" of how to paint a clean miniature and never gave this a try until Alfonso Giraldes class in Augsburg in 2015. He opened up my eyes again on the way of painting that I knew, but lost. Once in a while I use it and enjoy it in my way. Rough and wild.

Next stage was placing colors on this sketch. 
The colors I want in this particular place. Fast, a little more controlled, bam, bam. I used Schmincke Primacryl Primaries and black and white to mix what I need myself. At least for all normal colors while the metallics were done with Scale75 Silverset colors.

In this sketch I also decided for a warm and cold colored side of the model. For this I roughly sketched it in with cold metal colors and warm orange reflections on his lower area. I also used the airbrush to spray a glaze (Very thinned paint. More water than color) over the warm and cold angle on the model.

My sketch leads me to my vision. A lot of work to do here and there,
but still this fast approach gives me a good idea on where I am aiming. 
Call it concept paintwork or sloppy :D

Of course I was not aiming to paint a high end clean Games Day entry here. This was never my goal. I just enjoyed painting a Space Marine, as I always will love Space Marines and it is healthy for my work if once in a while I'll do one.

Still I wanted to do a little more than the sketchy part. 
So next stage was mainly about definition. While my sketch was undefined I went in the different materials again, placed darklinings, highlights in the specific colors, shine on the metal and details here and there. This stage can take a large amount of time. It is just about you on how much time you want to spent on this. You can always push further, repair something, clean up something, wax on, wax off and so on.

The enjoyable thing for me in such a paintwork is that I always feel the roughness I placed before. I am not distracted in the beginning to try to paint an area smooth as I just can't do this with this foundation. On the way up I decide which area I will paint smoother than others, for example the face area or the yellow shoulder pad. This leaves me in control of quality contrast. Rough/Smooth. And I like my Space Marines to look rough.

Another good thing about this form of grisaille concept sketching is:

- You are fast and free
- You already have your idea in front of you, no need to get lost on the way
- You decide how much work you put in for higher definition
- You can control how clean you want to work with your sketch,
this will influance the look of your end result.
- A good way of preparation for steps on top of the surfaces

I painted this Marine just for fun in the middle of 2016 - as I told you a Space Marine once in a while is a healthy thing - with no aim to paint the best space marine I ever painted. Just for the fun of it and tons of happy painting.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey through my brain.
Here is the final result of the Deathwatch Marine:

Keep on happy painting!


by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Jungle,

another miniature from Roman's table.
A beautiful 28 mm punk girl named "Joanne", by Hasslefree Miniatures
on  a base Roman once build during one of his seminars.

Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm

This little girl is for sale. 
If you are interested in making her yours, please check Roman's PDF cataloge. 
Thanks for having a look!

Keep on happy painting!

Review: Scale Model Handbook, Figure Modelling Vol. 18

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

Mr Black Publications asked us to review their latest issue of the Scale Model Handbook. As Peter is familiar with them (he reviewed them for Putty&Paint), he will do this here, too.

So, let´s get started:



Well, hello again! As some of you might know, I already did some reviews on the books of Mr Black Publication on the Putty&Paint-Blog. In the meantime I have build up quite a collection of those volumes and they are quite an interesting source of inspiration to me. Even if the projects in those books are mainly of historical origin, you can nevertheless learn so much of them. The Scale Model Handbooks cosist of detailed step-by-step articles, description of differet techniques and many good pictures of paintjobs or sculpts. They are worth a look and help to keep your painter´s mind busy.

There are two lines of Scale Model Handbooks: Figure Modelling and Diorama Modelling.

Let´s have a closer look at Figure Modelling Vol. 18:

There are eight articles in this volumes and the contributers are: Mike “The Kiwi” Butler, Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez, Stelios Neofytidis, Sergey Popovichenko, Toshihiro Sano and Qianwei Shi.

List of content:
  • Roman Gladiator “Thraex” - 90mm
  • Corporal Vicente Manzano, Dragoon Regiment “Pavia” Ontígola 1809 - 75mm
  • Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill 1874 - 1965 - 200mm
  • WWI Early War German Ace Oswald Boelcke - 54mm
  • First World War German Airmen - 54mm
  • Waffen SS AFV Crew 1944-45 No.1 - 50mm
  • Edward Corringham “Mick” Mannock, VC, DSO & Two Bars, MC & Bar (24th May 1887 - 26th July 1918) - 180mm
  • British Trench Raider - 75mm

I was especially interested in the first article. You guys know, that I´m very much into Roman gladiators and like Sergey´s way of painting. well, here we have both combined. I loved to read his thoughts on painting skin, fabric and metallics. You´ll find more pictures of the paintjob here: LINK

The next article covered a complete step by step on a unique sculped miniature on horse: Im not so fond of Napoleonic-time miniatures, but Roberto wrote about his painting-technique in which he uses acrylics and oils together. Some years back, I was trying to use oils, but failed badly. I was curious if I could get some new inspiration for this technique. The described steps seem pretty easy to reproduce and I will give it a try in the next months. 

Here some other impressions of the book: 

If you are interested in buying this volume, here is the way you get it: LINK

I hope, you enjoyed this review.


MV Classes with Roman in 2017

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

today we want to give you a new information about the upcoming classes with Roman in 2017. Additionally, we will tell you which already announced classes still have some open seats.
We also did a big update on the MV's Workshop and Seminar Roadmap 2017: Click!


Location: Hamburg
Class: Beginner
Date: 17th until 19th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)

Location: Hamburg
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 24th until 26th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Blumberg-Achdorf
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 28th until 30th April
Available seats: 3

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Schöppenstedt
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere) or Beginner (still in decision)
Date: 26th until 28th May
Available seats: 16

More information: announcement will follow soon!


Location: Copenhagen
Class: Beginner
Date: 9th until 11th June
Available seats: 1

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Forchheim
Class: Speedpainting
Date: 15th July
Available seats: 17

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Arvika
Class: Basing
Date: 11th until 13th August
Available seats: 16

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Washington D.C.
Class: Various
Nova Open Seminars:

As you see there are plenty of interesting classes and seminars this year.
If you are interested in joining one of these classes, please write an email to Peter (baphomet[at]massivevoodoo[dot]com).

He will also help you if you would like to hold a class with Roman in your hometown.
Check this FAQ to get all important information!

Important note for the Advanced Classes (Atmosphere):  
Roman has decided which miniature will be painted during the seminar weekends of Blumberg-Achdorf and Hamburg, supported by Hasslefree we will go full barbarian:

Picture courtesy of Hasslefree-Miniatures:
This brute is perfect for the challenges you will face during the class when Roman teaches you the principles about atmosphere. But from great challenge comes greater achievement. As proof, some impressions of the results from the very first Advanced Class in Augsburg:

"The MV "Advanced Painting Class by Jar did its name justice: I feel that my skills to use colors as a means to create atmosphere have skyrocketed. Jar's carefully crafted exercises made me observe colors in nature and instrumentalize them in order to tell a story. Before the class I only applied color to surfaces, but now I am starting to learn how to bring the figures alive. The intimate class size allows for plenty of questions, and painting with fellow modelers manifolds the learning effects." 
- Diana

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Your MV-Team