Queen of the North

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle, 

as you can see MV starts really slow into 2017.
It seems like all the snow and ice covers the wild flora of the jungle and ... well, in fact it is just that we are all very busy right now and slowly getting our things done after the Christmas and New Years vacations. Slowly. And its cold.

Roman is finalising the Workshop review of his recent Beginner's Class in Herne, Germany at the moment and you will see it ready in this week, but tomorrow he is diving into a private coaching already. So well, we keep things slow in here for the early 2017. Mainly because its cold and cold is the perfect matching describtion for the following bust.

You might have read the Unpacking of Nutsplanet's Queen of the North.
This model is also about a cold atmosphere and Roman finished painting her in the end of 2016.

Queen of the North
Nutsplanet 1/10

Roman aimed to paint her looking cold and sad as her story being told in the GoT books and series is a sad one. She even has small tears running down her cheeks. Really sad.

If you want to see more photos of her, please feel invited to follow the link to Putty&Paint. 
This bust is in private collection. Many thanks for your support in Roman's passion, art and work.

Keep on happy painting!


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