Weekend Playlist Adding VII

by Roman aka jar


now this is earlier then expected, huh? For me too, haha. A great week of music passed, really cool sound in my ears while painting and doing whatever. Again i share the Top 5 from this week with you in a mix that might be intresting... check them out:

First up is this guy... thanks to Picster for showing me, really great stuff:
KissKiss - Parov Stelar

Than i found a long time favorite of mine - this video is just great:
Busta Rhymes - Dangerous

And another great song/video from him:
Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson - What's it gonna be?!

It is getting a bit more quiet - (note @David: That is what i meant with demonic erotica i see in the ladies, god bless them)
Beauty Song - OST House of the Flying Daggers

And it is staying quiet for the weekend:
Lovers - OST House of the Flying Daggers

Ups... not 5, 6 songs... (note @ David: just to explain this kind of thing a bit more, not sure which version i am prefering, like both of this demonic elegance, but i prefer the Beauty Song/Video over a longer period... it is more timeless, sorry for the Off Topic - the comments here made this chat start :) ) ... blubb

Al Knew - Tha Bump

I hope you find some time and the one or the other song makes you enjoy... music rises the soul, you know :)

Keep on happy painting!*
Regards Roman

PS: The complete playlist so far can be found here:
MAssIVeVooDOO on youtube!

*I am doing so at the moment on the walls in the planned playground room of my 9 month old neighbour twins... really freaky happy painting, haha!

Painting Workshop in Mönchengladbach/Germany - Review

by Roman aka jar

Another Workshop Review - this time from the early summer of this year in Mönchengladbach/Germany...

____________________________just quoting myself from the Avatars of War Forums:


We had another Beginner's Painting Class over a complete weekend with, again - great support by AoW, thank you very much, Felix (again) and i have promised to do another review on this one. We found together in Möchengladbach, next to Cologne in Germany. 24 people including me have made this weekend unforgetable. We really had a lot of fun, i had been braindead afterwards and ... ok i start from the beginning...

No one knew what we gonna paint up as the workshop model, they only knew that it will be from AoW, but no one did knew the model before the class. I have planned this because i don't want the peole think too much before the class about what they should do or don't... you know sometimes less thinking is good for working with colours - Thank you very much again for yur Big Support for the Workshop Felix, everyone went crazy as they heard about we are going to paint the Big fat ugly Goblin King ...

Also i want to say Big Thank you to Eve and Mark who mostly did the organisation before and during the Workshop.

We had an old classroom where the Workshop was placed in... I now start with some pictures and explanations about the workshop. As before i had the plan to bring the participants with a travel to art history to knowledge about colour theory and tried to combine this knowledge with the painting on miniatures as this is still a beginners workshop, everyone, equal of his experience was welcome. Thanks to everyone who allowed to use his pictures as i didn't find the time to take my own...

Here we go - this has been our classroom, that bold head in the front belongs to me:

I did a lot of blabla about Art History, had some problems with the beamer and the presentation in the start but with such a great group of hobby fanatics we solved mostly every problem:


I was talking about different stuff, here in front of some presentation stuff about how to use light on miniatures while painting and what light does to colours, etc. etc. ...

We had a little presentation table set, where everyone was invited to place some of his painted models:

On Friday we did a lot about theory and experienced some ways of different basing techniques and where to find much inspiration - in the arms of mother nature... our goblins after cleaning, preparing and basing:


 Big and small bases - here is a big one:

Little breaks we're planned and always went to funny talk about the hobby and the workshop, some couldn't get away from their models even in the breaks:


The first night came and some did use the time for sleep. We had the oppourtunity to stay at the room and sleep there, for those who came from far and didn't want to pay a hotel room. The night looked like this:

Next Morning had been Undercoating time outside:

Here are some results:




 After everyone was ready and we did another part of boring theory, we started over to thepractice parts, where i have explained step by step things about techniques, light, colours, etc.. I had split the big group in 2 small groups for these parts...

Painting in its Progress and all its glory:

Saturday and Sunday have been full painting days with a lot of explanations of mine and everyone used the time for getting further on his or her goblin king. Unfortenatly it ain't easy to finish off a complete model on a weekend, especially when i am talking so much blabla about theory.

We did take the chance of the moment to take a group shot from all the goblins from the Weekend in the end, the first one way too bright:

Not really sharp:

A bit better:

And tall the other Brushqueens and -kings together- the complete workshop group:

Again a big thank you to Avatars of War by helping us to had a great weekend with some great models... and in the end lots of fun while learning, learning, learning ... and learning... and painting while learning... and learning while painting... and painting while painting ... and stuff.

I keep an eye out, need to search some finished goblin kings from the participants, may take some more time, but i knwo some of them already. I'll let you know on the same place here...

Happy Painting to you all around and also happy sculpting if you do so ...




My first miniature some time ago...

by Roman aka jar

Some of you might know this guy already... a great Goblin warrior from the Star Quest box / Games Workshop, painted somewhere in the past... my first miniature ever - you see i already had my fun these days with colours :)

Why do i post it? Mmh... good question, i guess my brain got a answer following up...

 I lately realized a lot for myself, something about me, something about my life, something about ... i mean  a lot! And in the end i also realized something in my beloved passion. There have been things in the past that have destroyed my mood of Happy Painting - but i see clear now - what this is about, like Tsunetomo Yamamoto Hagakure said on Bushido, the Way of the Samurai: "A man should never do something he doesn't like!" - i just add this to it "A woman/man should never do something he/she doesnt like!" - now it's fine to me...

For me that means i have sorted out things - things that made me mad, like talking about ratings over on CMON or competition pressure or pressure from everywhere, or what he does, or she does, or what them both don't do - it isn't important to enjoy the hobby - important is how much fun you have while doing your hobby - and in this fact i found my muse - my happy painting muse!

Truth to oneself and to others is the basic to live with the muse and enjoy her... sounds fine to me and as i have chosen to do this blog here with some really good friends it really makes me happy - i am not running around all the time in thousands of Forums, i am just doing as i want... Trying to help can't be done everywhere - so we'll try to put some help up in here and in the end there is hope, as you see in my first miniatures - just paint, learning comes within from doing it and doing it happy makes learning way easier...

Sorry about this blabla here - i just thought it fits here and as i am having so much fun with this blog... i guess Happy Painting should look like this (@Vittorio: just for you! :) ...

Now i want to stop here... need to clean up the flat and stuff...

If you are doing Happy Painting then grab a brush and keep on doing so...


PS: Gaia 2.0 is now available over in the For Sale area...

Gaia 2.0 finished...

by Roman aka jar

... i really would like to be able to type in letters while painting only with the strength of my mind - that would be so cool, i guess i am going to wish for this power for christmas...

Again something is finished - as i really fell in love with this bust from JMD and by the fact i have ordered 2 to sent the other one to a Robert, i have decided to ask him if he allows me to paint it too... weirdo style and he said "Yes!" - thanks my friend ;)

Gaia 2.0 - JMD Miniatures

A picture of the Gaia Sisters:

Both are up to CMOn, so if you got some spare time:

I also did a shot in the cabinet with lightning, because i have been asked about seize comparison of the busts:

The upcoming days will be a bit more quiet around my workbench... tasks are bringing up the BASH Tutorial and write another one and write some mails finally... but all with time in the backpack... easy... preparing a tutorial about cleaning a miniature before painting it when it is born out from the box like this one...

Read you soon!
And never stop Habby Bainting ... bongo, bongo :)


BASH finished...

by Roman aka jar

Bongo Bongo...

The Bash project is now declared finished. Did add a simple base to the model, really i am not the type of guy painting a miniature without a bigger base, because it feels to me that both together tell the story... maybe a bit too much from my side, but i like Frank says :)

Brother Dariel from the Chapter of Angel Sanguine, Games Workshop, 28 mm

I will add the Step by Step Tutorial of this guy the upcoming days - don't know exactly the day but i guess the next days will tell...

I hope you like him! He is also up to CMON:


PS: Keep on happy painting!

Step by Step - Daemonette 1.0

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Good evening to everyone reading here,

here goes another "old" tutorial of mine - translated into universal english. I am still a lover in painting those daemonettes. It all started a while ago my first moment of holding the new plastic daemonettes from Games Workshop in my hands... since then i am lost, drown in female daemonic erotica :) - this Tutorial shows the first one i have done i guess about 2 years ago now, ay, ay, ay - time goes by...


My version has got a shaved head and four arms.I mainly put my attention of shading down from a bright underground, down to the shadow parts...

Basecoat and first Shadings

I did start the Shading of the skin on a base of pure Ivory (model color) after having the model basecoated with first black and then white primer, adding a really tiny dros of Bronzed Flesh / Regal Blue (GW) ... First shadows were done with Tanned Flesh (GW) / Regal Blue / Ivory (around 60/30/10) - during the first Shadings there was more and more regal blue added to the mix ... then a touch of Warlock Purple was added...

Intense Shading using more glazes

The glazes of Warlock Purple (GW) have been repeated about 5~10 times (depending on the area) to intense them more, as far as i can remember i did use more and more pure Warlock purple.  Most attention on the claws, and also a little tip of regal blue has been added into the  purple for glazing the last shadows ... Even the base was slightly darkened, with that very same color - why? I do not know yet ... may produce a color picture of harmony at the end - we'll see :)

The armor pieces were given a delicate glaze of Chaos Black (GW) / Hawk Tourquise (GW) / Ivory (Model Color) - approximately 20/60/20 ...

Targeted shadow reinforcements / first light

The skin was in the shadows ... um, shaded. With several thin glazes of Chaos Black / Hawk Tourquise  ...

The first lights on the skin are set ... working here with thin glazes of Elf Flesh / Ivory (approx 60/40) ... between I shade down again - at the moment is quite chaotic because i can't squezze my thoughts in a text - so only colours and pictures...

The base was all done also with all the above mentioned coloures ...

The claws have been glazed with several glazes of Liche Purple to darken them a bit more, which brings the bright skin more on focus, like a arms and legs are going to be some kind of frame around the body.:


Outlining / Commencement Details

The claws were given a subtle glaze with Bestial Brown (must be done before more often when you look at the pictures to make it more intense) - intresting thought here, using orange to purple, using the complementary contrast in some ranged area only ... 

A thin black/dark line has been set to seperate different parts from eachother...

On the armor  a temporary lighting has been set of pure Mithril Silver - then black was shaded over it to reduce the attention of the bright highlights of the armour edges...

Details and final work

The base received little leaves (birch seeds) and long tufts of small natury stuff.

The skin was pulled up into the translucent pure Ivory over thin glazes. As an interim step, I then painted the thin veins with a fine detail brush and covered again with Ivory - so that they shine through, somehow i thought that...

The claws were given blood and fight remainings. The claw edges were strengthend in addition of Ivory in the purple tones on the wet palette...

The armor parts are shaded and again several times done brighter again (edges redrawn). Here I have worked with mixed stains of Chaos Black / Regal Blue / Green Catachan / Schorched Brown ... rather really experimental of what the shades will bring ...

The claw (bone-colored growths) were drawn with Bestial Brown towards the end, followed by Schorched Brown. As a thin, almost delicate white lines were painted on them and then have shaded again with the colours above...

A better photo done by a friend:

I hope i did not forget something, but as you see this tutorial has been really spontaneously and it is hard to plan such things - so if any question will come up, here is the spot - just add a comment...

Keep on happy painting!

Gaia 1.0 finished...

by Roman aka jar


i have finished another bust, this time from the great sculptors of JMD. Adorable piece of art this is and it totally did paint itself - i wanted to call her "Gaia 1.0" - why 1.0? Uhm, i don't know :) - Hope you like my vision of this great bust:

I hope you like Gaia - she is also up to CMON!

Thanks to Raffa and Peter for another great monday painting night - Raffa, you did forget something, but i won't tell you what :)

Keep on happy painting!

Dino finished

by Robert aka muhani

Hi there,

I've finished the little beast.

Did some experiments with polyester resin for the slime. Just another application of Romans tutorial on ugly strings and stuff. I think it fits him very well - a birth isn't appetizing in the end.

Hope you like it anyway


Blood Angel Competition Entry...

by Roman aka jar


now as time ran out i did decide to declare my entry for the Blood Angel Competition over at Bolter & Chainsword as finished... for the moment :)

The model is Brother Goriel from the Blood Angels, mine is Brother Dariel from the Chapter of the Angel Sanguine - these are the pictures i have entered in the contest, where already pretty cool stuff is in - i wish good luck to every painter and a chilled time to the jury, great to see so much happy painting in one place!




There are still some areas i want to work at, but somehow without a base around it makes only half fun - so i'll bring up a Space Hulk Base around him to get some more athmosphere pressed out of this like destroying banana.

The Tutorial of the BASH will be finished soon, when the miniature is completly finished. I did take notice and took pictures as i can remember ;)

Also i have taken a photo of my actual cabinet which always fills and empties like a nomad soul but always with room for new ideas... the shot was taken with lightning from the camera:

Mmh... nothing more at the moment... searching my brain but no words will come out... so Happy Painting!


Workshop Announcement Colougne 2

by Roman aka jar

 Just a quick info - after the high intrests about the workshop in Colougne in December there will be another one in this beautiful city - for more information check this!

Kong bust painted...

by Roman aka jar


i recently finished up the self sculpted "try" of my Kongbust:

Sure i should have taken more time, the nose is way too big and there could have been way more detail everywhere - but it has been a sketch and i am already up to another project :)

I brought it also up to CMON, so if you want to play the bongo hard then do it here!
I did find out while doing this sculpt and painting that my muse must be a gorilla, i mean she acts like one - somehow, ahh - i just shut up :)

Also i did some new photos of the gladiator bust, but as i told you taking photos is still not my strength...

Also the "Path" done lately got a great home at Scott Radoms for a miniature exchange. First there was planned to do the sniper diorama for him, but as he liked this piece a lot and i offered him to choose free - he decided to go the path :) - Thanks Scott, really a great start for some miniature exchanges in the future - i love your piece and i am really happy about it! Thank you a lot!

So far from my workbench... read you soon! Habby Bainting!

PS: We have added a space on MASSIVE VOODOO where miniatures we sell will be up to - you may find it in the right navigation - not worth looking at the moment, still empty :)

Tutorial - Gold Recipe II

by Roman aka jar

Don't get me crazy, just sorting my hard disk and found some thoughts of mine to other Happy Painter some days ago and i thought to share them here before i clean my weirdo hard disk up - nothing special, just some thoughts:

"Hi there, my first tip: Break from the WorldofWarcraft-Claws - that can make your live somehow changing in doing everything good at a computer game while   lacking besides in every other aspect you could become better. Just my own experience, needn't give to much about that - i simply realized that it's better painting a miniature than painting a white wall with a white pen in an computer game... Stop ;)... back to the mini: Overall look is well executed and there are some good parts. Really like the hait and the face expresiion, the magic stone (crystal) is very fine, but something in the overall look i dislike from my point of view. Beginning at the choice of colours. There are mostly warm tones on that miniature, means nothing cries out for attention - all in all somehow. The skin is well done but gets no burst in popping out from the colours. Before painting make clear for yourself what is the most important part for you on a sculpt, what should get most attention. Then chose your colours. For example the skin is a warm colour as you've done here (with no blues or blue greens), the red cloak is way more effectiv in getting attention. Red is a signal colour. Use such a signal warm colour only for things you really want to get attention on. The human eye has his "feelings" for colours, warm is a well feeling, cold is something in the distance and makes you kinda freeze. Just try to imagine if that red cloak would be a blue (i would go for nothing too dark here, maybe bring in some grey in the blue to break its intensity) - the skin would get all the focus cuz of the contrast. Well done on the metallics and skins on her arms. You went for a bright and dark contrast here, you set a clear difference here between the parts with a dark/light contrast. There are a lot of contrasts working together to get to a point. Most important in my eyes is this dark/light one. Try to look at the mini from above. Now you see all the parts which a above light hit (your view is the light). Those parts shold be the brightest. Every part which lays in the line of your view is a normal tone - not too bright not too dark. Every part which is "under" the mini and hiding from your view is for the deepest shadows... Hope that helps a bit... Keep up happy painting and don't mind asking, if questions will come up..."


On those guys here!

 "The gold parts:
Basecoat of Mithril Silver + Snakebite Leater
Inked with thinned Smoke (Vallejo)
Lights --> Mithril Silver + Bubonic Brown

The weathering has been done using real rust. Just get the rust pigments off something rusty. Then thin them with water a bit and get it on a miniature..."
uhm... damm i am so full with emails lately... don't ever wanted to say this but i really have reduce this, even if i don't want to. Just saying this for the future if i maybe am not able to answer - i'll try to bring up some more tutorials on how i work over on this blog here... Sorry for this thought in here (and thanks to Joe!), i really appreciate every comment aobut my works and it really makes me very happy but i am getting less powerful in answering these thousand mails coming in every day... sounds stupid but it's hardcore, i'll try my best over at this blog, so i would gladly invite you to join reading here - i am not an evil person and i love helping where i can, but when the time comes where i can't anymore i need to focus the part of helping on my blog before getting mad.... Keep on happy painting!
Regards Roman

Painting Thoughts

by Roman aka jar

Don't get me crazy, just sorting my hard disk and found some thoughts of mine to another Happy Painter some days ago and i thought to share them here before i clean my weirdo hard disk up - nothgin :

Weekend Playlist Adding VI

by Roman aka jar

I now did chance the title... as i hardly hit Saturday for the Playlistadding :)

Simple and precious - Music that inspires my Muse:

Public Enemy - He got Game

OST Fallout 3 - Way Back home

Louis Armstrong - Nobody knows the trouble i've seen

Ahh... Music - i still can't describe what it means to me... I hope you enjoy this weeks collectables... i really get the feeling of being an old bear if i look at the music some of my friends or even my younger sister are listening to, but i did walk the line :D - and bears are cool...

Have a nice rest of the weekend and Happy Painting to you all!

Read you soon...


PS: Added to: MASSIVEVOODOO on youtube

Tutorial - Making ugly Strings and Stuff

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

After being asked several times about these strings and threads some of my models have - here you go with a short tutorial.

There will be more tutorials coming in the future - i feel real sorry not to manage all questions asked on me, but i will do it this way - for sure, please be patient...


- Colour you want (here: Tamyia Clear Red for bloody strings, green for slimy)
- UHU, "Flinke Flasche" with the black letters (there is a green version too, but that one won't work), a german glue, the one with the flamable warning on it - still i am not sure if this works with any other glue (so please do some experiments and let me know!)

How to?

Now i put the colour i want on my wet Palette, adding some of the glue, wait about 1 Minute for the glue to get more elastic and then bringing it on the place where it should be in the end with the toothpick.

If you only use UHU alone you may get clear strings or things.

Please be sure that this is a real chaotic thing, you can't plan this totally. Just have the bravery to do some experiments - in the end every experiment is worth a try...

Here are some older examples where i used this kind of ... ähm, stuff - attention, it is getting ugly in here:

Damné De La Gourmandise Obèse - Helldorado

Ghoulbust - JMD

Daemonette 3.0 - Games Workshop, Wings are from Reaper

Daemonette 2.0, Games Workshop

Hive Tyrant - Games Workshop

Vampire Count - Games Workshop

Demon baby - Helldorado

WIP - Blood Angel from Space Hulk, Games Workshop

I want to excuse myself to those i might have shocked with these models - it wasn't my wish to do so, i just love experiments...

Happy painting!