Saturday Playlistadding IV

by Roman aka jar

This post says no matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life ... at some point you gonna need somebady to stand by you...

We spontaneaously (we ---> my gf and me) took part in a spontanous music jam moment of two good friends and fabelous musicians here in my neighbourhood with a bottle of red wine and i have been reminded not to forget the music playlistadding on Saturdays night... so while the rests of the red wine going down to the betlehem in my head, i want to share this pure joy we had listening to their great guitar and bass play... Music that inspires me and my muse:

If you got a second spent it here:

Stand by Me / Playing For Change / Song Around the world

If you got another one - spent it here:
War/No More Trouble / Playing for Chance / Song around the world

And if you still enjoy that feeling - spent another one here:
One Love / Playing for Change / Song around the world

This one is for my girlfriend and that marvellous guy, Roger Ridley, his soul be blessed - truely stunningly rockin' da shit:

The best song ever to build weirdo bases, haha:
El Mundo - Chaccaron Maccaron

A song that someone over at showed me to express his happines about taking part in the upcoming Happy Painting Workshop in Cologne, that one really did shake my heart:
Joy to the world

Really like the beat on this one:
Jump Smoker - My flow so thight

For the slower moments of the week:
The Ink Spots - Maybe

Seems this blog now is 1 month old that is why 8 instead of 5 adds have been done, haha, yeah, some kind of circus going on here!
Happy Painting! :)


PS: You may find the link to the playlist in the right navigation bar (yepp, there is still no left one, haha)


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