Chimp's Captain Maulg WIP 1

by Robert aka muhani

Hi, it's me this time. ;-)

And the figure, I want to show you, is "King Maulg" from Artefactory.
I got this mini from Roman. We planned to battle against each other, painting the same mini and finding out who's one is better, just for fun. hehehehe
Roman has much more of this artistic color-harmony-vibrations, massive creativity and so on .... but what I have is massive patience and a regular job. So please have also patience with me - this will not be finished tomorrow, or next week, or ..... maybe Maulg will be some kind of long-term project. ... and not to give you false hope, Roman won't paint Maulg in the upcoming time. - He did already. - Ok, single battle. Me against me. .... thought, I could omit the battle-idea-thingy, but I have to tell you, because this explains, why I have made my thoughts about "King Maulg". ... and while thinking, I got the idea to make Maulg become a pirate, sinking with his ship. Sounds simple, but for me ..... long-term project.

So here are the first pictures:

Yes, there is not much, you can see at the moment. ... Maulg assembled, holding a steering-wheel, no ship ....

Just want to share this first impression with you. Doesn't he already look like a proud Captain. Are you already feeling the wind, smelling the salty air of the coast? Can't you hear the waves breaking against the planks of the ship? No, me neither. - but let's see, how it's going on. ... and patience, please. hihihi



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