Kong bust painted...

by Roman aka jar


i recently finished up the self sculpted "try" of my Kongbust:

Sure i should have taken more time, the nose is way too big and there could have been way more detail everywhere - but it has been a sketch and i am already up to another project :)

I brought it also up to CMON, so if you want to play the bongo hard then do it here!
I did find out while doing this sculpt and painting that my muse must be a gorilla, i mean she acts like one - somehow, ahh - i just shut up :)

Also i did some new photos of the gladiator bust, but as i told you taking photos is still not my strength...

Also the "Path" done lately got a great home at Scott Radoms for a miniature exchange. First there was planned to do the sniper diorama for him, but as he liked this piece a lot and i offered him to choose free - he decided to go the path :) - Thanks Scott, really a great start for some miniature exchanges in the future - i love your piece and i am really happy about it! Thank you a lot!

So far from my workbench... read you soon! Habby Bainting!

PS: We have added a space on MASSIVE VOODOO where miniatures we sell will be up to - you may find it in the right navigation - not worth looking at the moment, still empty :)


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