Hey jungle, here i come!

by Raffa

Hey guys!

So, after the nice introduction i'll try to enter the wild world of Massive Voodoo the best way i can!
Being the "youngblood" of the monkey gang you'll know me by me monkey-name capuchin.
Never underestimate the power of a full-grown capuchin, i've seen them dancing to electronic bongo music for days without drinking!

At first i'll explain a little background:
Some month ago i started with the whole painting hobby... after a short time i met Roman.
Guys i tell you, this guy is just a inspiration in every direction.
So i don't want to steal your precious time with my bad english... i just wanted to tell i'm happy to be here and trying to make this blog even more interessting (possible?!).

Don't forget to tell your friends about this blog, i bet they love you for it :)

To finish the post: some pictures (everyone loves pictures)
Here's my painting place:

Some WiPs:
Leogante (evil version ;) ):

Some sculpted Mutant...

An abandoned Sentinel (will be looted by snotlings)

Fun project :D

so that's all for NOW, but don't think this is the last thing you'll hear from me... I'll be Back with my monkey friends!



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