MV-Team: Daniele

by Roman aka jar

Name: Daniele Trovato
Job: Computer Engineer Employee (mostly) ,  Freelance Miniatures Sculptor

Years of Painting: 2014 till now
Years of Sculpting: 2016 till now

Painting Media: mostly Acrylics, I prefer GW colors, Vallejo and Schmincke

Traditional Sculpting Media: Mainly polymer clay (Beesputty, Super Sculpey and FIMO),
but i love to use also two-component putty like Magic Sculpt and Milliput

Digital Sculpting Media: ZBrush, Maya, and Photoshop for composing.

Brushes: Winsor&Newton Series 7 (standard, not miniature)

Airbrush: I’m in love with my modest SPARMAX SP-35 airbrush. Really simple airbrush but sufficient for me.

Miniatures: Absolutely Fantasy and Sci-Fi, little Historical, all common scales,
from 1:144, 1:72, 28 mm to 1/10 busts

Speed: Medium -Depends on the task though

Inspirational Miniature Painters : Jérémie Bonamant Teboul,  Diego Ruina, Marc Masclans,
Kirill Kanaev, Alfonso Giraldes, Roman Lappat, Raffaele Picca, Sergio Calvo Rubio

Favourite Miniature Sculptors
: Cyril Roquelaine, Alexandre Gillois,  Lucas Pina, Allan Carrasco,
Pedro Fernandez, Raul Latorre, Romain van den Bogaert, Raffaele Picca, Maurizio Bruno, Carmine Giugliano,
Patrick Masson, Valentin Zak, Raffaele Stumpo.

Gallery of my miniature works:

I’m Daniele and I’m from an amazing island named Sicily :-)
I was always fascinated from miniature world since i was a child, but unfortunately i stopped
 to paint caused by studies and other interests.

My passion for miniatures started while I was visiting Japan in 2013.
We were in Osaka, and my eyes were focused on a small kit containing the famous car of 
"Back to the Future" movie :-) :-)

I bought it immediately and when I got home, I started assembling the kit and painting it.

From that moment on, I discovered the world of miniatures and so I began to paint.

The next step was to push me further and discover the sculpture.
I started sculpting because I loved the idea of ​​being able to create something from scratch: 
completely alone.

For about two years, I put aside any other hobby and I have devoted myself actively to the 
sculpture study,

I must say with much satisfaction.

My goal for the future is to improve in sculpture, to do something that really gives me pleasure, 
fun and satisfaction in order  to create unique pieces to entertain artists and collectors like me.

Sculpting is a no-goal related action for me.
I do this  simply because I love it.
I do it because it makes me feel good and makes me feel alive.

In my opinion, miniature art is not a simple hobby.
It is pure art.
It's a way you can express your creativity, and create a unique piece that remains forever.

Be careful to always having fun while you’re creating something: the FUN  is the key!

Keep Sculpting


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