Tutorial: Create a Flying Strip (2° chapter)

by Daniele "Found" Trovato


Create a Flying Strip (second chapter)

Hello to all sculptors and painters !!
This is Daniele for you :-)

Today I want to show you a very short step-by-step about 

"how to create a piece of flying cloth".

This actually is the second chapter of a little tutorial by Roman you can find here:

The main idea

I want to insert some random clothes on my dragon :-)

Actually, this is a technique very used in modeling, and the old sculptors will find it also almost obsolete, but it is still an efficient technique.

My idea was to create a piece of cloth that "meets" the dragon during his flight.
To do this I have performed these simple steps:

1) I created a piece of balsa in order to "simulate the wing of the dragon"

2) I glued this piece of wood to a woodstick

3) I bought several at the brico store in my city

4) I glued them meticulously on a plastic bottle I had in my studio using some pattafix

5) I glued two pieces of "magic sculpt".
The MS is really a good putty (especially for overlapping sculpting), but the best material to create a thin piece of clay is the putty "A + B".
But if you want, you can also use the milliput with great results.

6) I laid it on a piece of baking paper, with some talcum powder

7) With the use of a rolling pin I created a very thin piece of strip

8) I cut it as I wanted shape

9) I placed it on the "fake wing" making sure to fit it between the pieces of wood, in order to create the folds of the fabric.

10) about 10 minutes under the lamp and you're done. I cut extra clothes because it was too long in my opinion.

Final result:

I hope this helps somebody :-) :-)
Thank you

Keep Sculpting

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