Review: Private Coaching with Jonas

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,
This late summer, Jonas from Sweden was visiting me for a three day private coaching.

Me & Jonas

Two beautiful sunny days passed by ...

Jonas and I were tackling my Advanced Class content as the coaching topic, where I explain a lot of interesting advanced things, mainly focusing on how to implement and understand atmosphere rules while you paint.

Tons of theory for Jonas.

The first steps of Jonas, applying what was learned.

Confused first.

Confused Jonas, still.

... but as promised, a happy Jonas in the end :)

Jonas result of these three days of coaching.
Main topic was to understand atmoshpere, but also sub-topic: Advanced theory and techniques for understanding to paint skin and faces and metallic colors.

Thank you for two quite beautiful days, Jonas.
Thanks for your trust in my teaching skills and your happy painting approach. Thanks for the awesome talks and fun we had together.

Keep on happy painting!

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