Massive Voodoo at NOVA Open 2015

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters, 

news ahead. MV Members Roman and Raffa are present at this years NOVA Open 2015 Wargaming Convention in Washington D.C., USA.

NOVA Open is focused on creating an exemplary venue and schedule of events for tabletop wargamers worldwide.

CAPITAL PALETTE is the NOVA Open’s Miniature Art Competition.  It is under the direction of Executive Board member, Bob Likins.  Contact: .  The Head Judge for Capital Palette is Justin McCoy (secretweaponminiatures).  This year, he has secured the judging assistance of renowned miniature artists, Roman Lappat and Raffaele Picca (massivevoodoo). All three of these artists are also conducting seminars throughout the weekend (beside many other talented miniature artists); don’t miss an opportunity to learn at the foot of these masters!

The NOVA OPEN 2015 judging team

NOCF focuses on demonstrating the great generosity of those tabletop wargamers in raising funds for charitable causes (Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, Breast Cancer Research Foundation and more).

Massive Voodoo will also throw jungle bananas into the charity pool, for example a painted miniature by Roman and one by Raffa, Figure-Art Artbooks, Ultimate Paint Racks and more.

Roman and Raffa are looking forward to meet you at the NOVA Open 2015.

NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention
September 3-6, 2015

Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport 
(Washington Dulles International IAD also nearby)
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA  22201
Room Nights lowest in City at $91 per

Current Games/A Few Surprises Likely:
40K (GT, Invitational, Narrative, Trios Team Tournament)
Blood Bowl
CMON's: Dark Age & Wrath of Kings
Dropzone Commander
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Warhammer Fantasy
40+ Seminars
Vendor Hall
NOVA Open Charitable Foundation:  Lounge & Silent Auction
Halls open 24/7 from Thursday at 10am through Sunday at 7pm

Where to Find Us:

More Information:

A day well spent: Painting Time with kids

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle Painters,

last weekend I invited my god-children to our studio for a painting session. By now they are six years old - both, as they are twins - and we did spent a great Saturday afternoon. Well, they did. I did too, but I was exhausted afterwards, really :D

I had the idea to invite them as Josi (the girl) showed me a small angel in white plaster when I was visiting them recently. She asked me if I have the right colour to paint the skin for the angel and well, yeah I got it I told her :)

I made their parents happy as they had a free of kids day and we had a lot of fun doing miniature projects and painting on canvas all together. A day well spent!

Magic happening ...

Power of Paint

I was not able to progress much on a little conversion of a car I started recently.
They kept me too busy.

Their results. So cool and cute!

My start of my canvas


Keep on happy painting!

Mu 72 - 2dreamers - Space Adventurers, 1/9

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters, 

this morning brings you another Miniatures Unpacked.

This time we will have a closer look on two busts from 2dreamers, a young company from Czech Republic. We know the guys from the Duke of Bavaria Show since several years and they are a really kind and cool bunch! They are also sponsors of the Bananalicious Painting Contest 2.

Ok, let's have a look at the boxes the miniatures arrive in. Sturdy boxes with a cool presentation of the model. Both busts are sculpted by Palo 'offo' Ovečka from Slovakia.

Let's open up the Space Adventurer 1 and find out what is inside. Wow!  A big load of stuff, stickers, three resin pieces of the bust itself and some detail parts. All was packed secure and sound.

The head. As you can see on his neck a little cleaning of the resin is needed before you start painting, nothing unusal.

The bust come in scale 1/9 and are truely big.

 The quality of the cast is very good, everything fits supergood even without cleaning work.
The details you can find on the bust are also enjoyable.

2dreamers even serve you some brass etched parts to put them on your plinth.

Ok, let's head over to Space Adventurer 2.
Same content in the parcel, three big resin pieces of the bust and much more stuff. What we think is very cool, is the little booklet you find with both busts. They tell the story of these guys, so you have the right background and inspiration for painting them up.



Again the bust is truely huge in your hand. 1/9.
 Happy Space Adventurer.

During the Duke of Bavaria Show 2015 2 dreamers was present and already had the busts with them. The promo-paintjobs were not finished yet, but already looked pretty cool!

Recently we recieved an email by 2dreamers that the promotional paintjobs are finished.

Space Adventurer 2

Space Adventurer 1

Thanks to Marrow Productions!

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle Painters!

Around 2 weeks ago Marrow Productions had an interview with a local weekly magazine call Metropop, which is published by Hong Kong Metro (underground train in Hong Kong).

These print magazines are for free and everyone who takes the metro can get a copy. And Hon has mentioned about Massive Voodoo during their interview and they did post and recommended your Blog and facebook page as well!

We know their estimate print run per issue is about 200,000 copies, and usually people will just grab a copy and read if they saw it at the station. So hopefully more people in Hong Kong will know about how cool Marrow Productions and MassiveVoodoo are.

Thank you, Hon!
So cool and we are looking forward to our future collaberation!


by Roman aka jar

BANANALICIOUS 2 - Entries / Fantasy Master 1/2

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,
today we continue this bananalicious event with showing you the 11th round of entries to our latest contest, the Bananalicious 2. For sure we can not show you all 290 entries at once.

Please be aware of the procedure we follow for showing you the entries and be patient.
You can read everything here in the Newsflash.

What we already showed:
Sculpting Category
Army Category
Special: Base
Diorama, part 1
Diorama, part 2

Historical Standard
Historical Master

Fantasy Standard, part 1
Fantasy Standard, part 2
Fantasy Standard, parrt 3

Ok, let's start with more entries from the most epic and massive online contest the miniature world has ever seen. Please be aware that we can not show every photo you did sent to us. We show only one or maybe two and take the rest in credit for our judging work.

Today we will see the category: Fantasy Master, part 1/2.
40 entries to show you all over in this category, we start the category with the first 20- we hope enjoy the show and thanks to everyone who took part in our contest! The numbers written on top of the entries is not any form of order on how they placed. It is just for you and us to have a better overview:

Participant: Massimo

Participant: Anibal

Participant: Anna

Participant: Aythami

Participant: Pierre

Participant: Christoph

Participant: Danick

Participant: Daniel

Participant: Dave

Participant: Diana

Participant: Erik


Participant: Florian

Participant: Francois

Participant: Giuilo

Participant: Helge

Participant: Joan Carles

Participant: Johann

Participant: John

Participant: Juan

Participant: Julien

  Many thanks to the BANANALICIOUS SPONSORS:


H. M. (friendly Jungle Painter)