Kong's WIP-thoughs - July #02

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle Painters,

today let's have a look on my workbench via some WIP-insights.
The last of my WIP-thoughts can be found here.

Well, first of all I have to say I was pretty busy with getting all the stuff ready for my upcoming basing class this first weekend of August. Hell yeah, I am looking forward to it so much and I am really more than corious to see how my thoughts might hopefully help the participants to create their own bases with more fun.

Second, I can say that I am still reading like a madmen and for 6~7 months I am now stuck to ancient Roman literature. That is pretty weird as I usually switch themes of my readings, but Rome got me totally. My bookshelf in the studio is close to burst as one book after the other get sucked into my soul.

It might be the right time to do another ancient related bust or figure soon, so I decided to pick up a long timer. A greek celt from Pegaso Models in 90 mm whom I started a long time ago. Now I am sitting down to finish this big monster.

I am preparing a really interesting article on how to paint yet another cool Hasslefree model with just using five different colours, which is really a lot of fun.

One thing I have to mention is my workspace organisation: I was pretty focused on using my old colour carrying box for my colours but the Ultimate Paintrack convinced me so much that I said goodbye to a long time love.

I wanted my version of the Ultimate Paintrack black so I painted it black with a big brush and black colour. Soon I plan to paint the cool Massive Voodoo writing in pure white. I'd like to show you what I am storing there and how I use it. It is not standing in front of me, rather on my left side, which I personally prefer.

As you can see all sorts of my colours do fit in there. It's truly magnificant.

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Another point which is really important in life is to have good friends around you and spent the ultimate happy time together. So I did recently with Raffa and Andi, of the austrian Pumpkin Painters during a Friday painters night. Some impressions will follow:

 The last gummi bear will be soon annhilated.
 Andi doing some focused painting work.
 ... on several projects at once.

Friday night was so nice that we spent Saturday also with painting, even the sun tried to grill us in the studio. Andi was able to finish his greek model this day and went home ultrahappy after a beer together on a local beer feast.
 Thanks for the great time, Andi :)

Well, about the Inuit and the fish: I am waiting on recieving a proper plinth for him before continuing the work on this monster of a bust.

So far from my table,
keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

Cursed Monkeys World Expo Report

by Massive Voodoo

Look what our monkey brothers made:

Sha´un - Ram Tribe Warrior finished

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys and gals,

finally, finally my version of Raffa´s great sculpt is finshed. It took me quite a time after I recieved the bust right before the Duke (more than two months ago O.o). Well, you all know I´m not the fastest painter. There have been some hard moments, but I enjoyed the whole paintjob :)

Get your copy here: LINK

And here the final pictures:


If you like him, feel free to vote: LINK

There is something new on my table. The Anglo-Norman Crusader from Heroes & Villains. I really like the bust as it´s not too big and has very intersting shapes. I started the bust on Fernado´s painting class a few weeks ago.

Here an actual wip:

Still a lot to do, but I´m looking foreward to nice painting night!


Forged Hope Contest Update

by Massive Voodoo

Hidiho Robot-Forgers, 

the Forged Hope Contest finds it end in 19 days, August 15th.
You better get your colours dancing, eh?

To keep you on track we are able to show you the next random prize pool update, this time sponsored by our friends from Wonderlands Project.
Five cool models will find a new home with this random prize, including their brand new model "Whati, the War Turtle".

May Humanity survive because of your forging skills!


by Roman aka jar

time to get back to normal Massive Voodoo daily updates soon, eh? Monday will bring back the normal activity in the jungle and I am already looking forward to it as interesting stuff is ahead of us all. We want to thank our amazing supporters of the "Perfect Paintrack" thus far.

"Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame with conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame, "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she with silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

 Emma Lazarus "The New Colossus"
(inscription from the Statue of Liberty, New York harbor, 1886). 
This post is about music and I want to write a little bit about it.
Recently I played the computer game "Wolfenstein - the New Order" and this game really caught me. Having played the first version in 1992 this actual game brought back so many memories. It's a cruel game with a crazy vision of history events which did fortunatly not happen at all.

It is like a great movie, with a grade of detail that is astonishing and a breathtaking story. For me this is was the best game I did play in the last 2~3 years and after finishing it for the first time I will play it a second time as there is another way to play it through. Well, this being said - Amazing, amazing, amazing Game. Great Music and weird music.

The Ultimate Paint Rack

by Massive Voodoo

It's finally done - the preparation of our next Indiegogo campaign.

You can find all of the details about the campaign on the campaign page!

Maybe you can remember this post some time ago.

We finally found the solution to perfectly organize and travel with your paints and you can support us to make this real.


We were often struggling with the way we store, manage and travel with our paints. All products and options available at the time were just not what we were looking for.

Some months ago, Raffa decided to build a better paint rack than ever before! Something that fulfilled all the requirements he had. When the first really rough prototype was finished, we both could see the potential for something that a lot of other painters would love to have. Thankfully our friends confirmed this thought.

Almost everyone owns a ton of colors, good daylight lamps, nice miniatures and the best brushes in the world. Why should you settle with anything less than the Ultimate Paint Rack?

So, check out the campaign and see for yourself if you like to have one of these for your painting table!

Tutorial Voting: Black or green skin?

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle Painters,

another Thursday, another Tutorial Voting via Massive Voodoo's year of the painter.
Again you are up to vote via comment to choose next week's fresh miniature painting article.
Your choices this week are:

This article brings you a step by step. A big write up on how Roman enjoyed the conversion, sculpting and painting work on the yet unreleased Forged Monkeys' "Jamal" bust. The article shows you his approach on "Juva, 1883" and the thoughts he made while learning to paint black skin.

For this article vote "Juva" in your comment.

In this article you will find a step by step guide on how Roman tackled Drakerys' Orc Shaman. Basing, sculpting an ear and painting included. Check Drakerys' Kickstarter, well done guys!

For this article vote "Orc" in your comment! 

Your vote, your choice!