Male Galaxy Defender

by Roman aka jar

Good Monday Morning jungle,

time again for another finished paintjob. This time I am able to show you one of my latest ones: The Male Galaxy Defender by North Star Models. You can find a Miniatures Unpacked of it here.

"You can fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, but you can't be better than Commander Shepard... "

As a big fan of the Mass Effect series I was in need to paint that one up too. I already did the female version of it and had a lot of painting fun with both.

Male Galaxy Defender
North Star Models, 54 mm

Hope you like him?
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Besides, both of the Galaxy Defenders are on Sale in the MV Boutique, have a look to make these unique paintjobs of these models yours:

MV's Jar's Basing Class ahead - One final seat free again!

by Massive Voodoo

Ey yo, 

You want to be a part of MV's Jar's Basing Class II? 

Well then you are lucky - unfortanetely one participant isn't available anymore and leaves a free set in this class!

Are you ready to learn to create miniature bases like you never did before? 
Find details here - one last seat left!

And a review of the first issue here!

Contact: jarhead---massivevoodoo---dot---com 

MV-Team: Roman

by Massive Voodoo

Name: Roman Lappat

Nickname: jarhead

Job: self-employed Artist since 2008 and passionate teacher, founder of Massive Voodoo, pulling strings in the back of your jungle blog and very often the horse power behind daily updates to MV.

Years of Painting: 2006~now if just painting Miniatures, means about 9 years by now.
Went to school and studied painting and Arts all along and do drawing or painting it since I can think.

Media: Acrylics, oils, water colours, inks, coffee, etc.

Brushes: Windsor&Newton Series 7 (standard, not miniature), size 0, 1 and 2. These are my main brushes but I have all sorts of brushes for different tasks, sometimes I use also my fingers to paint.

Airbrush: Yes, it’s a great tool, like a brush, only with air, but I do not enjoy the cleaning of it. Pfft!

Miniatures: Fantasy and Historical, all common scales, from 1:100, 1:72, 28 mm to 90 mm, not yet bigger.

Speed: Usually fast, depending on the size project slow is also an option.

Average Painting Hours per day: 6~8 h +, but sometimes more, depending on the muse

Sculpting: Not very consistent efforts here, but skills are slowly growing. Need to put more time into it.

Favourite Miniature Painters: everyone who takes a brush, some colours to sit down with and spents his time with painting a small figure, plane, tank, car, ship, train, diorama, etc. and finds joy in it.

Favourite Miniature Sculptors: Allan Carrasco, Pedro Fernandez, Romain van den Bogeart, Raffaele Picca and many, many more, but mainly those again who take their bravery and are ready to learn and study the magic of it. One day I'll find the proper time too!

Gallerys of my miniature works:



my name is Roman.
I currently live Augsburg, Germany, my hometown, working self-employed as a Miniature Painter since several years. I always loved colour and ever since I can think I draw and paint on all surfaces available to me.

Many miniatures have seen my brush dancing some colour choices on them and I did a lot of projects, comissions and fun models in the past. I do not count them anymore, but I do enjoy every new or old project under my nose while I am working on it, but after it is finished, I quickly lose interest on it. I am not sure if this is good, but I have learned that I am open for new ideas faster again and am able to sell some of my pieces more easily to make a living as a self employed artist.

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."
Henry Ward Beecher

After I did my vocational diploma in art and started with focusing my creative energies on Miniature Painting in late 2006, I decided to be self-employed with painting armies on commission beside my studies. Painting armies and units really helped me to learn a lot about the techniques of miniature painting and I found my own way of painting them with a count of approximatly 300 finished models a year in the first three years of my self employment. Learning can only come if you do something often and with fun.

I studied to become a teacher for art, art-history, technical drawing, was trained in carpenter skills, text processing and multimedia. After I finished my first state examination as a teacher I should have done the second one and become a teacher for the state of Bavaria, but I did not take that road of security. I decide to walk an insecure path instead and go on with what I love: Painting Miniatures. Since 2008 I am self-employed without university distracting me from my work and passion.

A passion that I found during university was also teaching. I combined my passion of miniature painting with the teaching of classes related to miniature painting. I never did regret this decision so far, even sometimes this path took and still takes me through dark valleys of uncertainty once in a while.

"No one knows what he can do until he tries."
Publilius Syrus

In the past years I was able to meet so many kind people, made friends worldwide and was able to spread the word about happy miniature painting in many hearts. This is where my passion finds its fuel. Seeing the glow in someones eyes if the passion is truly fun makes me happy. Knowing that in some painters cases I helped a little is my major award why I am doing what I do as my job.

I am happy to have met the friends I have in life, including the whole gang of good people of the MV Team, which I count to my closests. I am in two happy relationships: One with my great girlfriend Anna and the other one with my BiBaB (Brother in Brain and Brushes), Raffa, with whom I share this passionate way of life, our studio in Augsburg, visions, being direct neighbours and many other things.

What I enjoy most about the Miniature Painting Community is the people that have this big love to miniatures in their heart. No matter what job everybody got, no matter what social background, no matter what the looks of some are - people are who they are: A big family with everyone equal where everybody enjoys to paint Miniatures and this is a great thing in a world that often stamps people from their social perspective too quick.

In my eyes everyone is equal, no matter what he does, no matter how big his experience in something is, no matter how much money he got or how cool or chichi he/she pretends to be on the first impression. I learned to not judge people to quick and realised that it is good to see the person behind their behavior with a little patience. I found this freedom expressivly lived in the Miniature Painting Community and I try my best to give back as an artist and teacher to this community by spreading the word about happy painting of miniatures and frankly by all means possible to me as a person. Making this beautiful passion grow is important to me as the community sorrounding it is still small and this magnificent hobby still to unknown to many.

Is Miniature Painting a form of art?
I can not answer you that, as the meaning of art can only be found in oneself as is the meaning and purpose of everything else. I, personally can not go in a Museum and say this is Art or this is not. In my eyes no one is able of telling others so as the process of construeing Art is happening in oneself - if it is its creation or its reckoning. My oppinion.

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known."
Oscar Wilde

Well, what else? 
I like to play Basketball, read way too many books, love to listen to all kind of music, love to draw and paint small or big paintings or drawings once in a while, don't watch television anymore since eleven years, love to ride my bike, love to take photos, play computer games once in a while, have a great girlfriend and a beautiful relationship, two awesome cats, great friends, great family and I am happy that learning never stops in all aspects of life. I enjoy to do stupid things alone, but rather with friends. Do stupid things sometimes, they always create good memories.

In my dreams there are no cars on this planet and I find myself on horseback as a warrior who fights against injustice. In my dreams. Well, did I mention that I like Batman a lot? Dreams are dreams but if you look close inside yourself, while you are doing decisions or judge about a situation of life you can find your Batman there. There is one in every person and it is your choices, thoughts and words in life that can bring him alive. I try not to hang my head in sorrow - even I am a deep thinker often - but I am a positive thinking person and frankly can not remember the day when I was really, really sad the bottom of my heart.



Happy Painting to all of you!


by Massive Voodoo

Wolves everywhere ... 

Done for a 30's birthday gift to our friend Wolfgang from Vienna: A personalized brushbox, painted with a little love from Raffa and Roman. Guess what, Wolgang likes wolves:

And even Sanne had a painting spree on canvas with a wolf included - WIP ...

Happy Painting to you too, Jungle Painters!

Beautiful Jessica

by Roman aka jar


Jessica, a beautiful name, eh?
Well, Jessica turned into a Zombie and now she ain't that pretty anymore.

I found Darkworld Creations' Jessica bust while I was searching for some Zombiebusts and sculpts for a hobby friend. I found a video of the 3d sculpt and really... well, fell in love with that Zombie Jessica.

She reminded me of the Zombie conversion I once did with Satin - check the article here! I picked up the search machines once again and found Jessica at Darkworld Creations. Compared to other 1/10 busts this lady here comes really tiny. The describtion from the page says: "This 1/10 scale bust is 54mm in height and 33mm at the shoulders. The head is 22mm in height and 16mm wide. This bust is cast in detailed resin." 

Well, all in all I did enjoy her size a lot and had mucho fun painting her in colours I do not use so often. You will find a step by step about this lady sooner or later in your massive jungle :)

Darkworld Creations, 1/10

"God's spine is broken and he left humanity behind in the midst of a virus that feeds on the living." 

Last photo as usual shows her in comparision to her fellows in my cabinet, this time the photo was done just with the big camera, no lightning used, so it is a little bit yellowish.

Hope you like ehrm ... beautiful Jessica!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

quote of today

by Massive Voodoo

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
John Muir

Tutorial Voting: Special Birthday Edition!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle Painters,

yesterday we celebrated Massive Voodoo's 5th Birthday with a little gift and a task for you - so if you did not read it yet - here you go!

Today Massive Voodoo's year of the painter brings you a special edition of Tutorial Voting:
The Birthday Special Edition. Now what does that mean, eh?

In full force madness there are six articles you can choose from today, all a little special and it will be like in the Highlander series: There can only be one! One up next week - you decide which one via comment under this post!

In this article Roman talks about the basework he has done on Northstar Models' Male Galaxy Defender. The article is strictly about the base, no talk about the models' paintjob included.

For this article vote "SciFi base" in your comment!

This article goes back to the explanation on how Roman painted the Toadking in his project called
"Frogs X-ing". It is a deep look into the paintjob itself, no basing or other talk included.

For this article vote "Green Frog" in your comment!

This article takes a look on the use of Scale75 Steel Tone Set and Inktensity Set and talks about the use of these cool colours. Explanation is done on Roman's latest painted "Vampire" guy from Sgt. Blackart and includes a little step by step through the process of the figure.

For this article vote "Scale75 Metals" in your comment!
In this article Raffa is explaining to you with some cool tips and tricks on how you can sculpt a loincloth on a giant's butt from Games Workshop. It gives insight in tools and material.

For this article vote "Giant butt" in your comment!

This article is about a step by step walkthrough on a female barbarian from the range of Ilyad Games. It gives insight in Roman's thoughts on the base and the paintjob.

For this article vote "Barbarian Girl" in your comment!
A step by step on Roman's latest bust, the Inuit Fisherman. A colourful journey through a truely big bust. Talking about painting the fish, the skin, the leather and doing the snow.

 For this article vote "Inuit Fisherman" in your comment!
Now it is your turn to vote until Monday next week!
There can only be one! 
Happy voting!