A fart of a Unicorn

by Massive Voodoo

Good Sunday Morning Jungle People,

well, a fart of a unicorn, that is what sometimes happens in Roman's brain. An inspiration that strikes from nowwhere and is rather unusual for him to paint it in this way. Frankly, not very often, but when it happens I just let it come with arms wide open and enjoy the outcome. A fart of a Unicorn.

It happened to me some weeks back while Mike from the US visited the jungle in Augsburg, during the time of the Duke of Bavaria. He wrote a wonderful review over on his blog, check it out here!

While at the Duke Event Roman found some small white metal elves. Sadly they were just packed in a plastic zipper and Roman has no idea where they come from. Really tiny ones, about one centimeter in height and really he did like them. Roman gave one a joyous paintjob and forced Mike to take it as a gift from him.  See for yourself please ...

The model is really tiny, like being mentioned, here you can see the tiny elf in blue, close to some other models and a color pot for size comparision:

It was truely a lot of fun letting this fart of a unicorn go wild, with colors, glittery stuff and more bling, bling. I hope you like this elf too:

A fart of a Unicorn 

Mike was rather surprised, but well everyone would be if a unicorn farts at you and you have to take the result home :D
Cheers, Mike!

Base-SBS: Welcome to Sanctuary

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen,

time for the results of the latest tutorial voting.

MV's year of the painter 2 is proud to present to you the next article in line.
Many thanks to everyone who voted since last Tuesday. We had some shy 14 votes overall.
We had 11 votes for "Base on Sanctuary" and 3 for "Dino".
The winner is:

Roman will now take care of the article. We hope you enjoy!

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Well a foreword is what this base step by step definatly needs.
I am a big Fallout PC Game fan. Love the setting, love the gameplay, love the stories, love the humor since Fallout 1. Was not prepared on what Fallout 4 will do with me. I can only recommend good music to the readers of this article. Read it with these songs and you will be in the right mood!

 I got so much inspiration from this game, which all came together to form the experience I reworked into the base of "Welcome to Sanctuary" - this is the project we are talking about:

Some postcards 
from my Fallout 4 experience, I really got crazy with building settlements, mainly my beloved Sanctuary, but I worked on about 10 in the same quality, I was not really playing the game like I should for a long time, I was just building, dressing settlers in the perfect way I was aiming for, worked on supply routes and totally got lost in this aspect of the game.

First I was not in charge. My girlfriend made us both as characters, one of my cat hacked computers regularly, but then I slowly started to work on my own virtual housing in Sanctuary.

I found some of these Power Armours and started collecting them.

Sanctuary grew and madness was arriving, I dug some graves there too no one will ever find.

I got my own basketball court and was collecting basketballs there, everything under the protective sun-glassed eyes of my Sanctuary Guard Patrol.

Travelled far and got inspired. My character looked pretty cool all the time.

Well, mad house building in Sanctuary and mad detailed dressing projects in Sanctuary. I will not show you the other settlements I had, but I can tell you I went crazy with it. The Fort was packed with twenty four perfectly dressed Minute Men in only Leather armour, I had one town with only men dressed in girl dresses and much more weird stuff.

Well and I collected on ... and on.

Until I decided to quit the game by finishing the main story.
I needed to tell this for better understanding on what I wanted to represent with the base I was up to build.

It all started with cutting a car in two halfs. Chhwuutschy! Chhwuutschy! Chhwuutschy!

I was starting to build without thinking to much, but still had my Fallout 4 experience in the back of my mind. So I was up to build something crazy like I did in the game. Cork, the car, a barrel, thin stone flagging, plastic card pieces and a scale model electricity pylon. Skulls, more cork, details here and there and all rather damaged.

I was using bathroom equipment I got from a architecture store from Berlin, called Modulor. Threw some beer bottles around the base and into the toilet. A skull in the sink. Destroyed the lacquer of the model car like berserk to enjoy painting it later on.

Where is the skull I was talking of? But well I love the shape of the cactus there!

A statue, which is a Darksword Miniature, but soon will the stature will see no more.
Meanwhile I was also starting to brainstorm on the models I want to put on the base. Hasslefree Miniatures mainly and a small girl (on the Tiger) from Privateer Press.

I needed them to see where to place them. A tire, a chair, some string,
and Bouddica looking confused andre-evulating.

The inside of the buried car should be visible to increase the madness of this project. A long dead solider buried and even some weapons in a box, maybe.

As you know I am a big fan of basing composition, I even have a full weekend class talking and teaching about it. You might think, that in this base there is no composition, it looks just like weird chaos, but it ain't. I just worked more from the feeling, rather ... well, I did glue more stuff to it and statue went blind. Loved that.

More stone flagging junk.

I did place these wooden sticks to maybe strengthen the lines that would guide the viewers eye to the base and miniatures, but I was not sure yet. And strings.

Welcome to Sanctuary. Plastic card. Ruler. Pen.

Rough, like the world would be after the big bang, when all that is left would crawl out through the Fallout. Cutted with a blade.

Screws and Screw Nuts. PlusModel.

Love 'em. So tiny.
 Glue and blade work and drill.
Screw it. I also wanted welded joints, used Vallejo Plastic Putty 401 for it. Trrriiittsch!

More stuff in Sanctuary. Uranium Fever has come and got me down!

There is the skull in the sink. Man I loved to build up that base. So much me in it, a butterfly, a teddy bear, another statue and chains! Just missing the rocket 69!

Primed it looked even more as one piece.

Of course I did paint it, but this is maybe a story for another article in the future days of Massive Voodoo. Stay tuned and if you like the project you can see more photos over here via Putty&Paint.

Ding! Dong!
I hope you enjoyed the insight into this base build up. In retroperspective I can say I went crazy in Fallout 4 and with this project, but I enjoy both. I am thankful to this project as it offered an oppourtunity to put my personal emotions into something you can  hold in your hands. I do not regret anything, maybe the dick-shaped cactus, but ... ahh no, screw it! Just a whole lotta shaking going on!

A little advertisment in the end of this article: 
"Welcome to Sanctuary" is on Sale. Please check this link for further information. 

Keep on happy painting!

Peter´s version of Hasselfree´s Hayden

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

Peter writing. Some weeks ago, I attended Roman´s MV's Jar's Advanced Class in Augsburg. It was a very interesting weekend and I was happy to have joined the class.

Even as I´m a quite experienced painter, Roman opened my eyes in many ways and today I have the feeling to have developed a better understanding of colors and how they are changing in different atmospherical situations... I can only recommend to everyone to participate in the class. You won´t regret it! Be sure to read a full review on this class soon on MV.

But here is my finished version of Hayden (Hasselfree Miniatures, 23mm), the miniature we painted during the weekend.

You will find more pictures here: Putty&Paint


Mad Max Car Contest 2 - Random Prize Pool Winners

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Road Warriors,

while we speak the final Mad Max Car Contest trophies are being cast and painted.
We are closing in with the judging work and as it looks we might have the results early next week.
Thank you all for your patience on this! We will also surprise you with two special awards and prizes.

Check the gallery of all entries here!

Random Prize Pool Lottery
Meanwhile we go through the Random Prize Pool of this contest and see who won something,
shall we? Everyone who entered the contest will be in the lottery.

Random Prize #01

Random Prize #02

Random Prize #03

Random Prize #04

Please write an email to mv(at)massivevoodoo.com with subject: MMCC2 Random Prize Pool win and hand us over your postal adress!

For the additional waiting time, we found good entertainment:
Vrroom! Vrroom!

Review: Private Coaching with Evgeny

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning wonderful people,

today the jungle once again wants to tell you about a two day MV Private Coaching that happened not so long ago. This time Evgeny was travelling from Prague to Augsburg to get two day coaching with Roman.

Roman & Evgeny

Evgeny was in a little hurry on day two as he had to travel far from Augsburg and Roman did not mention if he would be up for writing his expression of the class. So we will just tell you how it was.

First of all you got to mention Evgeny is a painter, who is not painting for long, but he is a very enthusiastic one and wants to learn as fast as he can. And he does.
He is already painting really cool miniatures, but now wanted to take the next step forward. He started to get into the hobby with ships, tanks and now also added miniature painting to his hobby. He started miniature painting this February. 2017. He and Roman wrote some mails forth and back and decided to go for the following topics:

- Color Theory
- Light and Shadow Theory
- Contrast Theory
- Improving Painting technique
- Planning a project, following the plan while working
- Skin, hair, fur, metal, details

You see, quite the list to work through.

The studio dancing queen.
Welcome on your seat next to Roman, Evgeny! 
Some people asked Roman about the colors on the photo and if we
did paint all of it with just these. Answer is no. Evgeny asked Roman
if he could order him some colors he needs and Roman did.

Evgeny is usually not painting small miniatures, like 28 mm ones. He loves to paint bigger pieces and busts. He decided to work on a huge dwarf bust by Galapagos Miniatures, called "Volkan Lostblood" during the coaching. We both knew that we would never finish it in two days.

After several talks about theory both did start painting early evening on the first day of coaching. Pushed on in the topics, but soon both realized that this dwarf is quite the beast when it comes to his beard and the overall size. Day one was packed with theory and closing in on the whole piece to have a better plan of the complete idea behind the final paintjob.

Roman again wants to apologise that the studio was so bitter cold on this day and that the heater showed up on the next day. Well, managed to get a big deal done on the first day and Roman was really proud of Evgeny who painted really concentrated and focused.

On day two Roman and Evgeny decided to work on small areas and push them further. More contrast here and there and final touches. Mainly only working around the face.

 Oh beard!

We managed to work a good deal on these parts and in late afternoon Evgeny travelled home again with still a lot of homework to do on this bust, but also with new ideas, inspiration and painting knowledge to put to use at home.

In the following photo you can also see a metal piece that Roman painted for demonstration purpose.
You can also see Evgeny's work he brought and proudly showed to Roman what he had done painting before the class. Really cool stuff! Now Roman is really looking forward to see how the big dwarf will turn out in the end!

Thank you for the nice - and cold (sorry) - days in the MV studio, Evgeny!
Keep on happy painting!