Forged Hope - Entries - Round 5

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

Week after week we will show you the entried of the Forged Hope Program.
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The Reproduction Bots
by Klaus Dorn
Version A:
The Reproduction Bots
Those two robots are called reproduction bots. The Forge Father had build them to help them with creating new robots. But the process of creating them didn't go as smooth as expected.
During the creation there were two mice in the Forge Fathers Lab, which didn't concern the Forge Father although mice were rare these days, like all kinds of animals. What he didn't see was that the two mice crawled into the power generator, and as if they somehow knew what they were doing, they chewed on certain cables. This caused an unusual high current peak from the generator and the Forge Father feared the creation process to have failed. But he was wrong, the two robots were powered up and were working just fine.
It sometimes seems that those two have their own will. Since he had build them not only it fastened up his production process of new robots, but also they somehow very unconventional ideas for new robots.
But all the new robots which have been created since the reproduction bots started helping the Forge Father, also seem to have kind of their own will. Sometimes when the Forge Father wanders around town he sees groups of robots standing together and somehow communicate, but as soon as they seem him they depart and get on with their jobs. Also sometimes he's got the feeling that they're watching him. He feels like they're planning something, he thinks it's nothing good...

Klaus also wrote a second version... his own interpretation.
Version B:
Forged Hope
They called it the devourer. Originally a bio weapon, a bacteria developed by the Dum-Bian army to get rid of their foes without wasting their own soldiers. The process of its binary fission was so rapid it was able to devour biomatter like a human in ten minutes and only leaves dead matter, methane and some acidic gases in lower concentrations. But to be safe a life span of only a few seconds had been encrypted into it's DNA. This way when used in a combat zone it effectively killed the enemy and after only 24 hours that zone was ready to be taken and to be recolonized.
But something went wrong. It somehow mutated and it's life span became much longer. It spread all over the world by devouring all the bio matter in its way. The people prepared areas where no other bio matter then themselfes within a 50 km radius was. But it didn't help as the wind and weather acted as an accomplice to the extinction of all live.
Some people hid in bunkers deep underneath the earth hoping for survival. But they couldn't get up to the surface again after the bio weapon had devoured everything and disappeared, as it left an toxic and acidic atmosphere. No one was prepared for this. As there wasn't enough resources and food to wait out till the atmosphere eventually became normal again, most of the people starved to death.
There was a group of people in one of these bunkers who consisted mostly of scientists and engineers. They found a way to build robots and transfer their minds into them. This was their only way to somehow survive. As robots they waited till the atmosphere was at least not acidic enough anymore to harm their robot bodies. They went up, back to the surface and what they found couldn't really be discribed in words. It was a world of waste and death. Nothing resembled their memories. All vivid colours gone, only grey. The buildings all collapsed due to the long exposure to the acidic atmosphere. Nothing was left but ruins.
Some of them tried to find a solution to restore the original atmosphere, so that one day it might be possible for organic life as they knew it to walk on earth again.
Others started wandering the world in hope to find at least something that survived. They wandered for centuries and somehow they started to forget things, their minds seemed to dissapear. Here and there a wanderer just stopped moving, his mind gone, his life finally gone.
They started to try to find a solution for this problem. Copying their mind to a new robot didn't help, as the lost parts of their minds were still lost for that copy as well. But one day a couple found a way to melt their copied minds into a new mind. The new mind, and in this way the first new citizen on earth since a thousand years, was transfered into a little robots body. They found a way to reproduce and this way maybe a way to survive till earth is able to be recolonized in human form.

It's the forged hope.

by Sebastian Gröger
There are big robots looking in the world for usable discarded metal. This is urgently needed to build new robots. They bring it to a collectingpoint, where some robots seek in mountains of rusting metal for useful material. Everyone has his job, everyone is looking for special pieces, as well as the SR-71. It is one of the smallest robot series, that have ever been built. it is only about 5cm tall, but has one of the most important tasks. It looks for screws and nuts for production of the "new". There are hundreds of the SR series. They bring the detected screws to the sorting centre, where the finding is processed immediately to build more robots supporting the robot-community.

by Sebastian Schubert
We have the year 2044 after a outbreak from a deadly Virus nothing is living any more in the World, no Humans no animals, the only think who didn`t stop to exist is a small farmer Robot names Greenthumb. He have only one task, to water the fruits, to dung the vegetables and to collect the good food. Greenthumb realized that the humans didn`t exist any more but he can´t stop to collect all the food, he has to do his job till his battery is empty. After a day full of work he has a small moment in his garden and he heard something, something really silent, something what he didn´t heard long time ago something that let him forget everything allround him.  He looked up and he saw a touch full of colours full of emotions of freedom and a new beginning, but not for him, he forget his battery.

by Michael Gerhardt
GB-WWBLS (Guardbot with wheels because legs suck) is a former patrol robot that was used to provide security for the settlements outer perimeter were a couple of roads were still intact. With his wheels he could cover a lot of distance on the partial working road in a single day. After sometime the forge father and the surviving settlers have seen that the first one was good enough at providing security (since nothing else seems to have survived the blast, at least nothing was found, yet). What was in constant demand were spare parts that were scattered around the desert from the former civilization. Therefor the guard bot was pimped with a trailer hitch and a cart was given him along with a new task: collect anything that seems interesting, metallic or technical on your journey around the settlement and bring it back to the settlement to create even more robots helping to rebuild the new civilization. Since metal was getting scarce around the settlement, as everything was already collected, he began travelling farther and farther away from the settlement to fulfill his task. Maybe one day he will be so far away that he may even encounter anyone else still alive out there (or not).

by Sven Schwald
Aqua2000 is a water-search robot developed to search for the move to precious water.
He runs through the desert land and drill for water to it then to pump in his tank.

Fishing Bot
by Kyle "M R Lee" Cruickshank
Oh to sit back and just go fishing all day long! Probably was this robot's builders thoughts when he was making him, though too bad he was not smart enough to pull out fish! Seems he is only interested in tyres and scrap!

by Tuskar aka Phil
GO-LUM was designed and crafted by the Forge Father to explore the big desert wasteland round the settlement of the last and lost people. There were rumors of a big water way beyond the desert. One day GO-LUM reached the shore of the ancient ocean. The probe immediately started to catch samples of organic material, his humans may need to feed themselves. And there it was, white, with wings and a big tool on his head to catch those scaly things out of the splashing sea...

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5th-Dimension Painting Contest

by Massive Voodoo

Massive Voodoo hopes you already heard about the cool painting competition run by our fellow blog friends over on the 5th-Dimension. If not, click the banner!! NAUW!

Some days are left until the 5th of September to enter in the categories of your choice.

Today Massive Voodoo ships the jungle sponsoring and some more stuff to one of the members of the 5th - parcel is packed and on the road! We can't wait to see all the cool entries of the contest!

Happy Painting to you all!

Tutorial: 5 colours, 2 hours, 1 Mini

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle Painters,

Tuesday brings last week's tutorial voting decision and the big amount of 41 votes went for the choice of "blue".

Massive Voodoo's year of the painter is proud to bring you your choice, an interesting article prepared and written by Roman and we are sure that you will have some fun repeating this at home. It's easy to repeat, it's quick, but you have to read properly to understand the thoughts and progress behind it.

We hope you enjoy!

Usually I am working on several projects at once. Big long time projects, small fun ones, but sometimes I am really in need of doing something different. Something really quick, packed with fun.

The following article explains what I did, why I did it and how I did it, in theory and practical examples. I was planning to push this figure - Corporal Thoran by Hasslefree - from start to end in about two hours of straigh working time by using only five different colours.

I was not in the mood to do a compley base this time. I just wanted to have a quick one. Using BeeSPutty Plastic for some "sculpting-work" of this base. Even the white metal fillet beneath the model was not removed, it was hidden inside the putty. I did the start on top of a wooden work-plinth and baked it for twenty minutes at 90° in the oven. I was not counting the twenty minutes waiting time into my two hour straight working time schedule.

Remember: Only do this with metal minis, no plastic or resin ones.

I am really in love with the 28 mm skulls by Origin-Art, which are really working great with that scale. Placing one at the base to add a little detail.

Now I took a blade and carefully removed my base from the wooden plinth. Glued it to a gaming base and added some rough sand to it. Basework done.

Priming the model black with Games Workshop black primer was next. Lately I do enjoy to use a hair-blower strictly after the priming work as it a) dries the primer faster and b) the heat leaves the black dry more matt.

I always try to avoid priming too much out of the can and had to use a brush with black colour on it afterwards to reach every spot on the model properly.

Now to colours, five of them in the end.
I choose to go with cold colours on this project. I want to create an icecold athmosphere, using only cold colours to create it and went for a blue basetone with VMC Dark Blue Grey. You can do this with every other colour you choose as a basetone, for example, green, orange, brown, red, yellow, tourquois and more. Your choice.

I went for an opaque basetone of Dark Blue Grey on the whole model and base via the airbrush. Colour One.

After this basetone was applied I decided to go a little brighter and do a little highlight to the model by using my initial basetone but adding a brighter cold coloru in it. This time a matt colour called "Eisblau/Iceblue" by Hobby Line. Spraying this mainly from in a zenithal direction at the model already gives me a good impression for its light situation. Colour two comes into play now.

Now its time to have fun. I do enjoy working with Army Painters Ink as they dry out very matt and are really cool to use when you want to achieve some quick contrast in a model. As I was going cold with my overall athmosphere I did choose the blue tone this time. Colour three is playing with us now.

Left: Gentle approach on the armour parts, using some of the blue for the embossed areas of the armour.

Middle: I want that base blue too! Now where is the brush to move it all around?

Right: Using the wash more often at a area leads to more opacity, we all know that. Use it once on an area, let it dry. Then you can do it all over again and again. Repeating this leads me to already decided which parts of the model will stay bright (basetonework with little wash on it) or darker (armour/gun parts with lots of washing steps on it)

Now to some theory about using that wash. In fact I used that wash as a glaze.

Important is that you apply your glaze/wash in several repeating steps to achieve opacity with it.
Let those steps dry in between. 
Important is that you also decide to move your brush in one direction when applying the glaze/wash to recieve a cleaner surface as a result.
Important is to know what you are applying at the moment. With the wash we do shadow contrast so I will force myself to pull the brush only in one direction. The one where I want the result of my glaze to be strongest after the repeating steps. Don't do it random-brush-dance-style.

The following graphics try to explain to you how repeated glazes work on top of a bright basetone:

First glaze, second glaze on top, third glaze and fourth glaze all pulling downwards:

If you apply it with random brushstrokes you will get an unclean looking chaos:

If you do it controlled and patient - glaze after glaze you recieve a much cleaner result:

Still there will be some small mistakes in the factor of tidiness if you want to do a paintjob in about two hours, these will become minor if you train your brushwork by painting, but if it goes quick like this paintjob they still occour.

There is a healthy trick now. Going back to your basetone - in my case VMC Dark Blue Grey and using this one as glazes to smoothen those mistakes. I did bring it back to to the base, skull, the armour and the fabric areas. Still only three colours used so far - wait - I am a liar, I used black for the edges of the base in this step. So four colours I used so far.

 The process of smoothing looks like this in theory, again using glazes of my basetone but right now placing it in the area I want to clean up and pulling it to the area I want that basetone back.

Next step is to focus on increasing the contrast. I used some of the blue wash and added a drop of black to it. Glazed this into the deepest shadows of the blue armour/weapon parts. Getting smaller and smaller in the areas I where the shadows are strongest.  

Where do they get strongest you might ask?
Check for some zenithal light theory or light/shadow theory.

I used  the bright Iceblue colour again and mixed it into my dark sea blue in about two to three steps to paint the models fabric areas to its highlights. Remember your brush moves, no random style here either. Put it where you want it and let it dry. Then repeat. Don't forget to repeat your glazes as with it they gain in power and intensity.

The progress of highlighting still works the same. Glazes, put where I want them, but getting smaller and smaller while the brightness increases. If rough edges appear, let them dry and clean them with the tone you used before, just pulling it over the "mistake", to the direction it that tone is located.

It is good to keep your tones you are using on your wetpalette, so you can always head back and use them in case of emergency.

Next step for me now was exactly cleaning up the in between tiny "mistakes" and working on edge highlights everywhere with just using the Ice Blue for it. I mean it is not perfect as I was still looking at the clock to manage this fun paintjob in two hours.

I started to use some blue wash again on the visor to bring it out more intense blue in the end.

I was missing the fifth colour in the end and while I wrote my signature to the base with VMC Ivory I decided to add some final, tiny edge highlights with it here and there.

Five colours, two hours, one miniature.
In the end I was pretty happy with the result of this fun miniature. I really wanted to go quick on it and enjoyed the progress and the result.

I hope my thoughts on this case might help or inspire you.
Let me know what you think?

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

Forged Hope - Entries - Round 4

by Massive Voodoo

Ladies and Gentleman,

Week after week we will show you the entried of the Forged Hope Program.
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Round 2

Round 3

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Let's continue with the next round!

by Matthew DiPietro
He has crossed the shimmering plain and down to where ruins tumble to eternal deep. And through verdant reaches made new and strange his brush finds a lonely beauty.

The forge father speaks of Arthur in shades of sadness and love.  For he says in that frame lies the fractured spirit of man. In his work the people glimpse themselves and find hope amongst all that was squandered.

Curious George
by Ashley Curran
Curious George named after the 'Curiosity Rover' Georges goals include: investigation of whether selected field sites of earth have any environmental conditions favourable for Microbial life, including investigation of the Planetary habitability and studies in preparation for future human exploration.

George's onboard lab is able to take soil samples and transmit data back to the forge fathers head scientists for further study.

George is also equipped with a rifle to make sure so mutated animals; monsters or rogue humans stop him from performing his mission. 

Book and Booklet
by Bernie Ansbach
After the Forge Father had determined that there were virtually no books in the small settlement he created "Booklet and Book".
A nice robot couple. Booklet is a flirty smart robot girl and Book has a small circuit failure and therefore is somewhat jumpy, anxious and a little clumsy.
Both have the task to search for books together and to copy them so that the residents have something to read again.
And by Book's circuit fault situations like the one seen here happen quite often. Book is scared by two rats that suddenly appear out of nowhere on their way. And Booklet gets thrown a couple of meters away by Books wild gestures shouting out. And the only thing Booklet can yell is Boooooooooooooooooooook!

by Lisa Sherry
F.F.R.A.N.C – the Forge Fathers Robot Assistant & Neighbourhood Craftsman, but everybody just calls him Frank.

Frank is the local handyman helping out in the workshop with repairs to other robots or simply doing odd jobs for the local settlers; he is much loved in the community and is full of personality even for a robot. 

by HPB
After the great Atomic War the world was infested. But what almost worse than the radiation, the fact is that even millions of unexploded ordnance (UXO'S) lying around in the world. Its like a time bomb waiting to explode and further causing damage. A group called Hans Peter Basel has accepted the problem and invented a EOD bot.
He makes himself fully automatic and self-sufficient on the search for these objects defused this or breaks them specifically in the air. Without compromising beings.
Long Live the E O D BOT

by Jim Howard
Some things you make because you want to. Some things you make because you have to.
 --The Forge Father

A variant of the utilitarian “First One” design, Bernard is designed as a long­range search and rescue bot. As word of The Forge Father spread, many survivors attempted to reach his Settlement. The Wasteland is treacherous and dangerous place, not fit for travel. Bernard was created to bring these pilgrims into the fold, supplying water from his internal leg reservoirs and guidance to The Forge Father’s Settlement. A patient and resourceful guide, Bernard has saved hundreds in this manner.

But Bernard has a tremendous range. The half­life of his fuel cells is well over a thousand years and his e­Brain has been programmed with adaptable algorithms with archives of survival techniques. Bernard has often wandered far from the Settlement. Far beyond, unfortunately, the range of many travelers he encounters. For occasions such as this, The Forge Father has also seen fit to equip Bernard for another duty: mercy. When encountering a pilgrim beyond hope, Bernard can engage the surgical systems of his lower abdomen. In a matter of minutes he can retrieve all of the water from any poor souls he’s calculated are not capable of reaching the Settlement.

It has been many years since Bernard regularly returned to the Settlement. In the beginning he’d return with a traveler at least every other day, and often to refill his water supplies. Now he returns less than once a year and makes his base on a rocky outcropping with a good view of a vast desert and a wide valley, often used for travel. He’s adapted his own equipment, acquiring a jug to supplement his leg reservoirs for water storage. His prize possession is a shiny scope used to scout for pilgrims. It is kept impeccably clean, its mirrored surface can signal travelers he’s spotted from miles away.

As he ranges further and encounters fewer travelers he’s capable of helping, Bernard has been using his water to nurture a tree near his lookout spot. One day Bernard hopes this tree will be a lush, green and shady place for weary pilgrims to rest. Until then, he keeps one eye to his scope, watching the horizon.

Helping those who can be helped with those who can’t.

Out of Competition (not finished in time):

Work in Progress
by Olivier Herbiet

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