Work in Progress - Kong Fu, cold germany and the documentation

by Roman aka jar

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Let's start this post with some german Hip Hop.
German Hip Hop? 

Usually I am not a big fan of most of todays german rap, even it is my mother language.
I often feel english a better language to communicate in songs, as it seems english language can transport more detail with less words. So german Hip Hop is pretty rare in my Playlists - sorry to all who are not able to talk german and might not understand that song - it mainly tells about the importance of going your own way of life everyday ...

It is getting cold in Germany
I found the following recently on facebook:
Some Berlin guys are helping the homeless with a bus that collects them and takes them to warm places. This is a quote of the text, german only again, sorryio:

"An alle Haudegen & Haudeginnen aus Berlin wer bis zum 31.03 Nachts Obdachlose auf Strasse schlafen seht ruft bitte diese Nr. an: 0178/523 58 38 dann kommt der Kältebus vorbei, um sie vor dem Kältetod zu bewahren. Gleich die Nummer einspeichern...!!! Bitte postet das weiter Kältebusse gibt's in jeder größeren Stadt...!!! DANKE EURE HAUDEGEN"

They are telling about a so called "Bus of Cold" that everyone can call if they see someone help- and homeless. They will come to pick him up and bring him to a safe place. They also tell that this pick up is available in every bigger town in Germany. This means you can also help. If you see someone who needs your help, stop walking and call that number to get more information.

Check, if you have such an initative like this in your town too!

A little preview on two upcoming articles I am documenting during work - maybe you discover due the photos what this might be about?

Did I say two articles?
Can you imagine what they are about? - guess from the last WIP Shots that are shown. They start at "Documentation". Hit the comments, be the first with both the right answers and you'll get a jungle present :)

Keep on happy painting!

Evening WiPs

by Peter aka Baphomet

posted by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys,

just wanted to show you my latest Wip-stuff. The Horseman-Warrior will be finished soon, but as I will leave tomorrow to begin with my new job it will take some time till I´ll find the time to write the second part of the step-by-step. So here one of the last work-in-progress pictures...

Quick taken picture:

The other miniature is the new version of "Krell" ("Finecast" / GW). I thought it would be a funny and quick paintjob but unfortunatly the miniature is too overburden with tiny details. It´s really hard to find the right way to a good-looking paintjob. But as I´m painting the miniature for only two days, I will take my time with it... but to be honest, I really prefer bigger miniatures with less deatils ;)

So here a early Wip:


P.S.: "The Rising" and "Custodia Mortis" are still for sale!

Going mad on icicles ...

by Roman aka jar

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Today it is truely getting cold in Augsburg, our hometown ...
I am drinking tea once in a while and spent most of the day with doing icicles like here or here!

 Creating icicles
This article shows you how you can do icicles.

Bad thing still is:
I need way more ... many more!

Happy Painting!

Ben Komets via Miniature Mentor?

by Roman aka jar

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Some news from the MV Gang, especially the Mandrill
- Ben, yeah Ben Komets did a damn cool video about creating and painting unique bases for
Miniature Mentor.

Shadows of April

by Roman aka jar

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April already has its shadow on the wall ... can't wait for it:

Brekk, the Unbreekable hitting ebay...

by Roman aka jar

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You now can make this unique version of ForgedMonkey's 1:10 Brekk bust yours.
The auction starts with a fair starting price of 0.99 $ like always.
Shipping worldwide.

Check the auction here with all the details!

Happy Bidding!

Here is a little photo I have done from the bust 
- for seize comparision. Photo done with lightning from the camera, 
so not the best:

Back to the basics....

by Raffa

Posted by Raffa, Picster, Capuchin,...

Hey everyone!

As i made a nice painting evening with my girl i decided to not to paint minis or to sculpt....
I wanted to do something 2 dimensional again and decided to go with oil colors.... so here's the start to my sigmar priest ;)

At this stage i painted the basic backdrop and preshading and done the face with oils.

There will be some more photos the next days and when it's done some final photos with a good cam because my mobile phone cam eats some colors....

I'm also taking a lot of work in progress shots on the way so prepare for some big post :)


Work in Progress - getting it done

by Roman aka jar

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These days I am still full of painting.
Time spent well on the brush. 
Finishing off projects I want to finish.
Still time needed to get it done but in about 2 weeks it is time 
to start with the "Chimera vs. Bellerophon" Project
and I am so much looking forward to it :)

The Rhino seems never to be finished but I am working on until the moment comes - for me this moment is still far away on that model. The Sentinel at last heads to an end, slowly. Both will be done for an online competition and time is running while I do some relaxed painting sessions ...

I wish you all some happy painting!

The start of the MV Brushbox

by Roman aka jar

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I want to show you how a little project goes.

A little different project beside figures but well connected to the hobby of miniature painting.
I thought about getting another wooden brushbox lately. Not for me.
For you - one of our readers - to get later on when it is done.
It will be a personalized brushbox as Raffa and I will paint something on it.
A very unique piece you can say and maybe store your brushes in for the future.

Early Work in Progress.

Hope you like this thought!
Keep on happy painting!

A Visit to Sockelmacher's Workshop

by Roman aka jar

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Another little report dropping in, as promised some days ago :)

During our stay in Hamburg for the latest Painting class we have been able to visit Steffen, the Sockelmacher at his Workshop and Raffa and I really found that place very inspiring. It felt like that every second Pinoccio could come out of a corner full with wood and stuff and saw dust and ... wow -

We have brought some impressions for you to enjoy:

At place I already talked with Steffen about some unique display sockets I need in pretty strange seizes and I can't wait to get them. I think it is a very nice option he offers, doing unique sockets for your wishes. Meanwhile Raffa was working on his first ever selfmade socket under guidance by Steffen.

I always love to see workbenches and it was the same here at this place, even there was sooooo much sawdust - if I would have known this for one of my last projects, MAESTRO, life would have been much easier. I really like the thought to know how it looks in Steffen's Workshop, as I now will have a different feeling when holding one of his sockets in my hand. I know where they've been created and that is another point that makes them special for me, beside the great quality.

I hope you liked this little trip as much as we did
- we found it just awesome to see so much cool sockets and so much wood and so much unique wood pieces and so much sawdust and the smell of sweat from this hard working Gigolo!

Una Mattina

by Roman aka jar

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"Una Mattina" means "one morning" ...

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; 
and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882

You now find Peter's For Sale Offers included in MV For Sale Area.