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by Roman aka jar

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some finished stuff is ready to be shown, but I guess most of it needs explanation ...

First there is another little Christmas gift called "Band of Bibabs", done with Flames of War Figures in 15 mm. This needs explanation for sure I guess.


Bibab means Brother in brushes and brain - who is Raffa aka Picster to me. My bibab. This little 15 mm diorama was a quick Christmas gift for him and the soldiers are protecting a little pig they've found in the destroyed city. They believe it brings luck to their squad. So with this gift I wish my bibab also a healthy portion of luck for 2012.

Band of Bibabs
Battlefront Miniatures, Flames of War, 15 mm

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The next one is a little girl from the Range of Privateer Press.
There was a big organised order of these girls over on the to get several of them as they are on Sale also as single pieces. Many thanks to Julius again for organising this. She is indeed damn tiny but was a lot of fun to paint for the first time - this shall mean it won't be the last time I did one of them as I got way too many of them now. This one will be given away as a gift too. My first version is called Zombie Girl and there is a little story to tell ...

"She is the one who misses her family,
even they are Zombies now.
The little Zombie girl can't sleep that long,
as she is a little kid that wants to play mostly all of the day.
She knows soon their parents will get up from their sleep
to share the joy of being a family even beyond death."

Zombie Girl
Privateer Press, 28 mm

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The next one is a comissioned Diorama that started with the Flesh Golem by Rackham.
At last year's painting class in Berlin I was asked by a participant if I want to paint that beast on comission and we had some brainstorm about the story beside as he wishes for a little diorama.It grew to the point that some Red Box Games Goblins are up to no good by touring around the graveyards to robb the goodies of the dead and you know: Never steal from the dead!

I really liked the idea of a Treasure Guardian that protects his masters gold with his lifeless magical body made out of Zombieflesh from those little nasty robbers. Another cool socket by helped me realize it. And as you can see I have used some of Forged Monkey's Dayglow Pigments - they are pretty asskicking. Get yours here!

Treasure Guardian
Rackham, Red Box Games, 28 mm

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So far - soon more to come, but the Painting Class in Hamburg is gently rolling closer and time gets limited from now on I guess but you never know. Let me know what you think or just say "Banana" if you like to say something! I like the word Banana very much :)

For some painting music follow this link!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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