A Visit to Sockelmacher's Workshop

by Roman aka jar

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Another little report dropping in, as promised some days ago :)

During our stay in Hamburg for the latest Painting class we have been able to visit Steffen, the Sockelmacher at his Workshop and Raffa and I really found that place very inspiring. It felt like that every second Pinoccio could come out of a corner full with wood and stuff and saw dust and ... wow -

We have brought some impressions for you to enjoy:

At place I already talked with Steffen about some unique display sockets I need in pretty strange seizes and I can't wait to get them. I think it is a very nice option he offers, doing unique sockets for your wishes. Meanwhile Raffa was working on his first ever selfmade socket under guidance by Steffen.

I always love to see workbenches and it was the same here at this place, even there was sooooo much sawdust - if I would have known this for one of my last projects, MAESTRO, life would have been much easier. I really like the thought to know how it looks in Steffen's Workshop, as I now will have a different feeling when holding one of his sockets in my hand. I know where they've been created and that is another point that makes them special for me, beside the great quality.

I hope you liked this little trip as much as we did
- we found it just awesome to see so much cool sockets and so much wood and so much unique wood pieces and so much sawdust and the smell of sweat from this hard working Gigolo!


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