Review: Private Coaching with Oliver

by Roman aka jar

me & Oliver

Aloa Jungle!

A special private Coaching review I had with Oliver:

Painting on canvas for the first time ever. Everyone who tried this knows how difficult things can be without proper guidance. Oliver approached me with his idea that he wants to paint some canvas with photos of his family. Of course, painting portraits is hard to learn and needs to build up on so many different knowledge levels.

Oliver brought his first painting he did at home and I knew what I had to tackle and teach him: Understanding to read volumes and transport them to a two-dimensional canvas. We did a lot of drawing and planning to understand the pose of his daughter on the photo he brought. I am not showing you the full painting due the personal rights of his daughter, but I am proud to show you the process and a snippet on how Oliver understood to transport volumes to canvas and paint them accordingly.

Enjoy and happy painting!

This is what Oliver has to say about his coaching experience:

"Hi Folks,

 I want to give also my personal review of my second private Coaching with Roman. The first time I visited one of Roman's work shops was in 2014. At that point I started pivoting from painting armies to create single pieces of art.

When my family grew there came the second pivot and I turned away from small miniatures and started working in bigger frames. In my first private coaching I challenged Roman with the idea of putting a foto of a beautiful vacation spot into a 3D painting.

Then some month ago I decided to try out painting acryl on canvas and have a ton of ideas. But with no practical experience I decided to get help from the best artist I know.

Thank you, Oliver!

My thought process here was, that I know Roman paints canvas and he knows where I am coming from. So there is no one better suited to guide me in the process.

 To make it even more challenging I went for the most difficult task there is: Paint a portrait from a foto picturing a young girl..

Besides catching up we started the coaching with a look on what I have done myself when I tried my first canvas picture. Roman was able to open my eyes by teaching me to think pictures not in surfaces but volumes. 


We did some sketches to train this new knowledge before analysing the picture I brought. I thought it would be a simple picture. Man was I wrong. There is so much going on that we only discovered during the coaching...


The next step was analysing the light and shadow situation of my daughter on some print outs. The results were sketched on the canvas with Text Markers.


Afterwards I created a chaotic background on the canvas. That was a lot of fun and you should definitely try something like this out ;) Just splash some colors on your canvas and stroke and push and do crazy stuff.

Then the hard part, the painting started. At the end of the first day basic colors have been applied on all volumes including the face.


The first half of the second day was spent working on the face. It was a back and forth and just after correcting something you found the next thing that did not really fit.

At some point I started measuring exactly and found out, that the nose is to wide to the left. This was something that I could not correct anymore at that point but the other things become a lot easier using a ruler.

I came in a working flow were I just enjoyed Romans company and sometimes his guidance on smaller mistakes.


Overall I am very satisfied with the result, considering that it was my second try to paint on canvas. And as always, Roman was a great teacher, helping me to understand why I need to do things in a certain way to make progress.

Without him I would not have been able to reach such a good result.


Now I will grow my skills on my planned series of pictures and who knows what my third coaching topic will be.. maybe pottery?


Best regards to you all



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Review: Beginner Workshop, Augsburg

by Roman aka jar

The weekend was the bomb!
Information overload but learned a lot and that at exactly the right moment when I was already a bit desperate. I think it's great how you teach and I will definitely like to attend a course more often.

                                        - Kees

Masked Painter Gang


Hey Jungle,
time for another review.
I am still a little behind things and already held a second Beginner Workshop this year, but to read the review of the second one you got to wait a little bit more. I am on it!

Thanks to all of you for a beautiful happy painting weekend!
Thanks for all the help during the class and afterwards.Thank you for joining up for the class even in times of a pandemic and your joy to learn painting wisdom and philosophy :)

From far and close, first timers and repeaters, even a youngster ...
thank you for signing up!

I want to thank you all for your feedback that I can use to build this review with! Stay healthy and paint happily :)

The theory parts contain:

- Learn to see your world with different eyes
- Introduction into basing composition
- Learn how to feel harmony in different aspects
- Important contrasts for figure painting
- Explanation about how to paint a light situation on your figure
- Understand colour theory and learn how to use it properly
- Learn about different materials, their unique properties and learn to paint them
- Learn to lose fear of doing something wrong
- much more!

Student's projects on Sunday's end

Philipp says:

This weekend workshop was bonkers! The amount of input, the amount of inspiration, the amount of new things I learned but mainly the skills of Roman as a painter and especially teacher was insane.

When I read about the workshop I wasn’t sure if I‘d learn anything new, I have seen it all on YouTube, right? Wrong! I still don’t know how it was different but I now feel like I have understood so many things I had thought I knew already. Although you can tell that it only scratches the surface it went deeper than a online tutorial can because there is someone who shows you in a really nice and easy to execute way. That counts for both the theory but also the painting practice. I now have some more tools in my arsenal that I know how to use but especially when to use them and Roman didn’t even mention when this or that practice would work better, I just know.

When I read about the course I also wasn’t sure about Roman as a teacher, sure he is a great painter but I had no idea of the world class projects he has done all the while he’s a great teacher and person.

All in all I was surprised on a lot of levels, I feel inspired to take on more projects like the one we made on this weekend and especially useful: I feel like I can turn anything I have in mind into practice. The money was well spent and worth every cent, I will be coming back asap and probably will make it a recurring thing to show up at least once a year to refresh and deepen the learned stuff.

Although the hours are quite long it surprised me how time flew by and in the end I didn’t know when we got this much done all the while it felt relaxing also because of the other hobbyists you can share tips & tricks but also discuss tabletop stuff with.

If you have any kind of creative call in you and if you have any kind of relationship to miniatures I strongly recommend his beginner workshop, i haven’t learned this much in one weekend ever before (as long as you keep a spot open for me ;))

Prime Time
Lunch break on Saturday, everything primed and ready to paint ....

this can not be explained in words, we did not throw our projects ...

Mike says:

Happy painting! Yes, that sums up the weekend pretty well, or rather the outcome of the weekend for me personally. In between I was pushed out of my comfort zone. Which admittedly a) was quite easy and b) also necessary XD. But since you are dealing with the topic of adult education, you will not be surprised ^^ In any case, you have created a really great context for me in which you realize adult education in the field of figure painting: well relaxed, not always serious, tangible and supportive -> happy painting.
I could have tolerated color theory a little more (even if looking back I wouldn't have had time for it anyway ^^), I can't even remember doing that. The color wheel was really, really cool for me, I thought it was great, as was the mixing of skin tones. Oh yes, and I'm really proud of my Mini too. You were right, my best work so far; D.
Definitely have ambitions to turn up again at the workshop. Then with a larger comfort zone from which you can push me a little bit again.
oh and if you still need some catchy phrases:
"improving not only my skills but also my basic understanding how to paint minis to a greater effect"
"intensive trip from basics to a finished miniature, with a supporting hand and mind to guide your happy painting experience. Thank you Roman"
"cautious at start, full ham at the end. Thanks for guiding me to my best results so far"
It was really cool with you.


Again, not explainable ... :D

Student's results (first timers)

Happy, but tired teacher on Sunday

Thanks to everyone
who showed up for the workshop. It was a great weekend, with wonderful students, eager to learn the ways of happypainting and able to stand my blabla for thirtythree hours of class schedule. As a teacher my student's results made me really proud and we all were able to share good vibrations all around.

At the moment I postponed plans for the new year due the ongoing uncertainity due the pandemic.
I filled up my schedule until April 2022 with private coachings and plan to organise weekend workshops from January on when I know
a bit more about the actual Covid rules. So, workshops will not happen next year before the end of April.

Keep on happy painting everyone and thanks for coming to the seminar!
Stay healthy!