FM: Belladamma Volga

by Roman aka jar

 Hi Jungle,

the first timeI saw this Games Workshop miniature from Age of Sigmar I really wanted to paint here. While using one of the wolves for "Vlkafenryka" I filled the space with some zombies from the Cursed City box.

'Belladamma Volga': a fun piece I painted for explanation purpose during the last private coaching. Miniature is for sale! Check back with this link:

Miniature is for sale! Check back with this link:

Keep on happy painting!

MVTV: 6 Things Roman knew when he was starting miniature painting

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

in this video Itake you on a Happy Painting Philosophy Walk and tell you about mx 6 important points I already knew when I was starting professional miniature painting in 2005. This video is about finding your track on journey as a miniature painter.

I am really enjoying the video stuff lately and with changes for MV that are planned behind the curtain it is a good thing to remind you all that we got a YouTube channel :D

Enjoy and keep on happy painting!


MVTV: Video Updates on MVTV!

by Roman aka jar


Review: Private Coaching with Gabi

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

more private coaching reviews coming in the next weeks. Here is another one from the end of June.
I had the privilege to coach Gabi, who just got some colors and miniatures from a family member who did a break in miniature painting. Gabi was super interested in getting to learn this craft.

Not painting for a long time, she decided to contact me to learn proper techniques and apprroaches and we went far beyond our both expectations in the coaching.

Gabi aka @gabisflyingcolours says:

"The private coaching with Roman was a mind blowing couple of days. As a relative newbie to miniature painting (5 months) I was hoping to get to improve on my painting techniques, and we did that

…. and then so much more: To have an artist of his caliber put himself totally at the service of his students’ growth and creative vision is really quite a unique experience. While methodical and structured, Roman is so engaging and responsive that I got into the creative flow from the get-go, getting a totally new perspective on things that I thought I already knew and got heaps of exciting new ideas all along the way. He encourages you to stretch and inspires with his input and examples. In these two intense days I experimented a lot, learned so much more than I expected AND walked out with a beautiful piece of my own.

Oh, and did I mention that he’s the most generous and chill guy? I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this workshop full of creative joy at this early stage of my learning (I’m 5 months into mini painting) - and I hope I have a chance to come back sometime soon."

- Gabi

Thank you for your will to learn from me and the cool two days shared in my studio, Gabi.

Keep on happy painting!


Fully booked with Private Coaching lessons until 2023. Unfortanetely I can not plan new dates yet, as I plan to see group workshops return in full force in 2023. More plans will be available in late autumn 2022. Until then: If you are interested in updates on workshop news, sign up for my newsletter:
Roman Lappat - Workshop Newsletter

MVTV: Speedpainting a face in about 15 Minutes!!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

Massive Voodoo TV just recieved an upload to the advanced painting techniques section.
No it is not April! Enjoy!

Ultimate Miniature Face Painting Lesson
- See how I speedpainted a face in about 15 Minutes

In this video you can follow my painting demonstration on how to speedpaint a miniature face in about 15 Minutes. For more insight read describtion below.

It covers these topics:
- Underpainting with acrylic paint
- Planning Skin Variation with watercolor
- Wet in Wet Blending with acrylic paint
- Volume definition, light and shadow situation
- Painting eyes, hair and eyebrows
- Redifining blends, highlights and shadows
- Adding and intensifying Skin Variations

👍 You can follow Roman's work here:
🏆Support Roman and discover his beyond painting PDF Tutorials:


This is a very advanced method and melts together all above explained steps in a happy painting process. It can be used for all types of skin and scale. Also appliable to your Warhammer Gaming or Competition miniatures. There is not much explanation in form of talk. Roman is using this method since about three years and it is just a tool that he uses when he needs it. Very advanced means it is something you need to train. Roman is painting miniatures since almost two decades now and can use a lot of painting knowledge while he paints without thinking about it. This video is to inspire and to give insight into Roman's process. At least into one of them. Enjoy!


Acrylic Paints:
Ak-Interactive 3rd Generation
Schmincke Primeacryl

No additional mediums added, except the use of dirty painting water.

Watercolor/Aquarell: Schmincke Horadam

Brushes used: Some on Roman's table. No specific favourite brushes.

Wet Palette: MA-Sta-Wet-Super-PRO-Palette-(15"x11") 

Face: A 3D print of Tom Holland that Roman recieved as a gift from one of his students.


YouTube Music Library:
Island Dream - Chris Haugen
Snowy Peaks pt I - Chris Haugen
Koto San - Ofshane
Guitar House - josh pan --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

Tutorial: Building a sweet Mordheim Gaming Base

by Roman aka jar

 Hey Jungle,

a quick step by step on how I will build my gaming bases for a small Mordheim Dwarf Adventurer gang.

Well, there will be much more coming about this topic - not only from my end, but also from MV-Team Members Johannes and Josua. Wait for it! Soon!

Nothing too fency, but therefor, easy to follow and a home for this Slayer Dwarf:

More gaming bases:

Never fear your gaming bases
Fear is not needed when you do quick gaming bases.

Easy guide on how you can build up a mortheim gaming base.

Creating a Fantasy Gaming Base
Roman explains his progress on a small but complex gaming base.

Using products by Secret Weapon and Mother Earth.

SciFi Gaming Base, Trench
Roman building up a trench base for WH40k.

very important for me when it comes to the creation of a base is my vision for the miniature(s). In this case I see my dwarf adventures going into a muddy, overgrown, swamplike, abandoned dead city.

I choose to work with stone plates on the ground by the
company Juweela that you can find via PK-Pro.

A traditionaal Mordheim sized plastic base was used and superglue was added. I did not follow the lines of the base and set my plates up in a diagonal layout to keep the base more interesting. I am up to glue some stairs with the plates and decided for the front part to become mud later on when painting. A skull was plaaced there.

Right now the plates are overlapping. In the end I do not want to keep that, but I let the glue dry out properly before going havoc. I started to add the first start of micro details with smaller stone pieces.

A third row was added and you can already see how I play with damaage on the stones. Right now it is important for me to check back with the miniature I want to add and place on the base. Make sure it has a good standing ground.

When the glue is dry I flip it over and take my callipers to break of the overlapping edges.

I also created more damage to the stairs with using my callipers.

I was able to create some really interesting and realistic looking damage.

Placing the dwarf slayer.


Ready for some color.


Keep on happy painting!

News: Next Beginner Workshop with Kilian

by Kilian

 Hello fellow Jungle Painters,

the time has come to announce my second workshop, taking place at Battle Bear in Kaiserslautern. 

Unfortunately it is of a bit short notice, but I was not able to announce it earlier. I had loads of fun in the first workshop, and I am looking forward to see a lot of you guys mid of October.

The Workshop will be held in Kaiserslautern at our store Battle Bear

If you're interested, you can book/enroll the workshop directly in our webshop.

The workshop will be held in German language.

The workshop will be based on Romans Beginner Workshop, but it will feature a different miniature. The workshop is aimed for beginners and will cover topics like:

  • Contrast
  • Light & Shadow
  • Color Therory
  • Priming
  • Painting different Materials

I am really excited and hope to see you in person!

Keep on Happy Painting


PS: I can only recommend you to take part as Kilian is a trainee of mine and I help him to teach in high quality! (Roman)