MU 109, Big Guardain not Big Daddy and little sister, NomNom Figures, 3D-Print Service: Hero Gravity Shop

by Sebastian

 Review Time #109, 

Sebastian here with another Miniatures Unpacked for you!

Today I show you the Big Guardian. It's a fanmade production by NomNom Figures. Most will already have recognized which video game this character is based on. Bioshock, but all in chibi style. It´s not big daddy and little sister.



The printing service I trust is this time on Hero Gravity shop, which is represented on Etsy, but meanwhile also runs its own shop with a 20% welcome discount (only on Homepage). The shop is based in Germany and behind it is a team that has set itself the task of delivering the highest possible quality. By painters, for painters.

The figure was packaged very well and multiple times and nothing was broken. Everything was individually wrapped in bags. The overview of whether everything is available went quite quickly

The first impression looks very good. All supports have been cleanly removed. The figure has been properly post-cured. The typical support holes are almost non-existent and the ones that are there are placed in such a way that they disappear during assembly. When I asked, I was told that they put the supports themselves and as thin as possible. You can see that and I wanted to mention it here. The resin used is a secret mix, but it does contain some flexresin.

The parts fit together perfectly and have held up well. No patafix was necessary. The accuracy of fit is so great that you don't have to close any gaps after gluing. Just glue, prime and paint.

Here is another example of the degree of sharpness of the print. Nothing is warped or torn.

Hero Gravity isn't over-promising here when they said they want to deliver the highest quality possible. In any case, this statement applies here. It was definitely not the last time I'll order from there.

Facit: An incredibly beautifully sculpted figure by NomNom, with an even more incredible 3D print by Hero Gravity Shop. What a very nice experience and recommended in every area! 


If you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.


A ballad of courage and strange things: a projekt book by Sebastian | Act II Road to WME Serpent part II |

by Sebastian



Sebastian here with another update on this project.

The ideas for dividing the figures and parts of the terrain are slowly becoming final.

It is supposed to represent a kind of river where the bank is quite flat but it quickly turns into deep water. The shore is said to be a mixture of river bank and mangroves. But so flat that you can still see the bottom of the ground.

In the meantime I've found all the figures and scenery and printed them in the right size. The base is also custom-made. All references to the 3d models and the base can be found at the bottom. I'm more than satisfied with my choice and I didn't want to be denied another rehearsal.



The main focus should clearly be on the fight between the serpent and the warrior. I'm still considering swapping the spear for a sword. I really like the dynamics of the warrior. I will only adjust the incline of the serpent

But the Amazon should not be neglected either. She got a side scene with a rearing Barlgura, who senses easy prey here. The defensive stance of the Amazon just fits perfectly. A basilisk can still be seen in the pictures, but it had to go.

A few crabs here, an owl there and somewhere a turtle is supposed to come in too. I think the structure fits and everything is nicely structured.

Next comes color!




Serpent  Midgard Serpent by Rocket Pig Games 

Boat by Codercatclub

Man and Woman I also used the stones that are included

Swamp Creature  the tree go perfectly with it

Barrels and Crate by BubmleBrush

Barlgura by Lord of the Print

Light Bulbs by Fantastic Plants and Rocks

Socket by Niels Bahr, my man for socket!

Marvel Heroes for ARTISTS UNITED FOR UKRAINE via Nova Charity

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

I am really proud to be part of this.
The NOVA CHARITY is on it again and helps ukrainian refugees with a big raffle action, including many, many different projects of differrent artists. Beautiful stuff. Help here and grab your raffle tickets

There is one raffle I am involved in and dayumn:
It is something special!

A single raffle to grab the full game, extensions and the exclusive extensions of MARVEL UNITED.
A set of 84 miniatures and 52 of them are painted and signed by some of the most renowned miniature artists in the world.

You can find an overview on it here:

I painted three of these: Warmachine, Miles Morales and Rhino:

And Josua painted one too - so cool!

Some more photos:

Help here and grab your raffle tickets

Share and spread the word!
Thank you!

Keep on happy painting!

MU 108 - Gargoyle 1 not Goliath, Prey Collections, 3DPrint Service: HonourGuard

by Sebastian


Review Time #108,
Sebastian here with another Miniatures Unpacked for you!

The miniature is a fan made production by Prey Collection and is based on the comic series "Gargoyles" that was broadcast on TV from 1993 - 1997.

The special feature here is that it is not a finished cast miniature, but a 3D printed figure. The 3D print service I trust fell on HonorGuard. Also because he uses the M70 Resin from Resione. This is characterized by an even better level of detail and sharpness.You have the choice between 35mm, 54mm and 75mm. The figure shown here is 75mm.


The gargoyle came in two smaller boxes filled with foam. The figure survived the shipping very well and nothing is broken. 

 The first assessment of the individual parts was very good, almost perfect. No support leftovers, everything was printed cleanly and almost no holes from the supports. Those that are available do not interfere with assembly or painting.



The second surprise followed during the fitting test. The figure fit together perfectly on the first try and held up without patafix and co. What more do you want?! 



Take a look on the details!


...and here is an example of the sharpness.


All in all a very nicely printed figure that convinces with its level of detail, sharpness and accuracy of fit. Just stick together and get started. I can only recommend it!


If you are interested in getting to know more products or miniatures we regularly use, check the overview on the Miniatures/Material Unpacked, in short MU.

Project Book: A ballad of courage and strange things: a projekt book by Sebastian | Act II Road to WME Serpent part I |

by Sebastian



Sebastian here

with the Act II, the preparations for the WME start right away. As already mentioned, there are only a good 1,5 months left until the doors open at the WME. I'm curious what that will be, because it's the first WME I've ever attended. Finally seeing some familiar faces again and maybe making some new friends. Who knows?!

But the preparations have been going on in my head for a while. In the end I had to decide what I wanted to finish by then. The final selection was made quickly and so I would like to present my first project to you.


                                         Image by Ken Kelly


Based on the template by Ken Kelly. Ken Kelly is an artist who has done the artwork for Manowar and Kiss, among others. I was immediately captivated by the manner of serpent. I just like the atmosphere and the power. It was clear to me that I didn't want to do a 1:1 adaptation. I then searched for suitable minis and found them quite quickly. Only the serpent took a while until I found one that I liked. Almost everything that appears in this dio has been printed with a 3d printer.

Printing was pretty quick. But I wasn't 100% satisfied with the whole layout and also with the serpent. Even with the base, I was already certain that this would not remain the case. It should be bigger and more dynamic. With a little side scene or two. I was only satisfied with the characters and was allowed to stay. But for the rest, i had to keep looking.

To be continued





FM: Force of Nature

by Roman aka jar

Good Morning Jungle,

time for another finished project from my workbench.
This time it is all about nature and spring. The beast here is a so called "Wendigo" and you might know it from playing the "Witcher" computer games. The model itself is done from "Lord of the Print" and I got myself a printed copy that I put to an epic spring themed base. At least this was the plan, you decide if it worked out in the end ...

The base and the conversion to his head was particular fun. I also added several different small 3D printed animals to his base that also got that evil look! Can you find them all?

I wrote a massive step by step article,
explaining the motivation, concept and execution of this project.
It is included in my "Tutorial: Masterclass - Spring", beside much more content to the topic.

You can find the article on
Here are some examples from the Step by Step - enjoy:

 Here are some examples from the Step by Step - enjoy:

The original art, the miniature itself is for sale, if you are interested in making this unique piece yours, feel invited to check back with my projects for sale via:

So much from my side - back to painting!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,


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Enjoy and happy painting!

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