Tutorial: Tilda - Sanne's Project Log

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

long time no tutorial from your massive jungle, right?

Well, this one comes from the past and in it we will have a close look on Sanne's 4th miniature project, named Tilda, done in autumn 2014. We hope you enjoy the project log.


For the base Sanne used a round plinth and did cut some plastic card in the same size.

On the next step she used some scribing tools we recieved from Uschi van der Rosten's tool storage. They are mainly used in plane modelling but we transfered them just to miniatures.
Check them out here - down below on the shop page.

With those tools you can carefully carve patterns in plastic card.

... and magicly Sanne's groundwork for Tilda's bedroom was ready.

... but not the interiour yet. Sanne used some BeesPutty to sculpt a carpet for the floor.

She scratchbuild a bed, and sculpted a costume for the guy still sleeping in the bed after a hard night of party.

The feet and the blanket have been sculpted in Magic Sculpt. There is no need to bake it in the oven as you have to do with BeesPutty. Sanne wanted to start soon with painting. The part have not been glued to the base yet. This is just a composition check.

Sanne used some acrylic glass round rods and sandpaper to create small bottles.

Painting process

Sanne wanted to give the decals by Uschi van der Rosten another try and went for some wood textur on the brown airbrushed base (acrylic colours).

She cut the shape of the base but with a little play, like some millimeters more on the edges. Here you can have a look on Uschi's visit to MV studio to explain how his decals work.

Now for applying them she used PVC glue plus a little water while the decal already swam in warm water.

Making many small dots fora good connection from decal to groundwork.

Now it was time to apply the decal. Prepare a dry brush with a broad tip to "massage" the decal on its surface. Take your time and you will have a clean result.

Now it is time to cut away the edges or massage them to the plinth.

Meanwhile Tilda herself was recieving her basing colours for further painting work.

Painting went on and bottles were placed. Sanne even sculpted a condom and a ripped open condom packing. There is a story in this project, can you read it? A emptied wine bottle was also placed.

For the beer bottles Sanne went crazy and copied a real beer label to the miniature bottles by justing painting it on thin cigarette rolling paper. After she painted them she used matt varnish to "glue" them to the green painted bottles.

Well, we do not have anymore photos for Sanne's project log here. We hope you enjoyed it and are inspired by these explained steps. The finished project of Tilda looks like this:

Keep on happy painting!

BANANALICIOUS 2 - Entries / Historical Standard

by Massive Voodoo


Hey Jungle Painters,
today we end the week with showing you the fourth round of entries to our latest contest, the Bananalicious 2. For sure we can not show you all 290 entries at once.

Please be aware of the procedure we follow for showing you the entries and be patient.
You can read everything here in the Newsflash.

What we already showed:
Sculpting Category
Army Category

Special: Base
Diorama, part 1
Diorama, part 2 


Ok, let's start with more entries from the most epic and massive online contest.
Please be aware that we can not show every photo you did sent to us. We show only one or maybe two and take the rest in credit for our judging work.

Today we will see the category: Historical Standard. 
Fourten entries to show you all over in this category - we hope enjoy the show and thanks to everyone who took part in our contest! The numbers written on top of the entries is not any form of order on how they placed. It is just for you and us to have a better overview:

Participant: Antoine

Participant: Christophe

 Participant: David

Participant: Derek

Participant: Franky

Participant: Gert

Participant: Christian

Participant: Jorge

Participant: Juan

Participant: Kyle

Participant: Matteo

Participant: Raphael

Participant: Sergio

Participant: Stuart



H. M. (friendly Jungle Painter)