Review: MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Hamburg, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

some weeks ago Roman was in Hamburg, Germany again for having one of his famous painting classes for beginners.

Well, not really for beginnersin painting.
Many still understand this word wrong: It is not aiming for beginners only, it aims on everybody who finds joy in miniature painting and who wants to improve his skills on his personal level. The "Begin" means an introduction into Roman's way of thinking while painting and how to apply all this ideas and thoughts onto a model with a brush in hand.

This time it was Roman's 47th class and he really feels like a veteran with its content. We think there is no question he can not answer concerning the content of this class. Well and we had fun in Hamburg indeed.

First of all many thanks to Alek, who supported Roman by making many photos during the class. Roman himself was so busy explaining and preparing that he only made four photos. Thank you, Alek. He is also running a painting service - check out Alek's aka Nordgrot's work here on facebook!

The biggest thanks goes out to Heiko
Such a great guy, friend and Kung Fu Master who offered the great halls of the Wu Dao Kung Fu School once again. It is always a great joy to travel to Hamburg for a class in this place as the monkeys of Massive Voodoo are so welcome there and really feel like having a family there! Thank you for the great hospitality and the friendship!

The Master himself seems happy that the monkeys are here once again!

This time, Raffa, Roman and even Steffen (Sockelmacher) even had the chance to take part in a beginners course for traditional chinese sword fighting and it was such fun. So if you are from Hamburg we can only recommend to you give your own Kung Fu a try and make a free training at this great palace of Kung Fu.

Well, now for the review, eh? 
On several occasions in the past we had classes in Hamburg and Roman did expect to have many repeaters of the class in this one, but he was surprised to find a fully booked class with 26 students only with four repeaters of the class. Many thanks to all of you for taking part and your interest to learn from Roman. 

Many thanks to Christian who helped Roman during the class as support.
Christian is a really nice guy and he already took Jar's Beginners class five times and already took part in the BÄM² Advanced Class. He now took the step from student to assisstant teacher on Roman's class. Thank you for your help, Christian!

Friday night was not really night at all when we started so we had to darken the whole room first to have a proper situation for the introduction into the weekend.

 Roman soon talking about light in darkness ...

After the preparations of the models we started to dive deep into basing theory and practical exercise. At this stage we want to thank our sponsors of the class who help providing great basing material for all students:


Friday night ended with a lot of theory about colors, contrast and light/shadow to keep everyone's brain busy before heading for bed and maybe even in their dreams.

On Saturday morning we did meet up early to intense our wisdom of theory a bit more and preparing the models for priming before lunch, but all under the watchful eyes of the real boss of the Kung Fu School: Leo, the misunderstood Ewok King.

Priming went well and already Roman was a proud teacher by such cool results in only some hours.

Lucky us, through all the days we were nursed by the bar ladies from Heiko's staff who brought us coffee and drinks to our table! Thank you, ladies!

Finally after lunch it was time to start painting on this painting class. Some might have already wondered why we are not painting the whole time, but now it was time to be a serious teacher for Roman and show how much fun you can have if you learn to enjoy painting and the magic of color.

Time for being serious now! And paint some bases from sketch to detail!!

After some hours we were done for the bases for today and the sketch of everyone's imagined world on his small base was done. We decided to head over for the miniature itself to start a sketch on GW's Demonettes to see how she might come together with the basework.

Saturday night kept us busy with painting on the miniature and Roman even had some more theory before everyone was allowed to head for a good bag of sleep. Well deserved for everyone!

Sunday morning we started quite early once again and this day is always a great joy as the miniatures are recieving detail work and a lot of effects are going to be explained.

Well, Sunday rushed by as we were having fun, focused on bringing our base and miniature together more and more. We have one tradition in the Kung Fu school: A group photo with a weapon of choice for every student and so we did this time too.

Thanks to you all for a really cool time spent with miniature painting, cool chats and joy of color!

For sure we made photos of all the cool projects which grew from nothing more than just some basing material, colors and the brains of Roman's students!


Keep on happy painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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