News: Workbook: Masterclass Display Basing - Destroyed Cathedral

by Roman aka jar

 Hi Jungle,

shortly before heading out to the World Model Expo I was able to finalize the work on my next workbook.

No time to read? Quick link:

Workbook you say?
Well, it is not a tutorial, it is more like back in school where you can follow along and learn while you repeat the steps. It is again about display basing and while the theoretical part of composition is similar to the first workbook the material content and building lessons are different. This topic came up during a private coaching lesson with Ryan from Singapure and I was able to document it for you. The theme this time is:

"Destroyed Cathedral"
and the workbook will guide you through steps to plan, build and paint something like this, including the broken, stained glass:

Enjoy two PDFs with 114 pages, inspiring and guiding you through the following topics:

Of course it is not only for display bases.
You can use the lessons for your gaming bases or wargaming terrain too. Here are some snippets from the PDFs. Enjoy!

You can get it here:

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes,

FM: MICROBUSTS and sustainability in 3D printing

by Andy

Hello everyone!

Andy here :)

Many of us have 3D printers for hobby stuff nowadays and sometimes we struggle with failed prints - ok, maybe it’s just me but I want to share my thoughts anyway :)

I hadn’t printed for a while, and after reactivating the machine the printer produced some failed prints. I was printing awesome cyberpunk miniatures by unit9 but due to short exposure time on the resin printer the adhesion of layers was bad, so the torso was partly separated from the legs or some fine details were not printed. After adjusting, everything went well again but I had those bad prints laying around.

In the beginning, I was a bit upset by all that wasted resin and the time for cleaning - but then an idea hit me… 

How about not throwing away the broken stuff, but instead converting them into what I call MICROBUSTS

After some sanding, finding suitable 1cm cubes and small rods for micro plinth everything was prepared. 

Best thing for me about the microbusts is the possibility to paint each in 1-2 hours or a single evening session. It’s just a joy to have a fast project between bigger ones… and they look cool, too :)

I apologize in advance for the crappy pictures - fast projects, fast pictures!

Let’s have a look at the results:

Another topic in 3D printing is the waste produced by supports. Use them in a creative way instead of throwing them away. The base below is made completely out of supports from resin and FDM printers. Only some wires, plastic putty and potting soil added and of course the cool figures - which are not printed - from Hasslefree.

These days, sustainability and environmental protection are big topics in our lives. Everyone can help protecting our nature - why not starting at the hobby desk. Every little bit helps :)

Have a great day everyone and let me know your opinions in the comments below.



P.s.: you can see the MICROBUSTS at the WME - hope to see you there!

Review: Private Coaching with Ryan

by Roman aka jar

 Good Morning Jungle,

the last weeks were busy when it comes to teaching.
Ryan from Singapur came to Augsburg again to enjoy a three day private coaching with me.
It was his second time. The review of his first coaching can be read here.

This time Ryan wanted to learn several new things for the first time:

- Building his first display base
- Learn to paint stone, marble and wood textures
- Learn to understand and paint OSL
- Learning basic freehands

I prepared my lessons for him and somehow in my head, plans and the communication to Ryan I and we planned to work on a Dwarf Mine Base. On day one we agreed on a Cathedral theme.

"Thank you so much! It was great to see you again. I will continue to work on dioramas and will hopefully see you next year!" 

- Ryan

We had so much fun during these three days, even it was very intense on pushing through all the new things Ryan learned. Building our bases under compositional rules was such a blast and I can say I am a very proud teacher.

Ryan went home with a smile and will be back for more!
Thank you Ryan for coming all the way from Singapure to Augsburg, again.
Looking forward to see you again!

Best Wishes,


Fully booked with Private Coaching lessons until 2023. Unfortanetely I can not plan new dates yet, as I plan to see group workshops return in full force in 2023. More plans will be available in late autumn 2022. Until then: If you are interested in updates on workshop news, sign up for my newsletter:
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MU 110: Indaco Models, The Landgravine & The Flower Girl, 75mm

by Roman aka jar

Ciao Jungle,

time for another review on miniatures.

Review Time #110,

This time we take a closer look on a small miniature company, based in Italy:


This small company is run by Lorenzo Sasso and it is all about passion, obsession, dreams and storytelling. The things miniature dreams are made of.

In this review we will have a closer look on
The Landgravine & The Flower Girl in 75mm

First of all let me say I love their artwork and characters. They are unique, beautiful and at the same time grimdark. Really interesting. Two boxes to unpack:

Let's start with the Flower Girl.
A really beautiful, but at the same time disturbing sculpt and character:

Unpacking this model you will find it well protected and organised:

The card showing the artwork and her story on the backside:

The miniature itself is cast in blue resin. Unusual, and reminds a bit of the blue plastic Games Workshop uses. Well, it does not matter as it will be painted anyways. The Flowergirl arrives in twelve parts including a base.

The quality of the cast is truely perfect - every detail is sharp and crisp:

Her face is truely disturbing:

I basicly found no mould lines to remove on the parts.

The fitting quality is ace on the big parts, like with joints. It fits so smoothly and great. On some smaller parts like the animal's tail it is a bit smaller and more of a glueing it in place thing. All the main parts fit amazingly well.

The Landgravine

Unpacking the Landgravine you have the same quality as with the Flower girl. Well organised, well protected. The only thing I felt a little weird of is the artwork showing her standing, while the model itself is lying down.

This is not a big deal, but somehow confusing.

The Landgravine arrives in eleven parts. Five parts make the bed.

Again, the quality of the cast is beautiful. Nothing to complain here.

The fitting is so natural and well thought that you just need a tiny drop of glue for all surfaces or joints:

The level of detail feels just about right and her character with four arms is something beautifully weird.

Overall, I can say that this is a high quality product and if you like these characters I can only recommend to check out

Indaco Models

You can follow Indaco Models via Instagram to see their news:

You can also get yours from Mr Lee's Minis:

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Keep on happy painting!