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by Roman aka jar

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Some days are stranger than others. I don't have the muse at my chest with full force all the time and i was really happy with the muse back in the days in front of the Duke of Bavaria - i don't know, maybe i just needed a break again, who knows. BUT somehow the muse wasn't away, she will never be away, she is always there - in days of silence and it days where she brings the storm of creation, BUT there is one thing that always brings her back - a brilliant painting class weekend, with much colour, spirit and wonderful people. Additional to the following photo serie you can see a video called Jungle Log File 723.

First, i want to thank you all - everyone who was involved and shared such nice hours with me. Beside you all did a splendid job at the class contents you also gave showed me the direction to the muse again, where she stands waiting. You all did this with this light in your eyes and your smiles when holding a miniature in your hand. Thanks for that big gorilla time!

Raffa and I have been to Soest, Germany for another Painting Class. Did I told you that whenever i would rob a bank i wish for Raffa as the Driver while i am scaring the shit out of me in the cargo bay? Now you know - a true gorilla hug to you. Peter will be thanked next. He really helps me a lot with organising the classes and does a great job - thanks to you my friend for your competence and help. If you are intrested in doing a Painting Class near your place please contact Peter to get a quote

Felix and Sascha will be named next - nope... i now want to show a photo of a passionated Miniature Painter:

Why i am showing you this?
Sorry to you Felix but i got to talk right now straight out of my chest - Felix is such a brilliant Miniature Painter with an endless capacity of love to his passion. He really loves what he does and he does everything with love, even in the smallest aspects of such a small scaled passion. He just doesn't think so. He is always overmodest in his oppinion for his own finished models. Felix let me tell you that your models are booming with brilliance of passion - rock on! It is more than beautiful to see your passion tree growing strong - if i would ever need a specific person to show the true face of Happy Painting i would ask you for an advertisment campaign, some bikini girls in gorilla costumes and your mouth and hand full with the colours of the last few hours... it is amazing and now believe it :) - and i did not forget about our chat of doing an exchange miniature. Somehow i really want to say thank you with a model and as i told you i really start to enjoy my own collection of exchange miniatures. I won't be able to do a new one i guess but i would try hard if you want me to - instead i made a decision - i want to say thank you and want to know this figure that has a deeper meaning to me in good hands next time we see. Hope this is fine with you! For our exchange you don't need to paint something fresh either ;)

Felix and his family have been our host during these days and we hope we somehow did your wonderful hospitality justice as guests. Many thanks for all of it and to everyone of you. I can't name it all in detail, it was just perfect - stay as you are just realize those big balls under your kilt - there is love in your models and that language is the true essence :)

Sascha - ay, ay, ay... Many thanks to you Sascha for making the Zitadelle-Soest to the place to be and hold the class. It has been perfect but as you might have smelled we could not have been one person more. I said ay, ay, ay, because i really would have loved to have you in the class but i know that life sometimes does what it wants and i was very happy to see you on Sunday again. I hope everything went well. Three times deep Kong Fu bow in your direction! Next big thanks goes to Phil for taking so many so cool photos as Raffa and I really have been busy with the class and lazy with the camera. I can't wait to see your Maulgifix finished. Another Gorilla Hug goes out to Mr. young Al Pacino who was travelling with us in the car - see you soon i hope. And finally i have to thank all participants of the class who made this class unique. It is impressive to me - the host of the class - that every class is unique in its own way. This class was special as there have been several participants who did take part for the second row and had some months passed by from their first class experience. It has been awesome to see your progress. Now it is all about bravery and the will to just do it! I have to thank everyone in the class for being there, their helping hands, their open eyes and hearts.Colour will always be a friend, remember that :) - It was great to see all those new faces and meet well known ones ...

Now the time for deep Kong Fu bows has passed and already my back hurts a bit - here are some impressions of the Painting Class in Soest, Germany:

Now following some impressions of the final miniatures. Mainly the class isn't there to finish the model while walking throug hell - it is some joyful painting from Saturday early afternoon until sunday late afternoon with some Inspiration in colour theory, training the eagle eye, light and shadow and contrasts and maybe more - i am always impressed how far you - the participants - can push this joyful painting and how your results look on Sunday - you have been a great class and it was my pleasure to "teach" you - sorry that there aren't all to see, you know how it is when sunday comes to an end and the brains are filled...

Here comes also a shot of the complete Class gang - thanks to young Al Pacino and to Tim - deep Kong Fu bow to your both :)

Thank you all for a wonderful time with paints and miniatures!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes

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