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Hope you are all staying creative even the sun burns the earth and melts your head... if you miss some creativity in your brain, check this out!!! Intresting shortfilm!!

Oha! Update: I did post the wrong link... oh my dear, here you go with something really funny and GREAT Music video!


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... i am regaining energy from the past painting class weekend. Soon everything will be normal in here... soon, not yet, but soon... Stay tuned and listen to good Summer Music while energy regains in the Jungle...

Way back home...

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The safe way back home is done. We had a great weekend on the Painting Class in Wertheim/Germany and a lot of Sun too (i guess my bald head is now really red from a could-be sunburn)... Thanks so much for such a positive impact you gave all gave back to me and this wonderful weekend we enjoyed together...

More to come soon!
First there will be sleep...
Very deep sleep ahead!
Read you next year, haha...

Keep on happy painting!

Leofric of Aelfheim - with finished base

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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These are the ready pictures of my latest mini from Red Box Games. I am a great fan of TreManor. This is the third mini, in the last 3 months from him. I need some more photo skills, to show you some pictures of my cabinet and the other both ;)
I hope, I get the honour, to get a promo version, in his store, one time. So.. I talked too much..  :D here are the picutres ;

you can click on the pictures to make it big.

some detail shots of the base. I know some party are not totally sharp ;/

So now I gonna start some new projects, maybe a Rackham unit or the next mini from Tre?? hm ;P
regards Oli

Current Stuff

by Raffa

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Hey everyone,

yeeeeees, i'm still alive :)
As love pierced into my heart i really didn't have much of my mind free for painting in the last time...
And when i had time i mostly painted on two Blood Angels tanks for part of a commission that was part of my army sale ;)

But after such a great weekend with Ben and Matt i feel like i have to shout a little bit into the jungle :)

First thing i want to show you are the two Blood Angels tanks, a Rhino and a Baal:

Those two are almost finished and will serve good on the gaming table :)

Next up is a small side project i painted at the painting class with Ben & Matt....
It was late at night and i needed a break from my Marine so i painted this Skaven Plague Monk:

And here is the result of the painting class... i really concentrated on painting... matt was telling me i was going into 'Autismmode' ;)

Nurgle Plague Monk

This is a conversion based on a Death Company Space Marine.... it was a really fun project :)
As i already got the question about the used colors:
The Basic color was a mix of 1/5 camo green, 2/5 Catachan Green, 2/5, Bleached Bone
I the highlighted by Adding more Bleached Bone to the mix and the shadows were painted using Dark Sea Blue from Vallejo.
After this i added Tank Brown from Vallejo to the Shadows and to the rusty places.
I used Ivory from Vallejo for the brightest highlights.
After this i glazed Scorpion Green into the mid-highlights, Yellow into the highlights and snot green into the midtones to give the armor the bright green it has.
Then i used ivory again to put on some small highlights into the yellow glazed places.

The plague spots were painted with hawk turquoise.
The scratches were painted with 1/2 scorched brown 1/2 chaos black.
For the rust i used Vermin Brown and highlighted this with bleached bone.
For some edges i used a pencil to add a metallic gloss.

After all i used rust colored pigments to some places.
 The conversion was done mostly with green stuff and bits.

I wanted to create some kind of plague doctor mask stlyed helmet... it's a bit short but the Green Stuff was somehow old and hard to handle....

Anyway, for a weekend of work i'm pretty happy with it :)

Last but not least, a little WiP shot of the base for Olis Miniature Exchange Project:

On a website i saw pictures of the city of Pripjat... it was a big inspiration :)

Soooo, you'll hear from me sooooon :)

Dark Vlad, 32 mm finished...

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Mr. Dark Vlad by Enigma is now finished... now i do a little break from Enigma i guess... this might be one of my last posting before i am completly hide myself in meditation for this weekends painting class.

Dark Vlad, Enigma, 32 mm

Hope you like him! I wanted to underline the windy thing in that scene. I have used the technique described in this article to achieve it. He is standing on another great socket by Sockelmacher.de. Collector: Victor.

Keep on happy painting!

Sumothay up to ebay...

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The title says it all. Mr. Sumothay is now up to ebay. Please remember that this is a 54 mm sculpt! Here you can find the auction!

Happy Bidding!
Best Regards

Quote of today...

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"Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better."

Andre Gide

Sumothay Prior Warrior, 54 mm finished...

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Mister Sumothay is now finished.
Enigma Miniatures are sometimes strange to paint. There is a lot going on and sometimes while painting i had to ask myself what everything really is - maybe i am just searching for an excuse why he took me so long - i did paint about 25~30 hours on him and yet i could have done some more when i look at him. Whatever a great model to paint. When i saw the sculpt for the first time some years ago i knew i had to paint him someday - now i did... hope you like him!

Sumothay Prior Warrior, 54 mm, Enigma Miniatures

If you want to have a look at him in my cabinet (shot done with lightning by the camera) here is the cabinet view, click to enlarge:

The wooden thing in the back of his base is the control of my girlfriend's jewelry box she was searching for quite some years now. I never thought i could have it when she asked me, so it was very funny after i showed her this base work, haha.... Talking about colour choices, mmh... i did use a warm/cold colour contrast here mostly - he will be up to ebay soon!

Keep on happy painting!


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I am at the moment by 3 things...

The first one is this Music video, sry ladys i am a guy and this is really a cool clip and by the way made by a girl :) - you got to have youtube account to watch this: Fascination 1

Second i am fascinated by a great Page which brings tons of inspiration ressources. It is about abandoned places on this planet. You can click the upper head to be navigated to further photos of the content. Shown to the Kong by the Chapuchin, who got it from the Mandrill... crazy stuff, i need to share this: Fascination 2

Fascination 3 is a candle in my room. I like candles at night, they make me calm and easy :)

Keep on happy painting!

Painting JAM 01 - Skaven by verminkin

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Now it is Painting Jam time.
First i explain to you what Painting Jam brings into the jungle and to you.
I often answer questions about painting, Not often up here, most of the time behind the palm trees where you the usual reader of this blog doesn't see Kong typing Emails. Sometimes i can not manage to answer all in time as i am also busy like everyone else is on this planet.

This is why i choose do start Painting Jam.
Painting Jam means i pick one of those questions out and answer them from my point ov view right here on spot. Once a week, because typing and thinking about miniatures and forming those thoughts to words is some kind of work.
If you want to take part in this Jam, simply write an email to jarheadATmassivevoodooDOTcom. I can not promise to answer every question but i hope some. One is picked out to be answered on the blog with picture examples - once a week. Please put a link or a picture of your miniature to it. Please notice that by sending in an email with your question you allow me to use this picture in here for a better explanation. Please name your Email with "Painting Jam MV - question by *your name*".

Painting JAM, question per mail by verminkin (CMON) about his Skaven - he asks what i think of his gaming skaven (just my personal oppinion) and how he could improve them. We are talking about these 2 Miniatures now:

Skaven Chieftain by verminkin
Skaven Engineer by verminkin

I told verminkin that i really like their dirty and gritty look, he has achieved by his colour choices. They look really nice for the gaming table and sure a complete army of those will make big IIIEEEKKK!! on the table. Pretty cool! I especially like the metallic effects and the blood...

First, i guess your photos are  a bit to yellow, guess this comes from a yellow lamplight you are using to take the photos. It is best to use white light, called daylight lamps. This makes the photos more natural. Check out this article about it.

I now talk about the Chieftain, but what i'll say here you can for sure use on the engineer. I first have switched some buttons by using a image programm and changed the strong yellow in the photos, hope that is ok:

Now what would i improve here. Surely those look great for gaming, but i guess with a little more time effort you can do pretty cool things to this rat. I won't talk about the metals and the blood, those look pretty cool, like the orange/green in the metallic weathering, really fits this guy pretty nice.

The first thing i would add, would be a brighter colour for the eyes. Those can pop out ot bring focus to the face. You mainly did use warm colours here which fits the Skaven very well, i would change it to some kind of bright orange or bright green or bright touquise eyes to make them pop out - i did add this via a image program:

It's all about the details now what i am talking about and those are surely only suggestions from my point of view - don't take this as a must do please. Next i would add some more highlights into the skin areas with some kind of bleached bone in your last skin mix, really tiny to make it more clearer - here is an example:

Next i would strengtehn those highlights a bit more by adding a tip of white to the last mix of the skin. Also i would add a bit more contrast into the metallics by using glazes of black, also i would add a black nose the rats:

Next a bright point on the nose, but first you could add some grey to the black and bring a highlight to the nose. With some extra concentration you could do some dark lines to seperate the theeth. You did this in the upper teeth area, not at the lower ones. Also you could add a final highlight to the teeth. A little bit more highlight on the nose skin area. A white tiny point inside the eye...

As told before this is really my own suggestions. Sure you could do more, different things or whatever someone else says. But i hope this helps some of you or may inspire.

So far, read you next time with the Painting Jam!

Keep on happy painting!

Leofric of Aelfheim

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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I worked last weeks on that figure. This is a mini from TreManor, the maker of Red Box Games. He sculpt really great miniatures. Very detailed, but very small too. I tried to catch a fantasy-viking style. Hope you like it, I have to make some thoughts about the base now :)

You can klick on the photos, to see them big! ;)

The white lines of the left shoulder aren't so bright in real.

Best regards, Oli

MVTV - Duke of Bavaria Review 02

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After the great feedback to the first issue i can bring you the second video of this review - don't forget to watch in HD:

Stay inspired and keep on happy painting!
Best Regards

It's still the same old story...

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... i fight for love and glory... WIPs at the moment, no idea what the muse tells me, but i will honour her whisper :) - you can click this to enlarge:

Keep on happy painting!


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"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."
 Claude Monet

Ciao! ..the new Ape :)

by Andrea aka MXP

Hey Ho :) ,
Hi from MXP:)
my real name is Andrea, I am 37 years old and I live in one small town at north-west of Italy.

Today I like painting historical model in large scale, but I love all the painted miniatures .. I think that sharing suggestions and info are one of most important step for the growth of every miniature's painter all around the Earth..and now....the world will seem very small! :)
MassiveVoodoo is a funny cool place..and here, in the next future I try to be able to share with you all my colors and brushes :)

I'm very happy to be here... It's so funny jumping in the jungle together other monkeys..
BiG thanks for Kong and all jungle's family .. :)

and now...some of my puppets:

Hochmeister 75mm

H.Von Hohenlohe 75mm

Crusader 1099AD 70mm

Valhalla! 90mm

Teutonic Knight 90mm

thanks for view :) and ..GO APES :D

regards from Italy
Andrea - mXp-

MVTV Update

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Some time surely has passed since the Duke of Bavaria Competition 2010 in Ingolstadt.

Massvive Voodoo TV now starts to bring you back some moments of pure miniature joy. First report of the Duke of Bavaria Miniature Painting Competition 2010 from the Jungle Point of View (Camera: Raffa, thanks so much for these great shots, Monkey buddy!). Hope you enjoy this and it brings this great competition a bit more to your heart. Thanks to everyone who was there and brought his figures and big thanks to the people who organise this wonderful weekend full of Happy Painting!

Take a look into this video which shows some impressions of the show in Close ups. Please remember that we are not professional video makers, i guess there is a lot that might seem weird but in the end i hope it is more joy for you to watch this - don't forget to do so in HD quality:

To be continued at the MVTV Channel on youtube!
If you like it, tell it to your friends or leave a comment, so that i know that i should prepare more of such videos.

Best Regards

Sockelmacher package arrived...

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Yeah... the Sockelmacher.de makes Christmas happen earlier this year. Some beautiful sockets dropped in today with the post. Ready to rumble on some bases again :)

Check the great individual sockets you can get at the Sockelmacher.de and pick your own!
Keep on happy painting!

Quote of Tuesday

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People want to find a "meaning" in everything and everyone. That's the disease of our age, an age that is anything but practical but believes itself to be more practical than any other age.
Pablo Picasso

Chimps Captain Maulg WiP 12

by Robert aka muhani

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... working, working, working

huge stern lights for the ship and panic-birdie, still wip


800 gr Bitzbox by jarhead up to ebay!

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After my big cleanup i now sell an 800 gramm Bitzbox of Miniature- and Wargaminghobby parts via ebay.

I know this is strange, but if you are new to the hobby or you want to stock your own collection up, then this might be something pretty cool for you. And if you like you can also hear great music here!

Starting price is fair at 0.99 $. Please inform yourself about shipping conditions to the country you live in via the ebay describtion text. Here are 2 photos (click to enlarge):

Happy Bidding and ebay link!

Quote of another day....

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"You can't be at the pole and the equator at the same time. You must choose your own line, as I hope to do, and it will probably be color."
Vincent van Gogh

Jungle News No06

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I got my eyes upon wide while walking through the jungle and i let my energy heal on the weekend for the sonic BOOM of this Jungle News Issue. I'll try to keep it simple in typing and just bring you the precious information. If you got some questions, please feel free to ask them via comment.

The most important information is: we got another Ape jumping around in the jungle. Finally i have the feeling that for the moment the jungle is full. Filled up with enough crazy apes, it ain't easy to bring in some more as we only got 8 bamboo sun chairs around here in the jungle and now those are full. This time's awesome addition is Andrea from Italy, also known as MXP. A genius when it comes to historical painting. He is one of my favourite painters and this already begun when i was at the start. I admire his works and his skills and over the last years we became Friends who trust in Paint - in paint we trust :) - It is my pleasure to announce Andrea finally in the jungle, sorry buddy that it took me so long. Welcome and do whatever you want to do in the jungle. It is my honour :) - check the galleries and info sections about us to get to know Andrea - believe me it is worth taking the time and all the others, if you haven't done this yet.

Not much to tell, still some things on the 2do-List. The Tutorial Section is slowly growing in multilingual articles. Again, thanks a lot for your help and support: Alba, Andrea, Dustin and Marc - really crazy, that is so cool. I still hope we can find another timezone where we can do all of them haha. Please, dear reader and user of the Article section be patient - time will bring us further, no hectic at all.

After we did get several entries without a MV-hotpant or -short, we decided something. As we can't allow them (even they are really hot) - they are not wrapped in our hotpant. BUT we don't want to make this such a commercial competition. If you don't want to buy one of these then it is ok for us. BUT we still like booty, so so you grab a camera, shot your own booty or the one of a friend and do something really creative with it to impresse us. RULE CHANGES, yeah right! I love to break rules, haha! Please be sure you don't sent us your naked booty, they won't appear here as we don't want porn in the jungle. It still should be wrapped in something, maybe there you can find your inspiration :)

IMPORTANT: As we never can be sure that someone isn't cheating by simply catching a photo of a nice booty out of the web there is still one rule left. Somehow you have to write MASSIVE VOODOO on that booty, like on a piece of paper or some body colours, whatever you may like. Please keep that in mind. Those who wear MV-Underwear will have our attention, but also others can gain attention by their creative way of showing us their booties.
The Show your booty! Competition Rules will soon be updated with this information! Tell it to your friends and don't forget to check the Prizelist!

Hell yeah - everyone including me did forget about this, haha. I have reorganized the shop to help you better navigate. The special clothes you find in the start, the standard wear in the back. And there are also 2 new shirts available. Now you can find these 2 new additions beside all the known, grab your choice for some unique shirts no one else wears out there...

MVW Ultimate Brain Shirt (Boys and Girls)
important message included in the print

MVW Ape Soul Shirt (Boys and Girls)
 This shirt brings back your ape soul and some colour to your closet!
Here you find your way to the MASSIVE VOODOO WEAR SHOP - happy shopping and wearing clothes out of the Jungle design labs. I finally also got one and i love it :)

Kong's personal Playlist Temple is growing. You can find a lot of inspiring painting music that i collect to hear for myself here - JUNGLE DRUMS by Kong. At the moment i am really fascinated by music i found somewhere in Raffa's Playlists - one example "Dub Mafia - Breakneck".

This will include some other blogs i recently read and other unimportant intresting links which might could be intresting for you too. Pick your choice from:

This would be the right place for me to paint miniatures the rest of my life!
Ashley Wood's great artist blog
Great Weathering Information (Link sent by Nick, thanks, will be added to this Article!)
Some words about a Hive Tyrant done by me in 2007
Great houses on Cianty's Tabletop blog
A wonderful picture i love and which is really a desktop favorite of mine since some weeks 
Tom Banwell's great Real Life Steampunk Gallery
Check out Chromatic Stimulus for real cool Tutorials!
Brunos Art and Sculture Garden

Not much to tell here either. Finally the clock weirdness stopped. Sun is here again. I am collecting strength by her like a dinosaur and uhm... hum, yeah preparing some Workshop classes which rolling in soon. Additional to this Kong Fu bla bla i can offer a WIP shot of Enigma's (ok these next two words are getting different) Sumothay Prior Warrior in 54 mm, but you will never guess what colour he will have in the end, or will you?

Blub! This issue of the Jungle News is now over (if you are intrested in older News just catch them in the upper horizontal navigation bar)... switch off your computer and do some Happy Painting!
Best Regards

IMC Los Tercios - Toledo - Miniature Show

by Roman aka jar

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If you love to watch galleries full of wonderful miniatures i got something for you. I never have been to Spain before, but someday i will travel there. Victor, who really got a real big collection of my display miniatures always takes them with him to some Miniature Shows in Spain and this year those won something again - Jippiee! Thanks to you Victor - you know, thanks for everything :)

I wanted to show you a nice gallery with about 600 Photos but before i do i want to show you some of my own favourites i found there:

Simply wow!
Love those!

If you are intrested to browse the complete gallery check it out here - IMC Los Tercios - Toledo!
Thanks Victor for sending me the link.

Keep on happy painting!

Finished Stuff...

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The last breath into the jungle of this week. I did manage to finish some more stuff. Painting is really something wonderful :)

You can call this a "Thank you gift" to Sebastian Niehues. It is the sculpt called Crown Bear!

Crown Bear, 5 cm in Height, Masquerade Miniatures

Also i did finish up the comissioned unit of 6 Slaanesh-Girly-Monster-Spiders for the use on the gaming table. They are conversions from Goblin Spiders and Daemonettes, standing on Bases by Micro Art Studio.

Slaanesh-Girly-Monster-Spiders, 28 mm, Conversion with GW Parts

I hope you like 'em!
Keep on happy painting!

BP Spills Coffee...

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Found this video via mati, he linked it up somewhere and it is really great and sad in one:

BP Spills Coffee

FAQ - White Scar parts?

by Roman aka jar

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Hi again...

Ghostwarrior asked me over at CMON via comment which parts i have used at this White Scar Space Marine:
White Scar

Here is the question:

"I am currently working on my own White Scars army and would like to know what bitz if any you used for this model. Any help would be greatly appeciated."
 Here is the answer:

"Huh, that is back some time. I try my best. Model is a normal plastic Space Marine with a chaos backpack, cutted and glued again, a bionic arm with sword from the new Cadian Command Sprue, those samurai-looking things are from Flames of War 88s armour plates, the head is from Commander Culn from Forgeworld with a sculpted beard to make him look more like a hun..."
Hope that helps.
Best Regards

PS: Those who are waiting to recieve an email by me: I will write soon, but i guess after the weekend with my lady, Weekend-Time. Thanks for your patience :)

Cotton Sisters finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa. Aloa.

This time i have finished - what Raffa calls the most aimless thing i have ever done, haha - a miniature exchange with my man Steffen from Hamburg, Germany, who also is the Chieftain of the Sockelmacher.de. But wait - there is a story behind this scene, called the "Cotton Sisters". Let me tell you the story...

(it is not the truth about the world's future, it all happened in my imagination):

It has been a hard time for humanity.
After the eqological disaster humankind did achieve to manage in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 2010 there was not much hope left for humankind. Everything went out of control since that point in history. Biological Dramas occure everywhere on planet Earth. Europe was an area where the winter took place all year long, Australia became an area where it did rain every minute. The american Westcoast for example got hit by several massive sea waves and everything seems to going down on this planet because of May 2010. The humans where discussing how to stop this downfall and soon the nations clashed in furious wars against eachother as they did not find a solution. Atomic bombs did hit the world until only a few billions of people who could achieve to survive all the horrors were left. 

The Cotton Sisters, which came from Texas, USA did the foundation. As the atomic war destroyed most of the big cities on the planet they have been safe on their ranch in the texanian outbacks. Her parents have left years ago for war, but never returned. They started to wander East, after the West still got wasted and destroyed by neverending mountain-high fload waves. They walked for years and found nothing than murder to the world in every corner they saw during their travel. They choose to do something against all the Evil and try to provide a safe life to those who are willing to help the world regain strength.

The birth of the World's Rescue Army took place in Cuba, as this was the only place where they finally found plants growing during their journey. It was on this island where they found a secret Vault base, completly left behind, no one was there. First they thought "Wow! It is very intresting to find an Abraham Lincoln statue here on Cuba after they realized that his eyes where glowing. The Cotton sisters pulled the statues nose and get rewarded by a big vault complex where they found highest technology and a plan on how to Rescue the world. The both sisters made a plan to get a group of individuals together at this place which they meet during their past journey to help the Mother Gaia regain control of herself again. Their sign was the white armstripe first, then soon they found a shield in front of Abraham Lincoln which did show the Sign of the Vault, hidden behind some plants. The Army's sign got improved by a blue circle with a white feather. The Cotton Sisters plan was to rescue the world and make every evil human stop doing harm to the world.

 This is only the beginning of something very big... this is the beginning of the World's Rescue Army.

Cotton Sisters, 28 mm, Hasslefree

The Cotton Sisters are Hasslefree Roses. The Base is scratchbuild and Abraham Lincoln comes from Wonderlands Project. The cubanian shield i found on an old box of cigarres, glued it to some plastic card and did weathering on it :)

I hope you like them and i hope Steffen likes them, as those are now his :)
Keep on happy painting!

Trull's Sale out!

by Roman aka jar

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You can call this a favour to a friend...
Trull, one of my favourite diorama artists outthere is selling some of his latest projects. They are too big and his house is too small so he has to get rid of some of them. This is just an information posting to find maybe a collector outthere who is fascinated the way i am - if you are intrested in one of those pieces please write an email to

for further chat with Olli himself.

I guess i could also inform you that those great diorama build ups did need their time to grow, so please remember you won't get one of those with a bid of for example 50,00 $. Next i will show you what i mean with great diorama build ups - Olli's stuff that he is selling at the moment:

Black Pirate Phantom, 28 mm
Gold Diorama at the Duke of Bavaria 2008
You can also find some Work in Progress and Close up Shots in this Big Thread! (german)

Black Pirate II, 28 mm, 
Gold Diorama at the Duke of Bavaria 2009
You can also find some Work in Progress Shots here! (german)

Winhall, 28 mm, 
 (not sure if it did win something but i guess yes - Olli, i need your help here!)
You can also find some Work in Progress Shots here! (german)

No Title, 28 mm
(really Olli, i wasn't able to find a Title)

I hope i did not forget something - if you are seriously intrested in buying one of these amazing pieces read the information text in the start :)

Best Regards