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by Roman aka jar

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Some time surely has passed since the Duke of Bavaria Competition 2010 in Ingolstadt.

Massvive Voodoo TV now starts to bring you back some moments of pure miniature joy. First report of the Duke of Bavaria Miniature Painting Competition 2010 from the Jungle Point of View (Camera: Raffa, thanks so much for these great shots, Monkey buddy!). Hope you enjoy this and it brings this great competition a bit more to your heart. Thanks to everyone who was there and brought his figures and big thanks to the people who organise this wonderful weekend full of Happy Painting!

Take a look into this video which shows some impressions of the show in Close ups. Please remember that we are not professional video makers, i guess there is a lot that might seem weird but in the end i hope it is more joy for you to watch this - don't forget to do so in HD quality:

To be continued at the MVTV Channel on youtube!
If you like it, tell it to your friends or leave a comment, so that i know that i should prepare more of such videos.

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