Cotton Sisters finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa. Aloa.

This time i have finished - what Raffa calls the most aimless thing i have ever done, haha - a miniature exchange with my man Steffen from Hamburg, Germany, who also is the Chieftain of the But wait - there is a story behind this scene, called the "Cotton Sisters". Let me tell you the story...

(it is not the truth about the world's future, it all happened in my imagination):

It has been a hard time for humanity.
After the eqological disaster humankind did achieve to manage in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 2010 there was not much hope left for humankind. Everything went out of control since that point in history. Biological Dramas occure everywhere on planet Earth. Europe was an area where the winter took place all year long, Australia became an area where it did rain every minute. The american Westcoast for example got hit by several massive sea waves and everything seems to going down on this planet because of May 2010. The humans where discussing how to stop this downfall and soon the nations clashed in furious wars against eachother as they did not find a solution. Atomic bombs did hit the world until only a few billions of people who could achieve to survive all the horrors were left. 

The Cotton Sisters, which came from Texas, USA did the foundation. As the atomic war destroyed most of the big cities on the planet they have been safe on their ranch in the texanian outbacks. Her parents have left years ago for war, but never returned. They started to wander East, after the West still got wasted and destroyed by neverending mountain-high fload waves. They walked for years and found nothing than murder to the world in every corner they saw during their travel. They choose to do something against all the Evil and try to provide a safe life to those who are willing to help the world regain strength.

The birth of the World's Rescue Army took place in Cuba, as this was the only place where they finally found plants growing during their journey. It was on this island where they found a secret Vault base, completly left behind, no one was there. First they thought "Wow! It is very intresting to find an Abraham Lincoln statue here on Cuba after they realized that his eyes where glowing. The Cotton sisters pulled the statues nose and get rewarded by a big vault complex where they found highest technology and a plan on how to Rescue the world. The both sisters made a plan to get a group of individuals together at this place which they meet during their past journey to help the Mother Gaia regain control of herself again. Their sign was the white armstripe first, then soon they found a shield in front of Abraham Lincoln which did show the Sign of the Vault, hidden behind some plants. The Army's sign got improved by a blue circle with a white feather. The Cotton Sisters plan was to rescue the world and make every evil human stop doing harm to the world.

 This is only the beginning of something very big... this is the beginning of the World's Rescue Army.

Cotton Sisters, 28 mm, Hasslefree

The Cotton Sisters are Hasslefree Roses. The Base is scratchbuild and Abraham Lincoln comes from Wonderlands Project. The cubanian shield i found on an old box of cigarres, glued it to some plastic card and did weathering on it :)

I hope you like them and i hope Steffen likes them, as those are now his :)
Keep on happy painting!


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