MV Team: Johannes

by Johannes

Name: Johannes

Job: Finance Coordinator

Painting: Since I was about 12, but with an 10 year break in between

Media: Mostly acrylics, currently Schmincke and Scalecolor

Brushes: Broken Toad and Windsor&Newton

Airbrush: I'm not very skilled with it and use it mostly to throw colours on things

Miniatures: I love Dioramas and themed armies in 28-32mm scale, but also paint Busts and larger figures from time to time

Inspirational Miniature Artists:
Roman Lappat, Josua Lai, Raffaele Picca, Sam Lenz, Ben Komets.

And not a miniature artist, but traditional artist: Auguste Rodin. 

Gallery:   Putty&Paint   Instagram

my name is Johannes
and I live in a small town near Munich, Germany.

I bought my first miniatures when I was about 12 and started playing Warhammer Fantasy and was hooked from the first moment. Throughout my youth I played several systems and kept playing and painting until I stopped at about 20. In 2017 I bought some miniatures for the old times sake and soon realised that I really missed it and the happiness painting creates in me. Since then I delved back into miniature painting and-art more and more, visited several workshops and a private coaching by Roman.

I mostly enjoy creating scenes and dioramas, letting my vision become reality on a tiny scale. As an escapist, I love fairy tales, little stories and an overall theme of the "fantastic".

On the other hand I also love to play and paint miniatures for the sake of playing and looking good on the table. I especially am fascinated by themed armies and the ideas and relations of miniatures in context with the game you're playing.

Some miniatures for playing and my last themed army:

Miniature painting is my passion and I am truly excited and grateful for all the people I met and friendships that formed along this journey. And as a part of the Massive Voodoo familiy I am truly excited for the path ahead!



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