SBS: The Elves' Robin Hood

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

SBS: The Elves' Robin Hood

Helloooo :-)

This is Daniele again and today I want to share you my last creation: a unique and personal interpretation of the legendary character of Robin Hood :-)

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The idea

You know, I have a soft spot for all Fairy Tales.

Indeed, a lot of my sculptures taking inspiration from them. I don't know why.
Unconsciously, probably it is a way for me to don't grow :-) To always stay inside my childhood :-) LOL

Risultati immagini per robin hood

I wanted always to sculpt in my personal cartoonish style, but maintaining a sufficient level of details.
And, obviously with classic archer pose.

To obtain my unique version, my idea was to create not a human, but an Elf, partially writing again the tale of Robin Hood.

The Story

"In the elves world, Robin Hood had not won.
Instead, he remained segregated for years.
Away from his city and his friends, many of whom were unjustly execute, many years ago.
Many years passed, and the old elf Robin ElfHood became older.
One day, while the old elf was hunting in the woods, he received a surprise visit.
An old lady who told him that he had a daughter: a young woman called Anne, who was locked in the castle of her arch-enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham.
So, Robin decided to take again his bow and his arrows, to return again in his shoes of the man-who- -steals-from-rich-to-give-to-poor.
Robin returned to Nottingham Castle at night to find his daughter and free her.
But this times isn't alone: he has also the help of our forest's little friends"

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The sculpture

As always, I just start working on my project following my inspiration which is crucial for every project, in my opinion.

Basically, I worked off a piece of cork.

Created a little ball with Super Sculpey Original and baked it.

Defining first skull lines

Adding very slowly masses using a spatula and some tools.

I try to smooth every mass into the skull to create a unique.

With these 3 tools, you can to pretty everything in this stage: ball tool, a loop tool, and a tiny spatula.

My first idea was to create an Old Elf.

Defining better some details and expression

the result wasn't bad, but I wasn't happy

So I was feeling free to sketch the head and the expressions of the face.

In first attempt, I wanted to create an Old Elf, with a lumpy nose and a bad expression.

I changed the expression because He seemed too bad evil expression.
After all, Robin Hood is a kind guy :-)

So I hardly decided to switch his expression into a hard smile :-) Better for everybody.

The body

Created the first shape of the sculpture using Super Sculpey Original Blend.
I use this because is softer and easy to manipulate in this first stage.

As Always, I create my character directly with my hands, without drawing them before.

I created the bust in Super Sculpey Original, then create 4 holes to pin some wire into them.
I need this to create a head, arms, and spine.

After baked the pose with the first coat of sculpey.
This ensures me a lot an extra hardness. So I put some on my fresh Polymer Clay.

It's really important to have firmness under your sculpture.

the more firmness you have, the simpler is to sculpt.

Here I used a mix of Super Sculpey Firm 20%, Fimo 40%, and Beesputty 40%.

Working on, adding some masses ...

The Arch

for the arch I'm using aluminium copper wire which is very flexible and lightweight

The armature in wire aluminium metal and a sausage of clay

Going scraping the wire in order to better attach the clay into

I created two versions of the arch, just to be sure.

In both, I created a bent hard wire, coated with a thin layer of putty and baked, then sanded a little bit with some sandpaper.

Sketching the drapery and folds.

The hands were very important in this piece (anyway, they're important in every sculpture).

So I baked to squashed balls of clay and created 5 hole each one.
So I put some wire, then I worked them saparately.

Changed a little bit the pose, twisting the head looking toward the direction of the arch

I use this little loop tool, made by myself with some guitar string.

 I use this to a smooth surface like a little piece of sandpaper. Then I'll do smoothly with a little spatula.

For the backpack (with arrows inside),  same process: a piece of clay baked, fresh clay modeled into, and put in the back...simple!

Every detail is important!

I have the habit to take a picture of the model from different perspectives and sign what part I don't like

(from a picture you see the sculpture differently)

 Limited Edition bust

The Elves' Robin Hood

designed and sculpted 

Super Sculpey Original
FIMO Classic + Beesputty + QuickMix

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It's a Limited Edition  available only 72 hours from 26 March 2020.

Thank you

Final thoughts

What I need to say?
Every time, I try to vent my passion, my love through my sculptures.
I hope this piece like you.


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