MV-Team: Kilian

by Kilian

Name: Kilian aka Qraith

Job: Mechanical Engineer for Turbo Chargers and Electronics

Started around 2002 - after a long break I'm back and committed since 2018

Mostly Scalecolor and some GW paints

Raphael 8404

: Harder&Steenbeck Evolution Silverline - but I'm not good at it.

Star Wars Legion - I'm a huge Star Wars Nerd

Inspirational Miniature Artists
: Roman & Josua, Scott Walter (Miniac), Dave Colwell, Marko Miladinovic & Aleksandra Cvetanovski (craftworldstudio)


Count Dooku - Star Wars Legion

Hello Jungle,

my name is Kilian and I'm the new guy here on Massive Voodoo. I feel honored to be on this blog that so many outstanding painters have shaped over many, many years. It feels like a dream come true!

I first came into contact with miniature war gaming back when I was 12, when my brother brought home a box of Chaos Beastmen Gors from Warhammer Fantasy 4th or 5th edition. I loved the miniatures and the boxart but at that age I was just too lazy to get into something like that. At 16 a couple of guys started playing Warhammer Fantasy and I decided to give it a shot. It was 6th edition, and Dark Elves were my jam. I think I never finished more than 5 models or so because I was not patient enough and comparing my job to the boxart it just looked ridiculous. Eventually the group broke up, and I focused on other hobbies during my studies and the years to come.

I found back to miniatures with two board games, Descent 2 Journeys in the Dark and Star Wars Imperial Assault. I loved these narrative type of games and so I started painting miniatures again. This was also the time when I took my first beginner workshop with Roman and he freed me of my mind shackles that had been sucessfully established by Games Workshop.

My painting really took off in 2018 when the Clone Wars starter for Star Wars Legion was released. I am a gamer at heart. I played X-Wing competetively a ton, but Legion was always too much time invest due to painting. (and the model quality was also not that great) But with Clone Wars it all changed. Hard plastic miniatures that could stand up to GW and Clone Wars, with which I grew up. I was hooked!

I am mostly an army painter. I paint to play with the stuff I paint. Nonetheless I strive for the best result I can achieve within a reasonable amount of time, given the unit size. I have also dapped my toes into diorama painting, but I do enjoy it more, if I can play with the mini later on. 

Kit bashed B1 Battle Droids

B2 Super Battle Droids

AAT, STAP Riders & Dwarf Spider Droid

After a couple of additional Beginner Workshops and private coachings with Roman I feel like I am in the middle of my painting journey. I hope that I can provide some useful tutorials for how I paint and what my thought process is.

I also want to start hands-on teaching like Roman does. I share his teaching vision, principles and thoughts on how painting content is created and consumed nowadays. I am not nearly as experienced of course, but I feel, I gathered enough information and skill so that I can share it with other painters and help them on their journey.

Miniature painting is my passion and an expression of my soul. I hope that I can share that with you all!


Mu 109: Hobby Dojo - 3D printed 28mm accessories

by Roman aka jar

to another review here on Massive Voodoo.

If you are interested in the many reviews we already wrote, check this link:

This review is about a small but fine company from Germany,
called HobbyDojo.

They do offer 3D printed accessories in 28mm to 32mm and - so far - a small number of figures.
Let me show you some of their products.

If you want to train to paint glass or need a restock on health potions this is the thing for you!


Perfect for many modern dioramas. Not sure if I ever build them all, but for sure useful on workshops too.

I always love animals and these are no exception:
Beautiful poses of not so common forest animals.

Squirrels. Many.
Always a great addition to every diorama:

Frogs and Toads anyone?

A cool and grim bust of a Gorilla ...

You can find more in their shop!

What I can say is: Hobby Dojo is excellent quality in their prints. I love the animals and really look forward to use them in some of my future projects.

To be honest I did not make 3D printing my new hobby, means I do not print myself and I am happy that there are shops who do sell printed material. To be honest the second time: For me personally there is danger if I would print myself. The available things out there confus me and if I would jump right into that thing it would just lead to more unpainted stuff in my drawers.

Nonetheless I am happy to be able to use a 3D printed detail here and there! It is a great addition to our hobby! Thank you HobbyDojo for being a part of this universe!

Keep on happy painting!

Review: Advanced Workshop, Augsburg

by Roman aka jar



Advanced Workshop, Augsburg, Germany

At the end of last year a group of fourteen students
gathered in the seminar room for some painting days during another stage of the pandemic! Thank you all for coming from near and far.

"First to say, the workshop has been a 2G+ event.
Very well organized and safe for all attendees.

The first afternoon covered and recovered a lot of theory with practical exercises without touching any mini. This has not been planned, but for unknown reasons the intended workshop minis were doing continuous round-trips through Germany with the postal service. If Roman hadn't explained this, I wouldn't have noticed that the course structure has been spontaneous adapted.
I learned a lot about atmosphere, ambiance and I dreamed of wolves that night.

The remaining days were dedicated to paint ( very cool backup minis). All in a step by step fashion. Some background knowledge, practically presented and afterwards, enough time to apply it on the own mini. Then the next step in the same fashion.

I didn't had high expectations, basically just "to learn something".
But after all, it did way more. The weekend changed my way looking at miniatures.
I got an understanding why certain paint jobs have atmosphere and others not. Based on that, I approach projects differently.
In the past, I googled for paint jobs to Imitate. Now I look for any atmospheric inspiration of whatever source and have all the knowledge at hand to transfer it to the mini. Sure it will need more practice and time to settle but I never thought 2.5 days could have such an impact. Thanks Roman!"

- Mike

Main topics for MV's Jar's Advanced Class:

- Learn to paint atmosphere in a Miniature Project
- Learn to visualise, analyse and understand the variety of colors

- Learn to keep all harmonic
- Doing a small conversion to make your figure personal
- Learn simple, but very effective rules for a gaming base
- Learn to paint skintones
- Learn to paint black and white
- Advanced Color Theory
- Advanced Blending Techniques
- Advanced Happy Painting Methods
- and more!

First of all 
a big thanks goes out to Hasslefree Miniatures, who supported the class with a big bunch of miniatures, which were actually perfect for the class concept, BUT did not arrive in time due Brexit and Covid shipping delay :D - so we had to work with alternatives from Games Workshop.

They got great miniatures, check them out here!

A quick photo on the results from the weekend ...
really impressive gentlemen :)




I want to thank you all for joining up the class and learning from me. It has been my pleasure. Thank you for the wonderful feedback to the seminar and your results made me a really proud teacher.

 "Two years ago I visited Romans Beginner Workshop - what a blast!
Learned so much and my painting got so much better, but after 2 years
and almost 300 painted miniatures I got the feeling that I got stucked
again in my paining. I learned a lot but had the feeling that there was
more to discover and learn I can't master by myself - right to this
Roman announced his Advanced Workshop! Instantly signed in.

And than, 2 years, 1 month and 9 days after first visiting a workshop by
Roman I was back in Augsburg to learn more.

Oh, and I learned so much! Now I have an understanding how to create
athmosphere with lights and shadows, with colors, with mixing them and
with freeing form recipies! Awesome!

Roman is an awesome teacher how teaches things his own way, but everyone
understand what he wants to teach and that is really great. Roman often
told us about "Click Moments" when we understand things - well, on the
first evening I guess I made a lot of noise in the city centre of
Augsburg on my way back to the hotel because of all the clicks.

If you ever get the feeling that there is more you could learn but
aren't sure what it is, visit one of his workshops, it is worth it!

I want to thank Roman for his patience with me and my fear of contrasts,
and that he gave all participants of the course so much individual
feedback so everyone could made progress on his painting journey.

Last but not least I want to thank my parents for an awesome birthday
gift (told them about the workshop and got it from them as birthday
gift) and also my mother and my girlfriend for taking care of my cat -
without you I couldn't relax and enjoy this workshop.

Thank you all! <3

And now I go back to my working space, there are a lot of miniatures
that want to get painted until Roman an my ways of our pianitng journey
will met again. This time I am absolutly sure about!

- Hagen

"Very relaxed, cozy and professional atmosphere.

People like to listen to you and the knowledge imparted makes sense.
After the workshop I have the feeling that I am going home with a box full of new "tools / ideas / concepts" and I am now looking forward to using them in future projects.

Above all, I liked to desaturate the knowledge with the surrounding color in order to paint the light afterwards."

                                                                  - Moritz

"The workshop was a lot of fun. Good people and I actually learned something completely new. Painting shadows with ambient light finally showed me how to implement an idea that had been in my head for a long time. Excellent!"

                                                                                            - Eric 

I want to thank all of you
for travelling to Augsburg for this seminar. Thank you all for the good time that was spent, the good chats about miniatures and beside miniatures. Thank you all for the good vibes that you brought to the classroom, the beer, the Toffifee and the overall happy mood during the seminar in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you for your trust und support in my teaching skills!

You and your results made me a proud teacher!
Thank you for the additional photos and personal reviews for this review!

Keep on happy painting
and see you next time for another hands on seminar and a big level up in your painting!