Mu 109: Hobby Dojo - 3D printed 28mm accessories

by Roman aka jar

to another review here on Massive Voodoo.

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This review is about a small but fine company from Germany,
called HobbyDojo.

They do offer 3D printed accessories in 28mm to 32mm and - so far - a small number of figures.
Let me show you some of their products.

If you want to train to paint glass or need a restock on health potions this is the thing for you!


Perfect for many modern dioramas. Not sure if I ever build them all, but for sure useful on workshops too.

I always love animals and these are no exception:
Beautiful poses of not so common forest animals.

Squirrels. Many.
Always a great addition to every diorama:

Frogs and Toads anyone?

A cool and grim bust of a Gorilla ...

You can find more in their shop!

What I can say is: Hobby Dojo is excellent quality in their prints. I love the animals and really look forward to use them in some of my future projects.

To be honest I did not make 3D printing my new hobby, means I do not print myself and I am happy that there are shops who do sell printed material. To be honest the second time: For me personally there is danger if I would print myself. The available things out there confus me and if I would jump right into that thing it would just lead to more unpainted stuff in my drawers.

Nonetheless I am happy to be able to use a 3D printed detail here and there! It is a great addition to our hobby! Thank you HobbyDojo for being a part of this universe!

Keep on happy painting!


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