MVTV: Updates on MVTV - 360° videos

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

the Massive Voodoo TV youtube channel slowly recieves some updates again. We plan to have some more in the future, but not with time pressure, just when it feels right ... adding more  360° videos of some of my recently finished projects!

SBS: Quick Step by Step - collection #01

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

today I want to introduce you to something new on the blog.

As I have quite the amount of half prepared tutorials lying around without being able to finish them as large articles as I was somehow distracted in taking step by step photos to the end I would like to show them to you like this. Quick, fast step by steps with some thoughts of mine. They will be linked up to the step by step area of the MV's tutorial section.

I bet one or the other will find a right hint to be inspired for his own project.
Without further ado I  start ...


I painted this lady up as gift to my cousin who is quite the Wonderwoman and a fan of this superhero.
I do not have much photos ready, but some who show my process of placing basic colors quite good:

A clean and well prepared basic color application is something important for me in the meantime. It allows to plan the figure in deciding where to place a bright and dark color. Means I am trying to plan the model in its readability for the viewers eye. If I place a bright color touching another bright color these two will blend together. Same with dark colors. I try to seperate them while switching from dark to bright, dark to bright and so on. I try to avoid placing it differently. This is best visible in a black and white photo:

Looking at this now in color you can see how desaturated my basic colors are. I usually start a step before the actual color I want there. Not speaking about highlights I do mean saturation.

To push this up I am first not painting highlights, but increase the saturation to have enough space to also push for small highlights. I would say this is best visible on the reds. Look how dark I started with an almost black red and then I just push upwards to increase the amount of red.

You can see more photos of her via:


#02 Orc Leader & his base
In this case I did want to build an old temple base for an old Ilyad Figure. Therefore I used white plaster and I wanted to create slates. Thick ones. I used a McDonald's trail (no idea where this came from) and added white plaster in it.

I broke this in parts to have my big stone slates for my temple and prepared my table with more stuff I wanted to use for this base. Here is a photo of during the creation:

Always checking back if the model fits and has a good and solid stand on the base ...

I started to paint the model in its basic colors, but to be frank I was not sure where the journey would take me. Usually I do start painting a base first and as I seperated model and base here for me it was not the best idea to start with the model without knowing its environment. I started with true metallic metal on this guy ...

I continued painting some Non Metallic Metal on top of my basic metal colors, I just highlighted it with more bright grey to white and added black glazes to the shadow areas.

What I was really missing was told to me when I started doing the base. I am a painter who needs to know about a figure's sorrounding to include it in the color concept. I decided to have a flush green temple:

While finishing the paintjob the green environment helped me to understand how to paint all the green reflections in the armour of the Monkey Orc guy:

You can see more photos via:


#03 The Gatekeeper
A beautiful sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart that I started wildly with only one thought: I knew I wanted to lit up the candles. Basic colors applied, all influanced by a large amount of dark blue. If something should be lid up it needs to be dark around. Ever tried to light up a torch on a sunny day and see some object source light?

I really had no clue, just wanted the candles to be lid up. This is why I started with this first before touching anything else. Pure white at the center of my light source and then a very bright and saturated color added. Also started to give his skincolor a try on his hand, but quickly realized it turns to bright.


Allright I just continued painting and knew that I can not handle this concept with touching only one area and then go on to the next one.

From this stage:

To this was the Rompompom! part:

I was mainly highlighting every color on the model with the greens from the candles and it worked, but I had to paint my way through it without a second thought. Just pushing through those moments where I did not understand anything.

You can see more photos via:


I hope you enjoyed this little brainstorm on unfinished tutorial business and if you like I do one of these each month. Got plenty of material. Just let me know!

Keep on happy painting!
Yours, Roman

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Review: Speedpainting Masterclass, Madrid, Spain

by Roman aka jar

Hey everyone!

time for another review on a beautiful workshop I was able to hold in Madrid earlier this year:
My Speedpainting Masterclass

My friend Alfonso and the Miniatureart Academy organised this workshop with me and it was a pleasure teaching it to such a cool gang of students. Thank you all for joining up and learning from me.

Instructor: Roman Lappat

Duration: Saturdays (one day)
I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Speed Painting Masterclass is all about speed, efficency and zombie hordes. 

Main topics:

- Learn to paint a Zombie gaming figure in about fifteen Minutes
- Speedpainting techniques and training
- Learn these techniques on Zombies, but learn how
to put them to your other gaming figures too

Student level: All

First 15 Minute Zombie for demonstation

"It was a pleasure to attend to your class, I can truly say that I'm amazed at everything I learnt with a seemingly "simple" topic as is speedpainting.
I hope you the best and to see you next year!"

- Sergio

Second Zombie for demo and explanation ...

"Really nice day today, I'm a slow painter, how I needed this masterclass! Looking forward to what the next one will bring!" - Rosa

"Roman, Thanks a lot for the fantastic day. I was surprised, being such a slow painter, that I could finish a miniature in just 15 minutes... while having some laughs with the rest of the wonderful attendees! - DavidIf you are thinking about going to one of Roman's seminars stop thinking and go. You will learn from somebody who loves his work and will spread his love to everyone in the room. You will breath creativity from the very start. You will learn the "how" but most importantly the "why" of things and understand that to reach C you dont have to necessarily need to go through A and B.

I learned so much in one day that is hard to believe, not only about the topic for the day, also about painting, art, the correct mindset...

I wasn't the best student back in school, so when I learn so much it can only mean the teacher is pretty damn good. And a very cool guy, too."  
                                                                                                    - Arturo

"Javo here. I’m just wanted to thank you for your wonderful weekend
masterclasses. About the course itself I can simply say that you not
only helped us understand some core concepts in a fun and easy way;
your seminars encouraged us to take risks, to dare doing things 
outside of our comfort zone so that we could learn from our own 
mistakes but always focused in having fun while painting. 
Your approach to painting, how you understand our little form of art
is something I feel deeply connected to and I am thrilled i had 
the chance to take part of it with you and my most 
amazing classmates. 

Other than that, I have been exploring OSL a bit more and I think 
that after your seminar I have upped my game much more than I 
could’ve ever thought before. I’ll make sure to let you know about 
my project whenever I finish if that’s okay. 

Thank you so much again and hope to see you soon either here again
or over there. 



Thank you all!

And mmmjooomm mjom for such a great cheesecake, Alberto!!!


If you want to learn from me
in your very own private coaching session or if you want to visit a group weekend workshop, do not hesitate to contact me for further details via

I will be there for you and your personal growth as a painter!

You can find more information
about upcoming group workshops via this banner

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Daniele interviews: Romain Van Den Bogaert

by Daniele "Found" Trovato

Interviews of the Sculptors Legend #4

Daniele Found interviews

 Romain Van Den Bogaert

Hello everyone,
finally I'm here to interview a special guest.
My friend and great artist:
Romain van Den Bogaert.

Romain is an incredible French sculptor well known inside the miniature market.
In addition of being a great sculptor he's also an extraordinary character designer.

In my interview Romain explain us his personal experience to become a professional sculptor and some useful tips in sculpting.

A lot of fun, inspiration, and some tricks.

Enjoy the interview :-)

The interview



Simple Transcription

eskimo fisherman
You told me you started working as a sculptor in 2015. Tell us what you do for a living? When did you start sculpting?

A long time ago in a far distant galaxy :-) 
I was a teenager, I started collecting Magic The Gathering cards and playing role games.
Risultato immagini per romain van den bogaert sculptureI started like everyone: painting miniatures.

So did you start painting?

Yes, but I painted very little, for about 2-3 years and then I started doing small conversions on miniatures and making small changes.
When did you start sculpting your first miniature?

I was around 17 when I made my first attempt
I was an amateur and practiced.
It was excellent to find my personal approach to sculpture and find my own style because when you do it as a hobby and not as a work, you have no economic and financial pressures and you're free to experiment and try.

Do you remember what your first commission is?

In reality, it was not a real commission. I made a miniature and someone got interested and bought it. It was a sort of barbarian or a bust, but very simple, almost an academic bust.

And then did you start accepting commissions?
Actually no. I started sculpting and then someone was interested and bought the master.

You were telling me that while you were sculpting, your real job was the university researcher, right?

Yes, I was a scientist. I was a Ph.D. university researcher in Soil Science, Agronomy, Porous Soil System.

Painted by Roman Lappat

This is a beautiful thing because there are sculptors who have studied art and others who have learned to do everything by themselves. Exactly like you.

I am totally self-taught.
When I was sculpting something, I didn't know where I would go. I started and I was guided by my experience, nothing else.
I looked, corrected, tried. Attempts and errors.

When you quit your university career as a scientist to be a sculptor? Weren't you afraid to take this step in your life?

It wasn't very difficult. I sent many emails to companies and manufacturers of miniatures saying that I was available to take commissions.
Risultato immagini per romain van den bogaert sculptureI was very proactive in this. 
Furthermore, some companies already knew me and therefore it was easier.
Sometimes if you don't ask, nobody gives you anything.

Didn't you like your job at university?

It is much more complicated than that. It's not easy to explain how I made this decision. It was a mix of several things.
Being a researcher as a university employee is not easy, especially in Europe. There is less and less money invested in university research, and there are few jobs, so it is difficult to get a permanent job in that sector.

Romain is absolutely the same in Italy.

Yes, there are sharks in the academic world.
Yes, often there is no meritocracy and there is not much equity.

About your sculptures, people immediately recognize your style. Especially in the faces. Your faces are very particular.
How did you learn? How did you learn the anatomy of the face so well and how do you create your characters?

It's not just about anatomy. In fact, the anatomy of the face is learned quickly enough. There are not many muscles in the face.
If you sculpt 4-5 skulls you learn it quickly.
Of course, but creating a pleasant and realistic expression is different, isn't it?

Yes, it's all about observation. The ability to observe and create a control of the real defects of the face. In reality, symmetry does not exist (at some point) . After that, you have to break the rules and create something different.
You have to think the expression, sad, happy, but then you have to make your own personal interpretation of the character.

When you create a character, are you clear what you want to create? Or do you just have a vague idea?

It is a non-linear process. I change always something while I'm working.
Not just the expression. Sometimes even sex. I also change from man to woman. Every time I sculpt I have no idea where I'm going.

Do you draw the character first?

Hardly ever. I'm learning to do it, but not to draw the character completely. Sometimes I draw some details first, for example if I have to sculpt an armor. The patterns and shape of the armor. Sometimes I draw those. I don't draw everything, because I don't want to be bandaged, I want to be free to change when I want, to follow my inspiration.

So do you want freedom during your creative process?

Yes, absolutely. Sometimes I start sculptures and then finish them after years.

Do you have a mentor?

Hard question.
I think of Jean Giroud Moebius, Stanisław Szukalski, Ivan Meštrović

When did you move to create larger sculptures?

Actually I didn't make many great sculptures. At the limit I made some 1/1 scale busts.

Do you think it is more difficult to sculpt a small bust or a large bust?

There is no right answer to your question.
It is simply different.
The tools are different, the materials are different.  Everything changes.

A small bust forgives you because it's small and therefore some errors of proportion and anatomy are not visible.

Yes, indeed. Especially in large sculptures, you don't do many details, but limit yourself only to the essential form.
My answer is not interesting, I know, but it really depends on what you want to do that's why there is no absolute answer.

Yes, in fact, there is no absolute answer.


Who are your favorite miniature sculptors?

Jacques Alexandre Gillois and Allan Carrasco (to see the interview with Allan go here)
(the interview with Jacques will come soon)

What is your favorite sculpting material?

Polymer Clay above all. Super Sculpey Firm and medium.
Painted by Josua Lai

I recently interviewed Tim Bruckner, who uses wax to finish his sculptures. Have you ever used wax?

No, but it would be interesting to try in the future. The problem with wax is that it is not accessible, you need a Wax-Pen and other materials. But I will definitely try in the future.

Are you planning to switch to 3D?

I am currently studying the software. I bought the license and am studying. However, I don't want to switch completely to 3D. 3D is just a new tool, that's all.
I want to use this tool as a new working tool.
It is very difficult to create patterns by hand, so 3D simplifies your work a lot. Maybe combine 3D and traditional.

I have seen that Joaquin Palacios has done something similar.

Yes, yes, I saw something. Very interesting.
Risultato immagini per romain van den bogaert sculpture
Do you think that a 3D sculptor should be considered a true sculptor or better "digital artist"?

Oh. Daniele. That's a bad question (laughs)

Joke. It's a provocation (laugh)
The point is that we have sculptors who first traditionally sculpted and then switched to 3D and sculptors who have NEVER done anything by hand and have gone directly to 3D.

Yes, the problem is that a sculpture is not a sculpture because you see it on your computer. At some point, the artist should 3D print what he is creating to understand how it is going.
It often happens that you put too many details in 3D, which is a small miniature that will never be seen, for example.
That doesn't make sense.

Let's think about a 35mm miniature.

Yes exactly, some make the pores of the skin. That doesn't make sense.

It's essential that before making 3D, a sculptor should start traditionally because you learn gravity, the weight of the sculpture, the balance. 
These are things you don't see on your computer.
Sad Tree
by Daniele Trovato (author)

In 3D you are more productive.

Sure. Very often it is simpler.
When I traditionally sculpt, I look at the shape and think about what I will have to do next. Sometimes I spend half an hour looking at the sculpture before touching it.
Those who work in 3D go fast and often skip this process.
This is normal because if you take some time by hand, in 3D you can do it immediately and you can also go back if you want. Easier. In 3d you go fast, fast, you experiment and you don't think.

3D allows you to create many details. But the fact that you can do it doesn't mean you have to do it. Sometimes less is better..
Risultato immagini per romain van den bogaert sculpture
Very true, Daniele, We are sculptors of miniatures and we are sick of details on the model, but in 3D you've to be careful because you can zoom as much as you want and you can create everything. You have to pay attention to. Very often too much is wrong.

Final thoughts

As a sculptor, Romain taught me a lot because, besides being a great sculptor, he is also a great teacher and friend.

It was a real pleasure and an honor to be able to interview him.

Thanks, Romain.


 Link and resources:

-Daniele Found Trovato
-Romain Van Den Bogaert Site
-Romain's Artstation Portfolio
-Romain's Instagram
-More Interviews?


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MV Challenge 2020 - Beyond your imagination

by Roman aka jar

Final Entry Counter:    271

Out of competition: 31

Helly everyone,
it is about time. Finally Massive Voodoo challenges you again!
Sharpen your brushes, be creative and follow us in the endless space beyond your creativity!

  • 1. Foreword
  • 2. Challenge Rules & Judging Criteria & Judges
  • 3. Challenge Timeframe
  • 4. FAQ
  • 5. Prizes & Fan Award
  • 6. Supporters

You can find the challenge linked up to the main page of MV, right upper corner:


so far we did not imagine that 2020 start like this, but it did. On one hand it is really confusing times, but it also seems the universe wants us all to have more time in front of our brushes and paints.

You know that MV always creates special challenges for you, like the Easter Egg Challenge, Pinguins, Marie Fleur, the Mad Max Car Contests and more. You can find them here:

This time is no different.

We want you to travel through your imagination without limitation. How you might ask?
With a small astronaut as your main character. Read more about it in the rules!

With the inspirational help
of my MV brother Josua Lai, Concept Artist Samaneh Rasoul (banner work) the sculptor Momo Pügerl and Mr. Lee's Minis we bring you another challenge that will make your creativity spark and that we are pretty sure that its gallery will enter miniature art history. I came up with the idea for such a contest a long time ago and had in my mind for long. When the idea took shape I did some drawings and contacted Momo for seeing this tiny astronaut sculpted in 3d:

Mr. Lee's Minis started production when things started to roll on and Samaneh created these beautiful banners that you all can see as an inspiration. Quite the flow in this, but still - reaching the point to announce this challenge - was in fact a challenge and took some time, but here we are now:


Be creative. Tell us your story to what far away planet, crazy situation or miracle your astronaut travels.

You can build dioramas, single bases, connect with other figures of every scale, add a gang of astronauts to your story and see no limitation in size or else whatsoever. You are also allowed to convert the Astronaut.

The only rule is:
This tiny astronout has to be involved at least once.
Get your astronaut in 15 mm set via Mr Lee's Minis:

You can take part with as many entries as you like, no limitation in numbers.
If you have great ideas you can win multiple prizes.

Submit your entry to
with a minimum of 3 photos from different angles, maximum 5.
Subject your email with: MVChallenge 2020 - *your name*

Feel invited to ask them via comment on the blog.
We will include them via the section #4 'FAQ'.

The full MV-Team of active Members will handle the judging work:
Josua, Hansrainer, David, Sebastian, Philip, Daniele and Roman.

All Members of Massive Voodoo are excluded from taking part in the competition. They can not win a random prize or a medal. All of them are allowed to take part in the "Fan Award" voting.

Judging Criteria:
The judges will look after your creative story-telling and your creativity. Secondly, they will look on technical painting quality and basing skills. All should be in balance in harmony.

The Challenge starts
15th of April 2020
and ends
November 23rd 2020 (Midnight Roman's time/Germany)
to give you all enough time to find the most interesting excuses to not take part in this time frame or to create amazing entries :)

We plan to have all the entries uploaded and judged until 15th of December 2020.


Ask your questions via the comments
- we include them here with our answers ...

Can I show work in progress photos of my entries?
Yes. Be free and make your friends join this too!

After sending my entry to you do I have to wait to show it elsewhere until the official challenge is over?
No. You can show it right away!

Am I allowed to enter my astronaut projects in other competitions before the Challenge ends or after?

Am I allowed to convert the Astronaut?


In the overall contest there will be three winners.
We give away one gold medal, one silver, one bronze.

The gold medal
winner also will recieve Roman's painted version of this little Astronaut:

and a sand art picture done by Manuel for this challenge:
The silver medal
winner will recieve Josua's painted version of this little Astronaut:

The bronze medal
winner will recieve this handpainted bust by Alfonso "Banshee" Giraldes, with a tiny added Astronaut by Roman, that is still missing as we are waiting for Astronaut restock :)

At the moment Roman and Momo are working on creating some metal pins with small astronauts to make everyone who takes part in the challenge recieve a pin for his bravery! Stay tuned! Work in Progress!

We were not able to manage that! Too many things happened recently (for example: Roman has to move unplanned as his landlord needs the flat) and funds and time for this idea were not available. We are really sorry!

Fan Award
As soon as the full gallery is up we want to invite you all to vote for your personal favourite. We will give out a fan favourite award that will consist of something we will show you soon! Everyone, even those out of competition (for example if one of the MV members takes part) are open for voting on the Fan Award. Stay tuned!

The winner of the Fan Award will recieve:

A sand art picture done by Manuel and one of Roman's limited and sold out Artprints:


A special prize will be added for the one with the most entries:
Mr Lee's Minis is dropping in a double book special: One of Roman's original Miniatureart Artbooks and one special book, a testprint that was used to find our way in the journey of book printing. It is different than the original and shows a lot of process.


Random Prize Pool
We will hand out random prizes to everyone who takes part in the challenge, via raffle.
Everyone can only win one randomly drawn random prize pool prize (<--wtf :d="" br="">

These prizes are sponsored by our supporters and contain of the following:

3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Art Postcards A


3x Sets of Roman Lappat Miniature Postcards B

MV-Team Member Sebastian adds this limited model:

Roman adds this model:


Journeyman-Miniatures adds this bust:


A MrLee's Minis suprise!


Nordlys Miniatures - one figure of choice!

Christoph drops this figure as a gift

Kensho Miniatures adds a beautiful SciFi bust, named 'Skylar'!

Abyssoul Miniatures sponsors one Faenir!

The MV-Studio found these old Rackham Dwarfs and adds them to the pool!

MiniWarPaint sponsors this boy on waterbuffalo and some bamboo for your diorama!

Orzol Studio adds this full diorama and a Dragon bust!

Orzol Studio adds this full diorama and a Dragon bust!

Miniac brings you a beautiful Duchess from his range!

Miniac brings you a second beautiful Duchess from his range!

Ammo/MIG brings you one of their books "Encyclopedia of figures" #02

A donation from Botho, a very rare Games Workshop 75mm Inquisitor miniature:

A donation from Oliver, a 1/6 Manga kit:






If you want to support
this challenge with a small donation from your company or brand, please do contact Roman via: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com for more information!


If you want to support
this challenge with a small donation from your company or brand, please do contact Roman via: jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com for more information!

Your brand/company will be included here with a link to your homepage.
Thank you!

You can also support us by dropping a jungle donation so we can ship out prizes, buy coffee to drink while creating the galleries and doing judging work, handling all the mails and such ...
Thank you!

Supported by:
MrLee's Minis
Massive Voodoo
Josua Lai Miniatures
Roman Lappat Miniature Art
Miniature Art Academy
Journeyman Miniatures

Momo Pügerl
Nordlys Miniatures
Christoph Klingshirn
Kensho Miniatures
MV-Team Member: Sebastian
Abyssoul Miniatures

Botho Nees
Oliver Schitthelm

Well, now it is time for you to spread the word and invite your friends to enter this beautiful challenge so we all can see as many creative journeys as possible.

What are you waiting for?
Go beyond your imagination!

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