FIN: Orc Kong & Project Insight

by Roman aka jar

0rc Kong
- 2020
Spira Mirabilis, Sculpt by Lucas Pina


Travellers know about these rumors of the Monkey Mountains. They heard tales of all sorts of apes and monkeys guarding an enourmous treasure. These are only tales and many expeditions journeyed to the depth of the jungle heart. No man has yet returned and all talk about the ancient treasure is just rumor. Many more will travel there, no one will ever return, because what they usually see is a horde of wild Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans and all sorts of monkeys beating the life out of them to protect their treasure. It is said they are not only Monkeys, they are a different kind of breed, but no one knows more about this tale. End of the story.


Project Insight
I started to paint this wonderful sculpt during a two day private coaching with Sebastian as a demonstration piece. You won't believe it, but I started with fingerpainting my ambience colors to it, like this:

#01 Fingerpaint of atmosphere idea

#02 Watercolors on top for the larger plan of skin variation

#03 Including base colors in both ideas

#04 working on detail and contrast

#05 put in more time and repeat detail and contrast several times

Hope you like him and the little project insight!
You can find him also on Putty&Paint:

This bust is for sale!

Keep on happy painting!


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