Review: Speedpainting Masterclass, Madrid, Spain

by Roman aka jar

Hey everyone!

time for another review on a beautiful workshop I was able to hold in Madrid earlier this year:
My Speedpainting Masterclass

My friend Alfonso and the Miniatureart Academy organised this workshop with me and it was a pleasure teaching it to such a cool gang of students. Thank you all for joining up and learning from me.

Instructor: Roman Lappat

Duration: Saturdays (one day)
I usually do not teach masterclass seminars, but when I do these seminars focus on one subject, because they aim to teach you to master a certain topic. This Speed Painting Masterclass is all about speed, efficency and zombie hordes. 

Main topics:

- Learn to paint a Zombie gaming figure in about fifteen Minutes
- Speedpainting techniques and training
- Learn these techniques on Zombies, but learn how
to put them to your other gaming figures too

Student level: All

First 15 Minute Zombie for demonstation

"It was a pleasure to attend to your class, I can truly say that I'm amazed at everything I learnt with a seemingly "simple" topic as is speedpainting.
I hope you the best and to see you next year!"

- Sergio

Second Zombie for demo and explanation ...

"Really nice day today, I'm a slow painter, how I needed this masterclass! Looking forward to what the next one will bring!" - Rosa

"Roman, Thanks a lot for the fantastic day. I was surprised, being such a slow painter, that I could finish a miniature in just 15 minutes... while having some laughs with the rest of the wonderful attendees! - DavidIf you are thinking about going to one of Roman's seminars stop thinking and go. You will learn from somebody who loves his work and will spread his love to everyone in the room. You will breath creativity from the very start. You will learn the "how" but most importantly the "why" of things and understand that to reach C you dont have to necessarily need to go through A and B.

I learned so much in one day that is hard to believe, not only about the topic for the day, also about painting, art, the correct mindset...

I wasn't the best student back in school, so when I learn so much it can only mean the teacher is pretty damn good. And a very cool guy, too."  
                                                                                                    - Arturo

"Javo here. I’m just wanted to thank you for your wonderful weekend
masterclasses. About the course itself I can simply say that you not
only helped us understand some core concepts in a fun and easy way;
your seminars encouraged us to take risks, to dare doing things 
outside of our comfort zone so that we could learn from our own 
mistakes but always focused in having fun while painting. 
Your approach to painting, how you understand our little form of art
is something I feel deeply connected to and I am thrilled i had 
the chance to take part of it with you and my most 
amazing classmates. 

Other than that, I have been exploring OSL a bit more and I think 
that after your seminar I have upped my game much more than I 
could’ve ever thought before. I’ll make sure to let you know about 
my project whenever I finish if that’s okay. 

Thank you so much again and hope to see you soon either here again
or over there. 



Thank you all!

And mmmjooomm mjom for such a great cheesecake, Alberto!!!


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