SBS: Quick Step by Step - collection #01

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

today I want to introduce you to something new on the blog.

As I have quite the amount of half prepared tutorials lying around without being able to finish them as large articles as I was somehow distracted in taking step by step photos to the end I would like to show them to you like this. Quick, fast step by steps with some thoughts of mine. They will be linked up to the step by step area of the MV's tutorial section.

I bet one or the other will find a right hint to be inspired for his own project.
Without further ado I  start ...


I painted this lady up as gift to my cousin who is quite the Wonderwoman and a fan of this superhero.
I do not have much photos ready, but some who show my process of placing basic colors quite good:

A clean and well prepared basic color application is something important for me in the meantime. It allows to plan the figure in deciding where to place a bright and dark color. Means I am trying to plan the model in its readability for the viewers eye. If I place a bright color touching another bright color these two will blend together. Same with dark colors. I try to seperate them while switching from dark to bright, dark to bright and so on. I try to avoid placing it differently. This is best visible in a black and white photo:

Looking at this now in color you can see how desaturated my basic colors are. I usually start a step before the actual color I want there. Not speaking about highlights I do mean saturation.

To push this up I am first not painting highlights, but increase the saturation to have enough space to also push for small highlights. I would say this is best visible on the reds. Look how dark I started with an almost black red and then I just push upwards to increase the amount of red.

You can see more photos of her via:


#02 Orc Leader & his base
In this case I did want to build an old temple base for an old Ilyad Figure. Therefore I used white plaster and I wanted to create slates. Thick ones. I used a McDonald's trail (no idea where this came from) and added white plaster in it.

I broke this in parts to have my big stone slates for my temple and prepared my table with more stuff I wanted to use for this base. Here is a photo of during the creation:

Always checking back if the model fits and has a good and solid stand on the base ...

I started to paint the model in its basic colors, but to be frank I was not sure where the journey would take me. Usually I do start painting a base first and as I seperated model and base here for me it was not the best idea to start with the model without knowing its environment. I started with true metallic metal on this guy ...

I continued painting some Non Metallic Metal on top of my basic metal colors, I just highlighted it with more bright grey to white and added black glazes to the shadow areas.

What I was really missing was told to me when I started doing the base. I am a painter who needs to know about a figure's sorrounding to include it in the color concept. I decided to have a flush green temple:

While finishing the paintjob the green environment helped me to understand how to paint all the green reflections in the armour of the Monkey Orc guy:

You can see more photos via:


#03 The Gatekeeper
A beautiful sculpt by Romain van den Bogeart that I started wildly with only one thought: I knew I wanted to lit up the candles. Basic colors applied, all influanced by a large amount of dark blue. If something should be lid up it needs to be dark around. Ever tried to light up a torch on a sunny day and see some object source light?

I really had no clue, just wanted the candles to be lid up. This is why I started with this first before touching anything else. Pure white at the center of my light source and then a very bright and saturated color added. Also started to give his skincolor a try on his hand, but quickly realized it turns to bright.


Allright I just continued painting and knew that I can not handle this concept with touching only one area and then go on to the next one.

From this stage:

To this was the Rompompom! part:

I was mainly highlighting every color on the model with the greens from the candles and it worked, but I had to paint my way through it without a second thought. Just pushing through those moments where I did not understand anything.

You can see more photos via:


I hope you enjoyed this little brainstorm on unfinished tutorial business and if you like I do one of these each month. Got plenty of material. Just let me know!

Keep on happy painting!
Yours, Roman

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