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Painting class review - Hannover, Germany

by Roman aka jar

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Finally i found the time to make my heart beat much easier.

I want to talk about a past painting class i really enjoyed some weeks ago in Hannover, Germany.
It's a while back and i am sorry about this review dropping in so late but sometimes only the lack of time is the reason for delay. I hope you'll enjoy the little trip inside this weekend with the talk of mine.

Let me start with my trip to the place.
Thanks to Peter for a splendous organisation work and Mr. Roberto for his driving skills. Robert's lady and mine went with us on the trip. The trip went well with the car but there was a lot of traffic on the streets and about 600 km did not want to pass fast. Our navigation system told us that we would come late, much too late, about 1,5 hour after the official begin of the class and maybe more. Additional i realized after around 500 km that i have missed to pack the Demonettes models at home. Madness and undescribable fear was spreading out inside big kongs chest but i was happy and want to tell my biggest gratitude to those brave men whom i have called - paticipants of the class who were waiting for me already - you saved my soul from madness :D

After arriving in Hannover i was not really relaxed anymore but the place to be - the gratuade association Gothia - was really a wonderful place and it struck me from the first moment during our arrival. Thanks to those 3 guys who helped with organising the colour party there and who have been so nice all the time. The house itself was very old and sometimes you felt like Harry Potter - here are some shots to underline the expressions i try to explain:

After this strange trip to Hannover and about 8 hours in the car i was ready and for sure paniced to start the class finally. Some minor MacGyvering with the silver screen for the presentations and the late night show was ready to get it on. Thanks to everyone for your patience and sympathy even this really had a bad start.

It went right off into the class themes, a relaxing trip of the eyes and mind to a happy feeling while working with colours. The bases have been build on Friday night, the models have been prepared and a lot of theory was told and shown. Beside a lot of funny moments and a lot of laughing i got to say that were was a lot to learn on this hardcore Friday night - thanks for your powers while i was stretching the class until it was really dark outside :) - Saturday started again with some theory and final preparations before priming, painting started around midday - Some Impressions ...

As the class was filled up to 25 participants i had to split the big group in two small groups during all the explanations, that meant less relaxing time for me but a much better view on those explanations for the particpants. I again want to mention that i loved how your personal demonettes grew from the colourful point of view - very personal and individual - thanks a lot for your strength and patience in sketching the model the whole Saturday ...


Sunday was the day of being exhausted but still able to hold a brush. Everyone was a little tired but the motivation to see the miniature grow more and more after sketching the vision on Saturday was our gasoline. Until Sunday late afternoon most of the models did get finished to 90% and a final peronal chat about the class models was a perfect end on sunday. I am really thankful of your interest in the class and your bravery during the process. It was a lot of fun to me and a pleasure to see you ladies and gentleman work with passion - rock on and happy painting to you! See you around the places ...

Following there are some shots of the particpants models on Sunday late afternoon. As mentioned this class is a beginner's class, but i have realized that i got to name it different meanwhile - it gives a start into my way of painting miniatures. Weather you are a complete starter with colours or already a experienced veteran - everyone walks this journey with me and colours and takes whatever he likes to make it come together with his experience already made - it was truely a pleasure to see this work even with such a big group. Thanks to you all again - i love your models - but first the horde: