Games Day Germany 2011 - jungle report

by Roman aka jar

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This little review will be about the german Games Day which took place last weekend in Cologne.

First of all i want to thank D. for a shelter that felt like home and K. for his exquisite driving skills. We had a hard trip up Cologne. 5 big guys in a car and a lot of holiday traffic on the streets. Sadly we have not been able to take part in the so called painters dinner on Saturday Night, where many painters from all over Europe have met to greet friends and look at miniatures. Next year for sure, we will try our best but this year it was kind of impossible for our tortured bodies to be hard as a rock - sleep was calling.

Big Jungle Congratulations to everyone who entered the contest. There were many crazy and beautiful entries to see. Bigger Jungle Congratulations to those who placed and took home a demon or more. My deepest Kong Fu bow and congratz go to my monkeybrother Matt Cexwish for creating a real mad diorama, the kind of "Never seen before" - wow, really well deserved.

After a short night of resting and restoring energy we made it to the "Gürzenich", where the Games Day Germany 2011 took place. At this point we got to thank GW for doing such a great organisation early in the morning and during the whole day. It has been my first Games Day and i also took part in the Golden Demon Competition with the Ultramarine vs. Tyranid Diorama. It was strange for me as i did not prepare or create it for the Games Day in particular. It was going with me to Cologne as i delivered it to the comissioner. So i was really exited if it could place amongst all the other stunning entries.

The Games Day itself was a pretty cool event and action was all around all the time. I can't really tell you what exactly was going on as time went by fast as hell. I was very happy to meet old buddies and chat with new faces. I am also very thankful about all the nice feedback you threw at us about Massive Voodoo. I was really surprised and feel deeply thankful for all your nice comments or your cool T-Shirts ;)

As i told you it is hard for me to tell exactly what was going on. Somehow it was a really mad day. There have been Orcs, Space Marines and crazy Miniature people all around. There have been several painting workshops around the day by several well known and famous painters and i also did a little conversion session amongst them. The only thing i did not like at the Games Day was the noise - so many people and nowhere to hide :D - I did a little video sequence for you, those who weren't able to come so you can maybe catch a little of the athmosphere by those impressions. Many thanks to Peter for doing some damn cool Miniature photos amd Philip again for allowing me to use both their great photos for the video. I will link up some more galleries later on, after the video - i hope you enjoy:

I hope it is ok that i've shown those impressions. If there is anybody who does not want to be in this video or on a photo or a sequence please let me know and i got to edit it.

As you can see in the video it was a lot of fun. I want to share with you some other links i found around the web of photos and impressions of the Games Day, many thanks to those who clicked them and their efforts to put them up to the world wide web. Here you go:

Winners on facebook
People at the Games Day and Painters Dinner, great photo gallery by philip
Gallery by hurpenzurp 
Gallery by derSkuggan
Gallery by Nordgrot
Gallery by ChestofColours 
Golden Demon Winner Ceremony Video by Nordgrot
Photo Gallery on facebook

And exclusive here on MV are again Peter's photos of some random entries, which you already have seen in the video, but this time in big scale - sorry that there aren't all of them but as you know it somehow seems impossible to really have a good look at the cabinets on Games Day and see everything - we hope you enjoy:

So far - see you for sure on next years Games Day Germany. We hope you enjoyed the little report and the video. For me, Roman, it will be a bit of a quiet time the next days here in the jungle as i am already preparing the painting class for the upcoming weekend.

Happy Painting to you all!
Best Wishes


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