Tutorial - Bringing in details while basing with gypsum

by Roman aka jar

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This little article will take the view on basing again. It is about basing with gypsum and how you can add fine little details to your base.For sure this is nothing really new or ultrafencycool - it might just bring you some inspiration.

When basing with Gypsum there are often finished products to use. For sure you can add them to your base wish and bring them in place as you like. As gypsum is a great material it helps to cut an edge somewhere, destroy here and there to create enough variety that it still is intresting for the viewers eye. For example if a column is broken there has the be a rest of the column on the ground - the part that falls down and stays on the ground is often forgotten.

Here is a little example on how i work in some detail with gypsum after i've placed the main construction of the base. First, cutting small "stone dirt":

Next it is glueing tiny parts in place. It helps to use a toothpick for picking up superglue and also for placing it:

Little details underline the whole composition and can take the viewers eye at hand to focus at the miniature itself. It still keeps things interesting and natural. Here are some more examples on how you can achieve a detail base look by using really small stuff in your composition:

While painting such detail gives you the oppourtunity to work with a more detailed light situation.
Remember that this is not only available while working with gypsum. There is a contrast called "small to big" and it works with everything you want to use, for example while working with wood pieces or tiny roots: 

I hope you enjoyed this little trip - and always remember - where something is big there has to be something small to keep harmony.

Happy Basing to you all!
Best Wishes


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