World Expo Montreux - review - gallery

by Oli aka HonourGuard

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World Expo Montreux 2011 - review - gallery

I was a really great trip to Montreux and always cool to combine holiday with painting competitions, meeting friends, seeing great miniatures..

The weekend was really worth all costs, we saw so many cool entries, we had great weather (over 30°C!) and our small tent was placed 2 meters from the lakeshore, so that we could refresh and swim in the Lake Geneva. Finally the complete camping place was cheaper, than a park ticket for one day.

I am not totally sure about the event itself, I really liked, that there were so many great painters and miniatures to see and overall the people we met, were very friendly, but we was shocked about the very high costs for entering in the contest and the very high prices in the hotels restaurants (even in MD), in Montreux .

Also I think children could have possibility to enter miniatures for free. 75 euro for miniature entry in the youngblood category is too much. (Ok, with online registration it was a little bit cheaper, but still too much).

A disappointing part was the winners celebration in French language, without any translation, not even in English. So it was nearly impossible to follow for people of other countries! We also regret, that due to some technical problems with the beamer, it was impossible to identify miniatures, the name of the miniature, and the persons, who painted it.

Anyhow, they did a good job and we hope this part will be running next time. Overall it was a great trip, with so many awesome miniatures, friendly people and we looking forward to the next World expo in 3 years.

A view from our tent

Arrival in Montreux, no time to lose.. :)

Don't miss the gallery:

Attached we can present a link of our friend Feanor, who made amazing pictures and impressions of Montreux and the world Expo. Thanks a lot!

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