Kong's hot report of Shame and Pride

by Roman aka jar

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Oh dear, it makes my heart heavy to post above Matt's magnificant diorama and i feel a bit ashamed about it, but i have to. If i won't my head would explode as there are many things to tell. The last weeks have been very busy with a Painting Class in Hannover and some relaxed days of vacation in Graz, Austria. I now just start to write down my mind. If you are getting bored by my talk you can do this for your chi!

900 Followers were reached in the jungle yesterday - Wohow!! Thanks to all of you for your support. Big Jungle Celebrations are already in the progress of planning and there will be 2 cool things for you to win soon. Stay tuned and excuse the Jungle Crew for another delay. Just another reminder at this point: If you like what happens here in the jungle,  if you like the article section and all the monkey stuff please remember that you can support the Jungle by doing a small donation. For sure we are massively happy about all the emails and comments, but you know even bread and bananas cost a coin :) - Thanks to all those who are listed because of their help and support.

About the Ultimate Plastic Knight Challenge:
Both of the Surprise boxes are getting further packed. Here you can see the progress of packing, but meanwhile the boxes already got filled up even more. 1st place box, packing progress:

2nd place box, packing progress:

Stay tuned for more and get your Plastic Knight ready!!!

Painting Class Hannover Review is the next little topic i want to talk about. I already started writing my little report about it, but it still takes a while as these days are again busy. We are in wait for some visitors and friends in the upcoming days to visit our headquarter. Australian friends are already visiting Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the Moment together with Raffa and will soon be here at our home. I already know Mister nice guy Weisern, this time he brings his sister and Sebastian aka automaton :) - After their stay I am happy to see another guest from Hong Kong, Hon. They are all in Europe as the World Expo took place last weekend. You see the next weeks are again busy, busy, busy and there won't be much time to get it all done. So i ask for some more patience and have 4 preview photos from the Review:

As mentioned, soon more to come!
Stay tuned!!

Ok, mmh...What else to say? 
Pride and Shame ...
I am painting again after those busy weeks of mostly no brush time. I made a hard decision and was bored of being stuck in too many projects so I arranged a new case in my cabinet: The case of shame, a place in my cabinet where mostly all my actual projects got freezed until i find back to motivation to finish them. Suddenly i am really motivated again, more about this later on... the case of shame:

Where there is shame there has to be pride and after i have won my first demon he got some space in my cabinet beside the finished stuff. Maybe there will be more someday, who knows :) - the case of pride:

I did finish Hon's exchange miniature and also a WHF great sword soldier whom i have already given away to a long time friend who was visting us some days ago. And yes - i found my motivation again and do some smaller projects just for the thrill of it. Smaller? Nope, not really while taking a look on the base i have build lately - Work in Progress:

Finally i guess my brain seems empty enough to grab the vacuum cleaner and clean the flat and afterwards do some happy painting!

Thanks for your time and may you enjoy the sun, at our place it feels like i am a steak at a barbecue :)

Happy Painting!
Best Wishes

PS: Sorryio Matt!!


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