MV Team: Sebastian

by Sebastian

Name: Sebastian

Nick: Donnerknall

Job: Heating engineer

Painting: seriously since 2013

Media: Acrylics, Aquarell

Brushes: Winsor & Newton Serie 7, Raphael 8404,

Airbrush: Harder & Steenbek Infinity, Sil Air 20a compressor

Miniatures: 28mm to 120mm and lots of busts, Fantasy, Scifi and Historical

Inspirational Miniatures Artists: In addition to the usual suspects, there is also Simon Mart (an incredible diorama builder who works with natural materials, Oliver Partenfelder ( also a gifted diorama builder) and Arkaitz Perez (NoH)

Favorite Miniature Sculptors: Michael Kontraros, Patrick Masson

Gallery: Putty&Paint

Hi there,

my name is Sebastian and I live in a small town between Bamberg and Schweinfurt. 

The first contact with miniatures was in 1997 when a friend showed me Warhammer Fantasy. I was very impressed by the miniatures, but less by painting. The euphoria lasted for three years until my interests shifted in 2000.

In 2012
my parents asked me to finally get my things out of the basement. As fate would have it, my old Warhammer things fell into my hands again and I thought of the wonderful hours it had given me. Anyway, i now had the firm will to start a new army and only play when it was painted. Tata vampire army was born. But what can I say .... my painting skills have not improved since then, but rather worsened.

So I decided to improve and started searching the World Wide Web. Very quickly two names came up again and again, Massive Voodoo and Roman Lappat. So....i attended my First Beginner Workshop in early 2013. Well ... playing was no longer an option because I was drawn to painting.


Over the years I wanted to improve my skills and have attended workshops with different artists.
I wanted to choose from the many different techniques that I like best and make it my own way. So...i am standing at the beginning of my path and am already looking forward to where it leads me. In addition to painting, I was also able to get to know a lot of people and I was able to build up a friendship here and there. Since 2018 I've also been a member of a model building club called model building wolves. Here i am.





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