Review: Private Coaching with Sebastian

by Roman aka jar

 Hello Jungle,
time for another review on a private coaching I recently thaught.
This time a long time student of mine, Sebastian was visiting me for his second private coaching.
Sebastian so far went through all my teaching curriculum, means all my workshops and seminars over the last couple of years and now wanted to learn a free approach on painting.

His toolbox is full of techniques, knowledge and experience.
Now it was time for me to teach him how to work with all these tools and how to make the right decision in the right moment that suits best for him. A topic I thaught for the first time and only in two days. I was curious as everything could happen, but I was also confident of what Sebastian already learned from me.

We painted.
And we painted.
We started with fingerpainting to wash away all that would limit Sebastian in his free approach. No recipe painting in numbers. Just painting after a vision.

I caught Sebastian in a moment and even turned angry on it. A moment where things did not make sense to him, because he was lazy to think from his toolbox. You know it takes a while until I become a bad cop teacher, but I had to concerning this topic.


After a moment the clouds cleared again and Sebastian understood what I meant. This was a crucial and essential moment.

Sebastian's result in these two days was breathtaking in the eyes of his teacher, me. It was a pleasure to see how he understood to use his very unique personal toolbox wisely to make decisions he can be happy with. We also went into deep talks about his inner painter voice and what it communicates to him if he was unhappy of a certain area ...

The result - Sebastian's Paintjob on
Balson, the Orangutaur by whitesharkgamingstudio


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