FIN: The Alchemist & Project Insight

by Roman aka jar

"The Alchemist"
Bust by Spiramirabilis,
sculpt by Lucas Pina.

Really enjoyed to create my vision for this amazing sculpt.
An Alchemist experimenting with Fire, Earth, Water and Air. In my version I really wanted to give these elements important weight and demonstrating the different colors and properties for each of them, whilst still connecting everything in a magical blueish ambience. Was quite hard to wrap my head around this color scheme and keep it all in balance. The blue magical dots start to appear in the book, in the tree of life and mark every magical aspect he summons. Really loved to breathe life in him! Thank you Lucas for sculpting such great characters that sparkle my brain!


Project Insight
I started to paint this bust alongside my student Christian during a two day private coaching as a demonstration piece to explain certain things. Christian painted the same bust and after some theory he decided to paint him up in warm ambience. I decided to go the opposite and paint him cold.

#01 Base Colors

#02 Building up tonalities & contrast

#04 Defining elements & Saturation & Teture

#04 While reading a good book

#Finalising details

Hope you like my version!
You can find more photos via:

In private collection.

Keep on happy painting!

Yours, Roman

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