Jungle News No04

by Robert aka muhani

Posted by Robert, muhani, chimp

Hello brush-swinging jungle-friends,

this time it's on me, the chimp, to bring you some jungle-news. As you might know, big kong's computer is still crashed, waiting for a new one. That's why I'm wearing his gorilla costume for today. It's hairy, smells like sweat and in fact it's way too big for a tiny chimp. But I take a big breath, close the zipper and lower my voice, just to tell you - there are no news!

No news today, except, well, kong posted an excellent article about colour-theory-thingies. And this without any technical equipment, only brain forces I guess. Wahoooooo ... Vooooodooooo! So, after reading the news, use this link to get straigth to the article and enjoy some theory, or just use your mouse-wheel.

Yeah! Raffa, your designs make me happy! Can't wait to wear my own one.
As told you the week before, please send us pictures of you wearing this stuff. (email)

I don't want to keep back the first "real-life-MVW-picture" from one of our readers and his girl-friend:

Posted with kind permissions.

So, if you don't have one - get one. Here!

Outch! Got no suggestions from the other apes for the music, as we usually handle this. I guess, nobody knew, who'd be the news-ape for today. I am. So, here are some tracks I like:

Sofa Surfers, remixed by an Austrian DJ. Old, but I like.
Sofa Surfers, remix

If you like the one above, you'll also like this one:
Kruder & Dorfmeister, speechless

Nice remix of a song from the 30s. Maybe the songtitle means: You look beautiful, to me.
Waldeck, bei mir bist du schön

Another one from Waldeck:
Waldeck, make my day

aaaaand one more. I like.
Waldeck, get up

News. A bit shorter than usual.
I'm trying to drink less coffee, do sports and grow up. Sometimes, I don't.

working, working, working ...

May the muse be with you

Theory - Warm/Cold Colours

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


It seems it takes 2 more weeks until i'll have a new computer but i told you about something i wrote at the moment my computer died. Here it is.

Today this blabla will be about warm and cold colours. You might think: Huh? What is he talking about? I only know Snakebite Leather, Oily Steel, Ivory, Chaos Black, Regal blue, Dark Angels Green, Dwarf Flesh, Sunburst Yellow and so on and so on... No, colours are not always what is written on their manufacturers name. For example painting a dwarfs skin must not be painted with Dwarf Flesh - it is not written somewhere that you should do so. Stop thinking this way is very funny and the own colourful horizon is rising...

Warm and cold colours - Feeling it
First I'll explain what i mean. The human being has always implicated and formed colours to their use, like a 'STOP'-sign made red for attention. Such things are long time learned by the human race when you take a closer look on evolution. I will not do so right now as i don't have the time to explain everything from the first second of life. I try to keep it simple. The human being has feelings, it seems not everybody sometimes, but believe me everyone has. Colours are very important when it comes to human feelings. The humans learned on their way to evolution, that things are good or bad whileexperimenting with them. They found out what they like and what they don't like. Most of the human race does live where it is warm. So the human race likes a warm clima. Sure there are others who love the cold or are simply born into it and i have my biggest respects for such peoples - i think this is simply amazing. I don't like the cold and i don't know people who called me to say joyful on the phone: "Hey yeah! I am moving to the Southpole - that'll be great! Awesom, yeah!"... no single one... whatever, the humans like the sun.

Now check out the colours the sun in all it's strength. What kind of colours does it create to your sourrounding when hit by the sun - they all will go strong and beautiful, colourful flowers will rise around your feet, will spread over the complete place and will bring you the message that this day will be a perfect day, whatever might happen... this is what the sun brings to most of the humans: Joy of life - a feeling of security - something warm to your soul. Warm colours.

For sure there have to be cold colours. These are the ones will make you feel somehow alone deep down in your soul. A cold blue room where Sadness catches up, a beautiful moonlight but you are lonely and sad, now one here beside you in this icecold ice desert.... i think you get me. Sure coldness is cool, snowboarding, snow ball fights, etc. but there is always something far away in its colours in the hearts of most of the human beings... No offending on those who live in cold Areas, it is simply my point of view and i have no idea what i would think about coldness if i would have been born in Sibiria. There is for sure a beauty in something cold but as said the colours are not as warm as those the Sun brings to our souls... damn, not easy to explain, haha!

I'll try to fix this with an explaination - imagine yourself on the road with a beautiful girl in a city somewhere on this planet, it's evening, you had a wonderful day with a beautiful lady and you think about eating at a dining place (for sure it would be much greater if you could say: "Hey i am a native here, i will hunt something for food or i'll ask the Apes at MASSIVE VOODOO if they could bring us bananas so we can make chocolate banana all night long!"). Dining place was the last word of my thoughts i want to write down. Ok, Dining place, beautiful lady, now get a place to relax with her and enjoy a perfect diner. You had a great dining and a very funny time together, went home to your place,  and the night really will last in your memories all your life... in the morning you are preparing breakfast and wake her with a soft kiss... everything is wonderful... now breakfast... you bear her up to your big gorilla arms, she is simply dressed in her white bed sheet and this is the place you can choose... IMPORTANT only by taking a view on the colours:

For me personally it is clear where i want to enjoy this breakfast :)

Warm and cold colours - Miniature Painting
Now after everyone (at least i hope so) felt the colours it is getting essential to look at it in the more practical way. When using warm and cold colours you can achieve really great contrasts. Using them in single they for sure affect the complete overview of your miniature and base.

I try to show you the blabla from above in some linked pictures from Deviant.Art now - just for the explanation, for you to see the effects,please try to mainly focus on the colours worked with, not the theme shown:

Cold Colours
Dead Sea by LolitaArt 
Barnards' Swordswallower by Abiogenesis

Warm Colours 
Through the devastation by perzo

Now i want to show you what you can do for example by using both of them:

Hardcore cold warm contrast work in that piece:

Fire and Ice by Risachantag

Everything is cold in that one, except the focus points:
Endzeit byMichaelKutsche

Here you see cold and warm colours working as a light source:
Witch by namesjames

The colours can be bright to have powerful cold warm contrast:
Calypso by Michelle 84

Or they can be desurated to have subtle use of the contrast:
Nightsands by SteveArgyle

More examples to show different uses of cold and warmcolours:

A subtle use of a warm area and a cold area, simply to put more dramatic into the scene:
Warhammer by Lameoh14

Mainly cold areas, but the warm colour pops out a lot and brings your eyes to focus:
NokiaIllustration by PatLeeArt

Unimportant areas going into coldshadows at this one,the main focus is up to the warm and bright areas:
Sagittarius by Pervandr

A mainly purple looking theme but with cold purple and warm areas:
Neo Crystalis by `Ochrejelly

Again a view on cold shadow areas and warm light areas:
The Shipwreck by Bluefley

Now how you can transfer all this information or feelings you got from warm and cold colours into miniature painting? This is mainly up to you. I just can bring you some examples on what you can do and what i think about it. For example:

- paint different areas on a miniature in warm/cold colours to seperate them from eachother
- Painting a warm coloured miniature on a cold coloured base (or the other way)
- MOST IMPORTANT is in my eyes the fact that you can make mostly every colour warm or cold by mixing in ... yeah you got it - warm or cold colours, for example a cold black, a warm skintone, a warm purple, a cold purple, a warm green, a cold green... and so on. I guess you got me there now. In fact this opens new dimensions to your painting. If you are working with animagined light source on the model it often helps to bring in a gentle touch of coldness into the shadow areas to make them more distanced while looking at the miniature. In return your light areas (like the light area on a blue cloth/highlight) could get a tip of warm bright colours into it to strengthen them.

I will showyou some examples of having this contrast used at miniatures, first with the latest miniature from my table, Bruti Brighthammer, Lord of the broken Peak, 28 mm by Red BoxGames, where i mainly focused on this contrast and the use of OSL. The base is a socket from Sockelmacher.de and really caught my attention while searching a base for Bruti. His warhammer he held to the skies was moved and replaced by a torch by Games Workshop, maybe i should take better photos but that's not easy at the moment without my own computer and stuff, you know. Here is Bruti searching for the way - remember, cold and warm colours:

Closing Words
There are many ways on how you can play with this contrast, just give it a try and try mixing your basic colours together, allow yourself some experimental experiences and find out how cold and warm colours can influance your style of painting. Sure there are many other contrasts out there and everyone does his influance on miniature painting, like bright/dark, big/small, high/low and so many more you won't believe it. I will keep these theory articles in mind and try to bring you more information about this whenever the muse reminds me of.

Nevermind of looking for this contrast around you and away from the miniature painting - it will be everywhere :)

I hope you like this little journey into colour theory? If you got any questions about it simply drop a comment. I will do the comment updates after i got a new computer. Sorry for the delay in some areas of the article section.

Keep on happy painting!

Vesa? I would be very glad if you could drop me an email about your shipping adress again...

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

Kongs WIP Thoughts March01

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

I can't stand it. The Jungle is calling.

I did lent the computer from my neighbours today to write here. I miss this form of communication and big Kong misses his jungle - where to push all my energy in to? All these creative thoughts running through my head every second, all my ideas about colours... i simply feel my vibe concentrating not into the internet and that hurts a bit as i love the jungle, BUT the other direction everything powers in is some way i had wished for. Simply listening to Music and working on Projects, without a PC near. That is awesome, haha.

Thanks Jérôme and Hon for your adresses again - your parcels will go out tomorrow. Vesa and Daniel please sent me yours again via mail at JARHEAD at MASSIVEVOODOO dot COM, sorry for the troubles my dead computer causes. Again a sorry to those waiting me to answer or simply wait for me - some strange days to me too be sure about that - i'll be back at you when everything is fine again.

A moment of clearness and Truth has happened and it will hold on for 2 weeks now until i get a new computer in my home. I will keep things more like this, reducing the time i watch less stupid youtube videos and other stupid internet stuff you can spent your time with to simply enjoy time as it is. I even do sleep better - for me it is like having holidays for the first time i do miniature painting as a professional (4 years now) and it feels great - didn' 3 weeks to go to the Duke of Bavaria Competition in Ingolstadt and i even i got a lot of work to do i allow myself to use 3 these 3 weeks for showcasing my own work at the Duke. Last year i went there for the first time and it was great - i guess this year will be the same, but much more banana-heads around, haha. So what can i say... i got several things with me and some ideas up - the paths are chosen and beside i am still doing some comission work because living without isn't an option. As my jungle in here is also some kind of schedule to me i simply write a list of things i will have there with me:

- Cain and Abel (a gift to Andrea from Italy, finally we meet my friend!)
- Denise
- Dying Gaia
- and everything else i can finish until then... haha

I am on it. Full force. Taking the time, once a year, shortly before the Duke Competition and with not much time but that is the same situation like last year, this year it's even better without my computer running. So this will be the only update about my projects until the Duke is over. I hope you enjoy - let me know what you think:

The workbench is the place where the action is, you can tell by the way that i wrote the lines above that i learned this once more - this time i'll try to walk the line :)

My actual WIPs i am working at:

- A comission woodelf dragon for the gaming table (Games Workshop)

- A prototype of a unit of beasts of Slaanesh as a comission work. This prototype is close to be painted up, i have no actual Photos here on this computer, but there have things changed a lot. Done from Goblin Spider Riders and Demonettes, the things that happened are sculpted with Magic Sculpt, but not in for the talk about most of the things you may not see on the photo - time, time, time, bla, bla, bla... pictures of further sculpting, for example additional breasts and cleaned up areas maybe soon, sorry for the crappy pictures this time - not used to this computer:

- Next is one is a cow. A mighty cow. Dschinghis Cow. Work in Progress with green stuff, magic sculpt and bees putty, additional with an idea of a base of 2 candle things you normally put a candle in (damn i lost the word in the depths of my brain):

- I prepared a Review of Romeo Models new Huscarl in 54 mm, but not yet - will post it when i got my own computer. I already build a base and started painting it. Believe me, this is truely a great model - with not much experience in painting historical correct and without concerning about that i simply paint it up my way - don't want to offend anyone with this:

Work in Progress:

- Yesterday i finally found the reason why i like the Playstation Game Series "God of War" so much. For sure it is horrible brutal and that is not good but that isn't the intresting thing about this series, it's the overall epic style that game brings, like fighting on a body of a Titan... lovely and inspiring. So it was to me and my "Epic Mode Switch" is turned. i played around the base idea of Dschinghis Cow, epic style and it did grow to something which is calling me ... i want to do something epic, something really big, something really heavy, something to remember, something way too big, something comletly unusal ... i want to show how important a base is to me, i guess i have to enter this in diorama and maybe i call it "Gate to Heaven" someday but therefore you have the read further on...

 I planned to paint the Base with a tool i usually use for painting on canvas, full fury and some putty, some sandy banks on my mind for that base, maybe some snow storms around Dschinghis Cow... a base i guess most of the people of the hobby will not like because it is too big ... i don't care at all, can there be something too epic in our Fantasy Painting?

 After everything is fine again, the waves calm at my home and the Duke is over i will write a full Step by Step article about this project, at least i have promised it to my RwW (and i am not often using the word "promise")  as the plan changed from Dschingis Cow to the Arkvenger from Pegaso, in front of the Heaven's Gate:

 ...something for Vittorio, something he will hate me for, haha -everything pointed out on this idea for the Arky as this is really a setting me myself can imagine him... i will rock now... yeah, i feel insane, but it feels great!

Hope you like it!

Keep on happy painting!

PS: I did write a Colour Theory Article at the moment my Computer died. I saw that it is saved, maybe i'll catch some time to bring it to an end.

Paint for Japan! Auction overview

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Lost Kingdom by DarkKnight

Tau Firewarrior by jarhead

Prince Althran by Jens

Scarecrow by Valar

Sniper by Count Zero

Kong is offline....

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong


It's serious. My Computer gave up on life - he died in a shimmering glitter of electronic puffy sounds. Gone. No problem at all after he had been around 7 ~ 8 years old and served me well.

At the moment i am trying to get hold of a new one. Sometimes i can lend the laptop of my neighbours and will try to keep up the most important things about my emails. I want to apologize for any waiting time this may cause to some of you and  i am looking forward to be back again - full force. Meanwhile i enjoy the life with less internet, less computer time... it's somehow great - time is really the greatest gift of all in life. I will be offline on the blog until everything is fine again, may take a while.If it is really important please don't hesitate to give me a phone call... those who got my number :)

After my emails are on my old Hard disk i am not able to write anyone, after all my adresses are up to the old HD, damn! So if it is really important please write me a mail to the jarhead --- at ---- massivevoodoo --- dot --- com and i'll try to catch up with you. Further information will be delivered when i got a new running computer and can check the Hard Disks. Thanks for your patience, the upcoming weeks will be strange to me and i want to say a big sorry to all of you for i feel somehow bad, not being able to catch up with everything.

Hon, Vesa and Jerome could you please send me your shipping adresses again... after this your parcels are on the road.

Sorry for any troubles this may cause - i'll be back someday or somehow in the time i can find :)

Keep on happy painting!

Tutorial - Photobox selfmade

by Anonymous

posted by Vhaidra, Yvonne, Guenon

Since a while I`m not very happy anymore about the quality of my photos. My painting skills became better and I think a normal photo doesn`t show the differences between a 30 hour paintjob and a 80 hour paintjob well enough.

So I considered how I can get better photos and remind on the fact that dispersed light makes better photos. Here you can see another way of to reach this by using the Roman`s light dispersing bucket, lol. Sorry for all that horrible english. I also don`t know if I can call the thing I built up a photobox, I just do it because I don`t know how to call it.

I tinkered something similar yesterday and thought it would be a good idea to share :-)

It is quickly done, cheap, easy to do but it won`t last for eternity. It is just a quick, cheap solution if you want to improve your pictures but don`t want to spend much time for it or pay a lot of money for professional equipement.

Okay here we go:

First take a cardboard box and cut out three side panels (walls?) of the box but leave the frame, because you need it for to fix the transparent paper. Put in something you want as the background for your photos. Now take a sheet of carton, cut out a frame, fix again some transparent paper on it and fix it with sticky tape at the frame of the cardboard box. In the midst of the frontside you need a window for the camera. You can make it bigger or smaller (depending on the position of the camera) if you use a small piece of transparent paper and fix it also with sticky tape. You can easily get it off again because the sticky tape doesn`t stick to much at the flat transparent paper.

I also put a sheet of transparent paper right before my lamp because I got better results then.
My photobox is very tiny because I hadn`t got enough of the transparent paper. I guess a bigger box works better and you also should use 2 lamps. I will buy a second lamp and will put one left hand and one right hand in front of the box. That should be perfect :-) For the moment I have only one lamp but as you can see on the last photo: The results are really a lot better just because of this tiny, cheap box.

Jungle News No3

by Raffa

Posted by Raffa, Picster, Capuchin....

Heeeeeeeey everyone in the jungle!

This is the Jungle News No3! This time presented to you by Capuchin... Big Kong has some serious trouble with his electronic bongo jungle network machine... damn technology, no good for kong!
So he told me on the bananaphone i should feel like a capuchin in a kong costume and so i bring this weekly thingy to you!

Not very much has happened this week as we are all painting and sculpting like a bunch of insane monkeys.
But anyway, some news are still in the jungle waiting to be shouted out!

The prizes from the show some balls competition get sent out tommorow, so to the winners:
In a short time the cool prizes will be in your hands or in your stomach :)
The first prize will be brought to the winner in person, i'm looking forward to see you on the weekend Bloodmaster ;)

There are also some news regarding the next secret contest:
We announced the contest to be started soon and maybe this was a little too hasty.
The contest will be announced after the Duke of Bavaria meaning around the end of April or early May.
We still have to organize stunning prizes, arrange the rules and most important: Shooting teaser photos!
Let me say that the prizes will be really cool :)

After some initial problems everything runs smoothly now, so don't hold back with your order...
I know we announced you maybe should wait until we announce the contest, but i think it's safe to order now, haha.

We added 3 more products today, a colorful t-shirt for the bright monkeys, a new motive and ..... brakakakakaaaaaa a new 'workskirt'.
See them in the MVW shop.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have special wishes (colors etc).... just drop me a mail:

Oh and as we said in last weeks news, please send us pictures of you wearing this stuff (mail!).

We are currently working on a better solution of the tutorial section and i added a link to the special offer on the right .... not so much news here... oh and the header and menu has now adopted Ben into the monkey gang.
Don't miss his Introduction!

uhhhm every reader should have got this information but at the moment we have a special offer for you!

This week it'll get a bit complicated, normally every ape sends his music wish to Big Kong... i don't have a clue exept for mati so i give you a mix i chose for you... :P

First, Matis song is a real classic:
Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

A really nice Piano piece fromYann Tiersen:
Yann Tiersen - La Chute

Here's a really cool artist whose live performance impresses me every time:
Dub FX 18/04/2009 'Flow' feat. Woodnote

This week i played God of War 3.... man this game is soooooooo EPIC..... the music is just as good as the game, check out this short piece:
God of War 3 Soundtrack: Gods, Titans, and Kratos

Ok, enough for this week, doing this all alone is somehow weird....

Hmmmm hard to post this stuff here, i save it on my harddrive if something inspires me...

An amazing art studio, check out this stuff!
Great artist, did much stuff for rackham you may know... great colors!

uhm ok, more i don't have at hand right now.... i want to go to bed hahahahahaha :D

One of my favorite blogs i regulary read is for sure Michael Fichtenmayer blog Fichtenfoo.
He has many GREAT tutorials on his site. It's especially interesting because it's not your usual miniature painting stuff. Lot of his stuff uses methods you maybe still don't know, be sure to check it out :)

Sometimes time can be a interesting thing. At the moment my head goes all around some projects i want to finish until the end of april.
At the moment everything goes up and down, it's hard to concentrate sometimes.
I can give you one small trick i often use while working on a miniature.
Turn off your Computer!!!
Believe me, this little trick can do the difference between concentrated work or checking some forums, e-mails and other almost useless stuff that costs a lot of time.

Put in your MP3 player or use your CD player to resist the urge to edit your winamp playlist or surf around on youtube.

Hmmmm, just try it out, helps me almost every time (damn you my stupid Playstation!) :)

So long, if i missed something, just write a comment!
I hope you have a nice week and wish you mucho fun in everything you do!

Happy Painting!

Hi Ape-lovers

by Der_Ben

posted by Mandrill aka Ben Komets

Hi Ape-lovers,

my name is Ben aka white rabbit aka mandrill,

A massive mandrill from the western jungle of berlin city..

first time I battled with my colourful weapons was back in 2003 in the far distant mountains of cologne … now some years later I still try to kick all animals asses all over the world.

my natural habitat goes from paris to poznan..

but the most important part living in the jungle is for sure not the battle, its the people you meet and friends you make, its about the ideas.. the journeys you make and your own development.

for that i´m so happy joining the jungle bunch... the army of the (almost) 12 monkeys..

monkey world domination plans ….GO APE!

new out here in the jungle, the massive mandril tries to show off with his scars..

some of the weird coloured scars he owned in many battles:

Special Offer - Demon Johnco Jones

by Raffa

Posted by Raffa, Picster, Capuchin,....

Hey everyone,

i'm happy to present you this special jungle offer we managed to make just for you, our dear readers!
You can now buy Matis 'Demon Johnco Jones' Bust here at Massive Voodoo for the special price of 10,-€ (incl. taxes) + shipping*!
* - Shipping to germany is 5,-€, for international shipping rates, please just ask via email ;)

About the bust:
It's a demon named Johnco Jones sculped by mati himself, the scale is about 1/10 and he is finely detailed.
A painted version can be viewed by clicking the image below:
Demon Johnco Jones painted by Picster

What do you have to do?
Just drop a mail to the following mail:
thebadsmile at badsmile-miniatures dot com
Write how many busts you want, where you live and everything will then be managed by the big bad Mati aka Badsmile himself ;)

What you'll get?
One nicely packed bust!

So, don't miss this special offer and we hope you like this whole thing :)

I have to thank Stefan from Masquerade Miniaturen who made this whole offer possible from the first place and for sure Mati for sculpting it ;)

If you need anything else from the masq shop, just write it into the mail and it'll be sent together with the bust to save shipping costs.

I hope we'll see some painted Johncos soon!


BEESPUTTY, new sculpting putty available...

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

For those intresting in sculpting this could be very cool. There is a new sculpting putty out, called BEESPUTTY. Produced by one of germany's top sculptor's Stefan Niehues aka crownbear.

I've read over on his blog, that there will also be an Online Sculpting workshop over at www.drueckepeter.de, also for english speakers - keep an eye out for both.

More information can be found here on Stefan's blog.

Keep on happy sculpting and painting and stuff and things and doing and enjoying spring rolling in soon!

Tutorial - Glueing with Superglue

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Aloa on this wonderful, brilliant sunday morning...

Why am i saying this with such power? Guess it is about that spring finally rolls in... you can smell it in the air, feel it everywhere the winter says goodbye and slowly flowers will rise in the Jungle again, the world is turning green again. I guess you understand me better while listening to this song. That simply describes my joy i got from my friend the sun - or this one, yeah sunny days up on the horizon - or this one :)

I know that there is much to read in here on this blog and i shouldn't post on top of the latest things which dropped in here on the weekend. But i just can't stand it, as my girlfriend has to learn these days for upcoming tests - time is on my side and i got to do it because my brain schedule is filled up with things i want to do - simply freeing the brain and drink a great cup of dark coffee on this morning.

Glueing with Superglue
 So this Tutorial is about how you can glue stuff with super glue. I have no idea if it is worth the reading but maybe there could be little hints and ideas somewhere in between the lines you might catch and which could help you somehow on your own workbench. This is simply my view on the topic "glueing", for sure there are lots of other minds outthere with other experience about this theme. Just keep in mind that those are mine and they must not be the best ones out there. For sure they are not i guess, but there is always something to learn and discover.

I also did an intense testing on the Gorillasuperglue the last couple of days, to bring you further information about this product (Be warned: there will be advertisment in this article). Again i want to thank the company Erbstößer GmbH from Germany for sending me some tests of their glue. I will provide all the information to you during this article and will inform you where to get it in the end of this article.

Robert did once ask me: "Hey, Roman, why should this glue be better than other super glues anyway?"
I simply answered before i made the experience of testing it: "Look at the outer packing of this glue, there is a gorilla on it! And you know what that means!"

Klick and eat your banana all day long!

What glue to use and how to handle
First always read the instructions on your product. Take care of safety first, then work. There are strange things happening everyday - so take care.

I am using about 3 different types of glues:

Plastic glue
PVC glue

Stop, i don't use Plastic glue anymore - why? I totally stopped using Plastic glue for a long while now, because i don't like the effect of the plastic 'melting' together somehow. For Plastic, Resin, ceramics, metalls, wood, stones and and whatever you might think of. I simply use super glue, because it keeps it strong and even i want to change something after the finished build i can do so with a strong and careful move of my gorillapowerfilled arms. I could not do that with dried Plastic glue. Ok, it seems i am talking about Superglue first, haha. There will be a lot of more talk about PVC glue in the future.

There are different usual attractions in Superglues. For sure there are and that is good. I usually went to the supermarket and bought about 3 mg expensive there, i won't tell company names now but you should check out the price/capacity simple to take care of your money. Sometimes it is really hard to find your superglue, but now i know i am glued to Gorillasuperglue, not only because there is a brother of mine printed up there. Its price/capacity is really cool (about 7,32 € for 15 mg / about 10,00 USD). There is a big bottle and a small package of 2x 3mg in their stock, you may check it out here. That is really a cool price in my eyes, for sure you got to find out yourself, but believe me, this glue is the only one who deserves the name Gorilla on it.

I am really glueing everything with Superglue like mentioned above. I sometimes repair things in my flat with Superglue and true believing in the MacGyverForces on this planet but that gets a bit off-topic from our hobby aspects. So back to it. I will slow down the Gorilla glue advertisment a bit and throw it at the end of this article, at least i try. For this i'll throw in this song and make another coffee...

Back on track... and i guess some pictures are needed after a long time without pictures. I just want to show you how strong Superglue can be:

Most time i really mess up my workbench with Superglue while i work on bases and areas where you don't need to pay much attention. While glueing together miniature parts after preparation or finer things i am not doing it the butchery way. I put a drop of superglue on a place, like the upper area of my closable wet palette and take a toothpick to get a small drop up at the place i want to glue - doing it like this i can control the glue much better.

Sometimes Superglue is very liquid, depends on the manufacturer for sure but is a horrible situation when it runs down your miniature after you tried to glue it at the miniature out from the tube. So simply check the way i described above to avoid such accidents. Did i mention that the Gorillasuperglue is not that liquid, it is in between a gel- and liquid consesteny and working with the toothpick method is just superfine with it.

After Raffa was talking about little animals in his latest basing tutorial i was up to the same thing in the same time, haha. Pretty cool... i placed the little animals with using the toothpick method. I also do it that way with leaves or mostly everything i attach to a base after painting:

I will write an article about using MiniNatur and how to create intresing basing fauna - more to this soon - but i am using the same method with the toothpick in here:

 Another practial example you can see in this article.

For sure only using Superglue doesn't provide the best fit for most miniatures, bases, etc.  ...
You should pin your miniatures when they are heavy or are used on the gaming table a lot. Don't spare time at this one - Pinning articles so far:

Fixing a big miniature to the gaming table
Preparing a metal miniature

And something completly weird - 
don't jerk in socks, use a banana - here!

When i am gluing bigger things like a tank for example i will not hold it together for the time it needs to dry out, even there is not much time needed for this - for example while gluing a tank i use elastic strap to bring up the pressure i need:

At the moment my brain won't spit out more information about the use of superglue. Hah! Another one, there is something called "Activator" out there which you can spray at the area you did glue to fasten the process of gluing into seconds. Not much experience myself with this sort of things - i am more the patient guy but it when i did use it has been great. Check it out someday, i will too.

 Common Mistakes while using superglue
- You don't use one with Gorilla powers (no just kidding, but give it a try)
- Being hectic leads to accidents
- Often it happens that your Superglue bottle is glued at the cap while it is still half full. That happens when you are not taking care of the tip. It should be clean from superglue drops after working. If this happens to you cut of the cap with a gripper and close it with a tape. Now when you need some glue simply take it out with a toothpick.

Please feel free to add some more ideas to this article by posting a comment or simply share your thoughts on this one with us. I would welcome you being quoted in here.

Gorilla Super Glue information
It says on the webpage:
"For the toughest jobs on Planet Earth!" and believe me this is true. From this day on Kong will use the glue out of the jungle.

In Germany you may get the Gorilla Super Glue and information about it here at Erbstößer.
International ordering can be placed at, Gorilla Glue - Home. You may also find information about the glue at this place, also funny Gorilla Games. When you are intrested in some more feedback check out Gorilla Glue on facebook.

I am in Contact with the Gorilla Glue Guys to chat about more ideas for Jungle domination. We will see what the future brings and maybe we can send the winners of our competitions a little test of the ultimate powers of Gorilla Glue - i'll head for this one for our fellow readers.

Keep on happy glueing!