Lonnia finaly finished

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Posted by Yvonne, Vhaidra, Guenon

Hi all :-) Finaly I have got Lonnia finished. For all who have seen her at Roman`s Workshop in
Hamburg: "Yep I changed the colour of her dress." The Jacket was in turquoise first, but I didn`t like it anymore and changed it into the olive green.

Working time:

Working time has been over 100 hours because I sculpted everything at the base by myself and I`m a beginner in sculpting and so it took more time than usually to get the whole scene finished. The painting of the mini is around 80 hours. I painted her in the beginning with a lot of thin layers but then also tried some wetblending in the end for to improve the transitions. So there has been a lot of try and error and experiments and I guess that is the main reason why it took so many hours in the end.

I hope to speed up my painting up from now by using the wetblending techinque I learnt at Roman`s Workshop :-) Means: I`m pretty sure that this one here is the last one which takes so many hours for to get finished. At least I really, really hope.

The Concept:

Hm I haven`t had a clear concept. Just a couple of ideas. One idea was to compare her with the Lonnia I painted in May 2006: Old ugly Lonnia Lol, that is really embarrassing, please rate the "old" Lonnia down if you meet her on cmon, lol. That was quite shocking for me to compare the new Lonnia with the old Lonnia. So the rating for the old Lonnia is much to high.I would give her an 7,5 nowadays,lol. So feel free to sniper her, lol. (Can`t believe that I really write this here). Okay my plan was to see the progress and now I have seen it. And I`m shocked what amazing ratings I got 4 years ago. Today things really changed a lot at cmon.

Another idea was to sculpt something for the base. Well, I could buy bits for basing but because I want to learn to sculpt anyway, I thought it would be a good start to sculpt my bases by myself. It shall be a kind of ruined temple stairs in the dessert or at least at a place where the clime is dry. I wanted that beige sand and beige colours for the base so it had to be the way it is now.

That`s the whole story about the mini :-) If you are interested into some colour recipes I could write it down here. But first I will wait and see if someone wants to know, because that would be a lot to write now.

Hope you like her :-) And of course all kinds of comments are welcome. I`m also a friend of constructive critique, so don`t be shy to tell if you have got some suggestions for improvements.Oh and I`m especially interested in some feedback and critique about the base because I have to improve my basework and so I really can need each advice.


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