Pulp City Hoodoo finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Before i got to take the doggy for a walk (taking care over a big dog during the day for 3 weeks at the moment / 2 weeks to go) i will drop a short posting to annoye you :)

Got that lady from Pulp City finished. Her name is "Hoodoo" and she is some kind of mixture between little Red Riding Hood and a Voodoo shaman. She also had a wolf but i did not want to paint that one up together with her. There will be a basing tutorial up soon on how i did the bog on this forest base. Hope you like her!

Hoodoo, Pulp City, 28 mm

Also i found this picture on my camera from one of Raffa's actual WIPs... Muh! It is the Minotaure from Artefactory.

Keep on happy painting!


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