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Big Apes need big bananas, i guess you all knew that. This Article shall wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend and if you got some spare moments you may fill them with this tutorial on how to make the ultimate banana dessert for you and your friends. Sorry for the crappy pictures again.

What you need?

- Bananas (depends on if you got some friends or family around)
- Chocolate (I did it with Milka "Noisette")
- a kitchen

How to get your banana started?

Nope it is not only thinking about banana all day long, sometimes there have to be plans to go out and catch some in the jungle. Beware they are pretty fast. If you catched some bring them to your palm-hideout between the bongo trees. After this you have to follow these steps...

1. Take a knife and cut in a thin line into the banana's skin (try to avoid cutting into the banana flesh) and chop off the useless end of the banana - ignore the screams of the banana itself at this stage, the banana just doesn't know that it'll be much worse in the end, harhar:

2. Now break your chocolate into pieces and press them into the small slot you did cut. Take care not to strip the banana naked, the banana skin is still usefull. Now move this into your furnace at about 150° Celsius. Beware that you put something under your bananas to avoid dropping chocolate:

2. Now wait and watch the chocolate melting... about 15 minutes. Just watch it the first time you do it, there is no specific time value to get the perfect banana. Just find out yourself and don't listen to the panic screams of the banana while it is getting hawt!

3. When you think it is the right time, switch off the furnace and take some serious kitchen equipement to finally rescue those tired of screaming bananas. Take care of dripping chocolate while doing so. Go ask your mom if you feel quiet uncomfortable with this situation.

4. Put your hawt bananas to a dish - best served with icecream - now this will be a big jungle bomb into your stomach:

While eating you have to 'open' up your banana, flap its skin open and eat the chocolate banana flesh. You may simply take this article as an inspiration for you to eat or make some friends really happy with it.

Stay Banana!
Keep on happy painting!


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