Wishmaster bust finished...

by Roman aka jar

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Mad Puppet Miniatures
54 mm high (not Scale)
Original model named: Jigsaw

Up to CMON like always!

The socket he stands on is a bust stocket from sockelmacher.de - the same which are up to be won as prizes at the Show some balls!-Comp. As this was a very spontaneous go at that guy i was lucky to have some here - there could be no other one to fit this guy as this one does.

For me it has been just a pleasure painting beside everything else i am painting at the moment. You know, painting, painting, painting until your brain is completly silent...

A strange start on that guy as i did start with white pigments after the basecoating... uha... no idea why that happened... but it did.

Hope you like it - my version is called "Wishmaster" after i am searching for my heart of painting again... it always seems that i am losing track when having a time where i have to paint a lot up to stay alive... there painting becomes simply painting for food, but i also like those moments as i am happy to get things finished to free the mind and heart for future songs...

Keep on happy painting to you all!


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